Shaws Supermarkets Complaints & Reviews

Shaws Supermarkets / molded pies

Apr 17, 2019

This is about the fifth time I have seen molded products from the bakery on the shelf with due dates that have passed and have been blue mold all over them, to include a time that I bought a fruitcake got it to my birthday party went to cut it and it had mold all over the strawberries! I...

Shaws Supermarkets / signature boneless chicken thighs

Mar 30, 2019

I purchased 1 package today, I went home to cook it. I noticed that there was so much fat that was hidden under the chicken that I wasted 1/2 of the package. 1st pic is what I wasted. 2nd pic is what I could use for my recipe. I am very disappointed regarding this matter. This is not the...

Shaws Supermarkets / customer service

Mar 21, 2019

Yesterday I went shopping for a customer. Because my cart was heavy I left it in the aisle I was in and went to the deli counter. When I returned, my cart was gone. An announcement was made and it was retrieved by an associate. She proceeded to tell me with an attitude that I should let...

Shaws Supermarkets / dairy

Feb 24, 2019

For awhile, I have noticed that this location does not keep many dairy items freshly stocked. I have gone to purchase milk, half n half, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream, and the expiration date is either past, same day as shopping, or within a couple of days of expiring. Yesterday...

Shaws Supermarkets / changing products

Jan 28, 2019

I was a loyal Shaw's shopper until the last few months. My local Shaw's in Harwich MA keeps changing items they carry. One week I can buy something and the next week it is no longer available. This has become a habit more than an anomoloy. Just yesterday I went in to buy prepared (hot) hot...

Shaws Supermarkets / luminarc containers

Dec 29, 2018

I participated in the Shaws promotion to get free Luminarc containers. I set the big one on my container with the lid on it, and approx. 30 mins later it just shattered! ... glass shards went all over my kitchen and into my fruit bowl, toaster, and some baked goods I had sitting near by...

Shaws Supermarkets / meat department

Dec 22, 2018

I've written a couple of times in regards to Waterville Shaws employees and it was always do to their positive attitudes and professionalism. Unfortunately, I cannot say I had a positive experience today. This is the second year I've ordered a whole prime rib for Christmas dinner at Shaws but...

Shaws Supermarkets / no prices on salt bag outside both the 25 lbs and 50lbs.

Nov 24, 2018

Visited the Falmouth store and wanted to buy salt for the driveway. There was no prices and I wanted to know what they were BEFORE buying and which one to buy. I asked 1 staff which was outside he tells me they can scan it for you inside. That would mean I have to put in my cart a 25 and 50...

Shaws Supermarkets / luminarc container and russet potatoes

Nov 5, 2018

I participated in the Shaw's stamp saver program and purchased an 8.2 cup luminarc container. I filled it with already cooked potatos onions carrots and corned beef and placed it my table. As we were eating approx 15 min later the luminarc container exploded into hundreds of pieces. The...

Shaws Supermarkets / shaw’s store manager in dover nh

Nov 3, 2018

I have been a long time shopper of Shaw's of dover, often going out of my way just to shop there because I enjoyed the store and the customer service. This is not the first time I have complained about this manager. Deborah Denton is extremely rude to customers (I've witnessed other...

Shaws Supermarkets / management

Oct 28, 2018

For the past couple of months I have become increasingly unhappy with the Shaws supermarket in north Conway New Hampshire. I will start off by saying there are never Ever enough checkout lines open and what should be a quick trip into the grocery store usually turns into a 20 or 30 minute...

Shaws Supermarkets / deli counter

Oct 14, 2018

The front of the deli counter is disgusting. There is handprints all over the glass, pieces of meat in the cracks of the case, not to mention the floor had dried up meat all over it. Pretty disgusting. If I was the manager of this store I would want to know that my employees are not giving...

Shaws Supermarkets / (lucerne?) signature brand ice cream

Oct 9, 2018

When you first carried this brand, the freezer case was full with a variety of the brand. Now it is down to one or two choices! I go to Shaw's, mainly because of my love of this ice cream, particularly the "Low fat Vanilla Bean", but then spend and average of $20 to $75 on total sales. I...

