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If your town ever has a major catastrophe like a flood, and these guys have to come in you better go buy a gun.. They brought so many coons to our nice little town of minot I felt scared going to walmart!!


  • I am trying to spread the word! It Sounds like there are victims of Servpro galore - ! How can this company still operate? I want to ensure nobody has to go through the same experience we had. I am not trying to gain from my bad experience! The Servpro franchise we used completely ruined all of my furniture and antiques by storing them in OUR garage (although we paid for a facility) and actually used my great-grandmother's antique dining room table as a workbench. How sad. They didn't even apologize - they even wanted money for work they did not perform - BEWARE - ! We gave them over $60, 000! They sent a fraudulent claim to my insurance company! I'm still upset with them after 3 years because I am still trying to recoup for the losses they caused. How awful. Any insurance company that recommends them should be penalized by the commissioner of insurance as well. Are they in cahoots with insurance companies? I am pursuing a class action suit against the SERVPRO company at this time. If you are interested, please leave a comment. I will contact you.

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    Brandalmn Nov 04, 2018
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    @Class action against SERVPRO I’m going through something similar with my local Servpro & was wondering how to get them lying [censored] back. They stole ruined furniture & didn’t do the job right & charged for services that they didn’t do & to top it off had the nerve to send me a bill for $14, 000 & Insurance paid them. I’m beyond pissed.

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    Kathy Odom Dec 22, 2018
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    @Brandalmn Brandalmn, That is horrible! My house flooded during Hurricane Florence. They quoted me between 5 and 6 thousand for a dryout. Then, I received a final bill from them for 32k! Unbelievable. I am looking for advice, also, to see who to call next. Insurance is not going to pay.

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    GFYservpro Jan 10, 2019

    @Class action against SERVPRO Yes!! Insurance agents are in their pockets for sending referrals!! The agents should be held accountable, in some part, because they know what kind of people they are sending into our homes!!! Shame on them!!

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    Rocco Corriere Jul 20, 2020
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    @Class action against SERVPRO I am interested, I have the damage they caused on film.

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    Becky-Detroit Dec 13, 2011

    I was searching for class action lawsuits against Servepro because I believe they have unfair pricing. My finished basement flooded and I needed help drying out the carpet and drywall. They never pumped any water out. They dropped off two dehumidifiers and six fans and left them for 5 days. They also said they sprayed some chemical to prevent mold. For that minimum service I received a phone a call stating I owed them $3400! I told them my carpert was ruined and my house smelled and I had to replace the carpet which costs half as much of what they were trying to charge me. It took me months to even get an actual invoice with detail and they kept passing me around from person to person when I asked to speak to the manager regarding what they were charging me.

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    Don't-B-Bullied Dec 26, 2011

    It's your choice who you choose to provide emergency services for property you are insured for. Your insurance company will try to mislead you into contracting with their "preferred" vendors. Why are they preferred? When you choose a preferred vendor you end up with a contractor that will do whatever it takes to keep their contract. They may have good intentions but their hands are tied. A preferred vendor essentially works for your insurance company.

    Insurance companies sometimes just lie and say you have no choice or they will tell you there is no warranty if you choose your own company. Be smart people hire a local reputable company that will stand behind their work. By doing this you take your insurance company out of the picture and work with the contractor you chose to bring you back to the way things were. Your insurance company must pay for whatever your chosen professional deems necessary regardless of the cost. So make sure you are well insured and purchase a water/sewage back up endorsement of at least $10, 000. If you spent $100, 000 to finish your basement and wake up to find that sewage has backed up throughout your entire basement and you only purchased $10, 000 you will understand why It's important to be well insured. $10, 000 may not even be enough to safely decontaminate your $100, 000 investment let alone repair and replace contaminated items and furnishings that will be ruined. Remember you need to carry an endorsement for this type of coverage. Be informed, don't let the big insurance company bully and remember you get what you pay for... Pay for good coverage instead of lots of tv commercials with big promises and you will get through though situations like this.

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    chris1984 Jan 25, 2012

    all servpros are individually owned and operated unforchantly some are a srevpros and some are c servpros dont hold them all accountable

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    aronmart Sep 11, 2012
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    How can I reach them?
    Email [email protected]

    Marty Aron

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    Brenda Kidd Nov 29, 2012

    SEVRPRO: All Insurance Companies, Homeowners, Hurricans Victims, Tornadoes Victims, Storm Victims, All Businesses, None Homeowners, All Individuals And Earthquake Victims Be Aware Of Servpro...Please Sign the Coming Soon Petition Against Servpro...

    Troy Bowman Replace my Furniture that Servpro of Southwest Mobile damaged while insured and stored on Servpro property/in your care. Replace my Floors, which was also damage by Servpro of Southhwest Mobile.
    I had a house fire. Servpro packers/movers came into my home and packed up my things. During the moving of my heavy furniture and the packed boxes out of my home, two of servpro employee’s broke my entertainment center. Although they tried hard to take it back into my home, I wouldn’t allow them, too. Finally, without asking me, can my entertainment center be repaired by servpro, one of the ladies told me, my entertainment center will be repaired by servpro. They have a person that repair furniture. The next moment, she wrote a written statement that stated, entertainment center was damaged during move out, to be repaired by servpro and she initialed.

    After that I called my insurance company and told the Senior Claims Specialist that Servpro had broken my entertainment center. He told me that was between me and Servpro, they had nothing to do with it. He said you have to take it up with Servpro and their insurance company. He said the fire did not cause the damages; they are responsible for your damage entertainment center.

    On Thursday, September 20, 2012 Servpro packers/employee’s brought my furniture back into my home. Just before Servpro/packers/employee’s brought the entertainment center inside my home we heard servpro employees speaking in a low whispering tone. And after they assemble my bed in the master bedroom, we heard the two ladies speaking in a low whispering tone. That was when I was told by my witness, you better go in there and look at your stuff.

    When we walked into the bedroom both of the ladies stopped whispering amongst, themselves, as they stood staring at my bed. Even though I said what, the ladies did not answer me. So, I and my witness looked at my queen size bed. My bed newish look before they removed it out of my home was gone. My bed/headboard had no shine on it. The headboard had a whitish, cloudy, foggy substance all over it.

    When we walked up closer to each sided of the tall headboard, we saw that my brown wooden bed, which consisted of a headboard, footboard, four long tall posts and four square shaped, legs was cracked in several different places. I told the servpro employees, who ever cleaned my bed has mess it up and it is cracked in several places. Immediately, one of the Servpro ladies asked me for a rag. I told her that I didn’t have one.

    After that she went out to the truck and came back into my bedroom with several white paper towels in her hand and started wiping the headboard. After she realized that the whitish, cloudy, foggy substance that were on the headboard wouldn’t come off, she asked me can she wet the paper towels that were in her hand and wipe the bed. I told her know that is wood and if you wet that wood, you are going to mess my bed up even worse than it is.

    After that I and my witness inspected the edges on the front side of the headboard. The front side edges, on the left side and the right side of the headboard, had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood.
    When we inspected the edges on the back side of the headboard, we saw that the same damaged that was done to the edges on the front sides of the headboard was done to the edges on the back sides of the headboard.
    When we inspected the footboard we notice that the same damaged that was done to the edges on the front sides and back sides of the headboard had been done to the footboard front sides and back sides, edges, too.
    The four long tall posts and the four square shape legs also had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood. There are areas all over on my bed steps and highboy that are sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood.
    My wing back chair, arms and legs looked just like my bed. Its arms and legs had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood and the material on the right side of it is coming apart, torn. Around the edges of my picture had been sand down/stripped down and coming apart. Two more of my pictures have drips from a liquid cloudy, foggy substance on them.
    As for the entertainment center that the packers/servpro employee’s broke, they brought it back into my home broke. Scars are all over my entire bed, highboy, bed steps, wing back chair, pictures and my entertainment center.
    For my three bedroom, laminated floors, Servpro packers/employee’s stripped them. After they mopped my floors it took days to dry. After they mopped my floors, they pucker them up. My floors do not look like they looked before Servpro cleaned them. My floors are dull, cloudy and foggy like my bed and they have no shine on them. Seeable shoe prints are all over my wooden laminate stripped dull looking, floors. It seems, as if the footprints, which are bedded down into my laminate floors are there to stay.

    When the packers/servpro employees left my home, I called the Estimator, Stephen Clark and told him that Servpro brought my furniture back damaged and I told him about my floors, but at the time, my furniture was my first priority. Stephen Clark got highly upset and started raising his voice. I felt like I had to stay calm, and that was what I did, but it is only so much you can take from a company that has severely, damaged your furniture, pictures and floors.

    After Stephen Clark had calm down from saying we didn’t damage your furniture, that’s the way it was when they moved it out of your home, I asked him can he come and look at my furniture today, which was the same day that the packers had move my furniture back into my home. