M Oct 28, 2018

For the past couple of months I have become increasingly unhappy with the Shaws supermarket in north Conway New Hampshire. I will start off by saying there are never Ever enough checkout lines open and what should be a quick trip into the grocery store usually turns into a 20 or 30 minute ordeal I will start by saying I have bought more food from this place that is rotten! I am so tired of coming home opening lunchmeat or pre-cut vegetables or getting fruit that is rotten smelling it's disgusting! I am not working for you so I should not have to rotate Your stock. Every time I go in there to get lunchmeat even if it is not busy there is only one person working the counter usually three or four people waiting for their order to be taken and it usually takes me between seven and 10 minutes for somebody to even talk to me ! My time is valuable!
I have experienced the same weight time at the butcher counter. I am writing this to tell you that I will never ever use your store again! and I hope that when Market Basket moves in here they take over your position because what What is going on over there is absolutely stupid!

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