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A Jul 19, 2019

I recently shopped at Star Market in Norwood out of convenience while my kids were at Launch trampoline park nearby.
Biggest Mistake Ever!
More than half of my weekly grocery bill consists of fresh produce.
To say that it was slim pickings at your establishment would be an understatement!
Due to time restraints, I did my best..
After wasting most of my time digging through the very poor selection of fruits and vegetables I finished my shopping and proceeded to check out.
This is where I encountered one teenager on the register complaining to her teenage friend bagging groceries that she still hasn't gone on break. As the friend bagging groceries chimed in with her own complaints, she just threw all the food I painstakingly selected randomly into bags.
$195 later...
I get home & unpack grocery bags with squash on top of tomatoes..
Watermelon on top of avocados..
I considered sending an email immediately, but restrained because I didn't want to complain.. I too work in the food industry & understand how difficult it can be!
Although.. after having to throw out "fresh" produce less than 48 hours after purchasing it, I feel obligated to share my experience with you.
As a single mother of two hungry, growing boys I thought you should truly understand that it's actually a sacrifice to spend nearly $200 a week to feed them & myself, a healthy diet.
You should be made aware of how poorly
Star Market in Norwood is operating..
Best of luck
April Papadakis

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