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ContactMethod: email or phone
SelectedInquiryType: Comments & Questions
State: NH
Country: US
Email Address: [protected]
Address: 187 Nihan Rd, Cottage
Zip/Postal Code: 03561
Phone Number used at checkout: [protected]
First Name: Jorge
Last Name: Sapere
SelectedTopic: Store Experience
When Did This Happen?: 09/11/2019
Comments: My husband and I have been shopping at the Littleton, NH Shaws since 2013. Our concerns of lately have been enough to try to contact someone at Corporate. The store has been in serious decline this past year, and it has been bad enough that we have tried to shop in other stores, some even quite far away. With Walmart closing off most of their food sections across the lot, and with only a smaller high priced Coop across town, we thought that Shaws would run with the opportunity to ramp operations up. But just tonight, there were rotten salads and produce in the produce section, both the meat and fish dept. closed entirely in the afternoon, there was only one to service 10 customers in the deli (one person would not serve customers), there were numerous outdated items in the frozen fish freezer, there was no frozen vegetables (literally, the shelves were bare and have been for 2 weeks), there were no bags or boxes to package items up in the bakery, there was little or no selections in the bagel and donut section (trays were empty), there was no help in the front cashiers, and the floors were littered with trash and filthy. Simply a disgusting and shameful store to walk around. If someone from Corporate made a surprise visit tomorrow, there is no way someone would deem this store satisfactory to stay in operation, never mind if the health department showed up. Please, can something be done to help this store be what it used to be! Feel free to contact me (Jean Sapere; [protected] or my husband Jorge [protected]) for further clarification. Even though both of us have prominent jobs in the healthcare field, I care deeply enough about what is happening at Shaws, to reach out to try and help.

Sep 11, 2019
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  •   Sep 12, 2019

    With that much knowledge of the store, I’d probably say that you are an employee of the store.

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