Shaws Supermarkets / store 441 over charging customers

Oct 6, 2018

On October 6 at store 441 at 320 Warwick Ave in Warwick RI they had grapes in a plastic container mixed in with bagged grapes. They were both white grapes and there was no pricing except the main sign saying they were $.99/pound. They charged me $2.99/pound. I didn't notice until I got...

Shaws Supermarkets / store closing early

Sep 29, 2018

Good evening. We have never been treated so rudely by an employee at Shaw's. At 8:55 pm, we arrived to Shaw's on 146 High Street in Ipswich MA 01938. A young store employee was outside opening the door to go back into Shaw's since it was locked early, and let us in with him. As We entered...

Shaws Supermarkets / fresh peaches

Sep 20, 2018

I visited Shaw's on river street in Waltham, Massachusetts on 09/19/2018 at approximately 9:30pm. I strolled by the fresh peaches located in the produce department and could not believe what I saw. Moldy rotting peaches on sale for $1.99 per pound. I could understand if it were just one or...

Shaws Supermarkets / organic bread

Sep 17, 2018

I just picked up this morning and didn't notice the mold until I took a first bite. It is September 17th and the date was September 14th. Unacceptable! You will get people sick and that is a health code violation. The Shaws branch was Trader's Way plaza in Salem, MA. I want a refund and I...

Shaws Supermarkets / assistance

Sep 16, 2018

I went to the shaws supermarket last night at 1040pm. On the website, and posted on the door it states open until 11pm.I needed to grab medicine for my son, but a worker was outside the door and wouldn't let me go in stating they were closed. I said, it says 11pm, again he said we'll we're...

Shaws Supermarkets / berlin store

Aug 4, 2018

I am so disappointed in Shaws. Produce is not well maintained so I frequently get rotten foods. Local brands I seek are limited, and the store is increasingly filled with Signature brand items. Lowfat Cabot cottage cheese always runs out. Nothing changes. I am mostly though concerned with the...

Shaws Supermarkets / bakery dept. eastern ave gloucester ma.

Aug 4, 2018

I ordered chocolate chip cookies for a party and when the lady Connie came out with my order they were oatmeal raisin and with no hair net on! I told her that was not my order and she determined on her own that is what I ordered. She was rude and condescending to me and I will NRVER order anything from this bakery again as long as that lady works there.

Shaws Supermarkets / deli counter closed... why?

Aug 3, 2018

I will tell you the reason I was told by the person cleaning the counters. He told me, "The deli is closed because the person that was to be working, didn't show up". That is a failure in many ways and cost me to drive 10 miles to the nearest other Shaws. You people don't have a backup to...

Shaws Supermarkets / shaw's peabody sells expired groceries

Aug 3, 2018

I have bought expired dairy products from the Shaw's in Peabody a few times and my husband even had a talk with the manager about needing better quality control. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and continue to shop there. I just have to check the dates of any dairy...

Shaws Supermarkets / deli service

Jul 16, 2018

I got out of work at 830pm but had to run to Shaw's in colchester Vermont to grab lunch options for my husband who was going out of town for work at 3 am the following day. I proceeded to the service deli department and it looked as though they were closing up. The exact time on my phone...

Shaws Supermarkets / overcharge

Jul 10, 2018

I'm a steady coustmer at Shaw's at least twice a week. Been buying some of the discount stuff well supposed to be. Past 5 times I've ended up driving back in town and getting the discount. They don't ring the 50 percent thing on the product. This has prob cost me close to 30 bucks in ga...

Shaws Supermarkets / cobbs corner, canton, ma, store manager, jessica

Jul 7, 2018

I am writing you today, because of an unfortunate incident that occurred today in from of the Shaw's grocery store, located at 95 Washington St., Cobbs Corner, Canton, MA. I didn't know who I should contact at Shaw's, so I thought I would solicit your assistance. Attached please find a...

Shaws Supermarkets / gift card

Jul 3, 2018

I've attempted to use a Shaw's gift card twice now at the Easton, MA location. It seems that the card readers are not reading the gift cards and not one employee in the entire store knows how to enter them... not even the managers. It seems that they should be trained to use the gift card...

Shaws Supermarkets / jumbo shrimp - tail on - from display case; bought 6/30/18

Jun 30, 2018

Very simple; I came in for 6 lbs of snow crab, but unfortunately the 1.03lbs in the display is all that was available. That's fine, it's a busy weekend, so I decided to get enough shrimp to have shrimp cocktail and went to get crab legs elsewhere. I got home and my girlfriend had a couple...

Shaws Supermarkets / disrespectful employee

Jun 22, 2018

I shop at Shaw's a lot, at least five times a week. I've always had wonderful experience. However, the last two times a dell employee Nicholas has made my experience less than pleasurable. Last Monday(?) I went in around 4pm, and went up to the deli. The meat cutters were busy, And I had...

Shaws Supermarkets / potatoes and meat

Jun 20, 2018

You sell package of 10 hamburgers for 8 bucks great but they are rotten and spoiled. How can they sell them?? I bought simply potatoes got it home it was spoiled. Pink in color. Package was cut open. I'm not longer going to go to shaws. Always out dated and spoiled food. It's disgusting...

Shaw's Supermarket Plaistow NH / payment produce seafood

Jun 20, 2018

Hi there, June 17th 2018 *was sold spoiled muscles *1/4 of my clemantines were rotted *produce was very slim pickings, soft, over grown rotted. Cucumbers, asparagus, *I bagged my own groceries. (every time I shop here... And I mean every time) *my bill was $309.00 no id asked for or...

Shaws Supermarkets / unloading of trucks at night

Jun 9, 2018

Hello, I live directly behind a star market in Cambridge MA. My one year old and I am woken up every single night by the noise of trucks unloading goods. The trucks usually start to back up (and beep very loudly) around 9pm. The pallets smashing around are so loud it makes me jump. I...

Shaws Supermarkets / old food

Jun 3, 2018

I went to Shaw's in Conway nh a week ago and bought a bag of graham crackers I fed it to my 2 year old daughter and then later eat it myself and it tasted weird to me I looked at the back and it expired in January of 2017 over a year ago. I am absolutely disgusted. I know feel sick to my...

Shaws Supermarkets / produce

May 19, 2018

So I came in 3 days ago and brought a red pepper, went to cut it open and it was mold. I have pictures and I'm not to happy. The picture I'm sending on the right is the pepper I brought and the left is one I already had. I'm not sure what you can do but I never had a problem shopping at shaws until the 17th. So please email me with what can get done

Shaws Supermarkets / terrible customer service, building maintenance

May 14, 2018

I was walking out of shaw's in woodsville, nh this morning with a cart-the pavement in front of the door was so broken and pitted that it made the cart flip completely over. As I was walking when this happened, I went right over the top of the cart injuring my leg. They're was a gentleman...

Shaws Supermarkets / never have sales items

Mar 15, 2018

Hello, I am a mymixx member and usually shop at the Waterville Maine store. I have recently had to switch to the Augusta Maine store. The Waterville store almost never carries the sales items advertised in the flyers. Almost every time I visited that store I was let down by either the...

Shaws / the overall service

Mar 7, 2018

I go to Shaws in Burlington on my way home from work at least 3 times per week. I have had 3 very bad interactions with employees at this store. 1.) Young man at the "Customer Service" desk one evening informed me that his break was now only 2 minutes long because I had come to the desk. The...

Shaws / poor customer service!

Dec 21, 2017

I was at my local shaws which I shop at frequently! The deli and bakery are my favorite as well as the employees most of the time. Today I shopped the flyer deal 6 or more items for $1.88 a piece in which I got some of the ocean spray blend but it was the 100% juice which I guess isn't...

Shaws / cash register receipt

Jun 30, 2017

I hate to shop there — those receipts really suck — you should be ashamed of yourself. Thats a good way of screwing people, never show them what the price is at the register (the employees can't find it) Their best is when they have a 3 day sail and don't take the sale signs down till the...

Shaws / store director in vergennes vt. store #444

Jan 6, 2017

I am an employee of Shaws. Been working in store 444 for over 5 years but am leaving the end of this month. Constant harassment from Tim LeBeau is the main reason. Many fine, dedicated employees here, including my boss, Ray Williams who is an outstanding man as well as an outstanding bo...

Shaw's Supermarket / produce department

Jun 20, 2016

I bought a whole water melon from the Easton Mass. Shaws and it was rotten I returned it the same day that I bought it, I don't know if you have been to that store recently but the floor is a disgrace and is a liability for an elderly person to fall down. I told them at customer service...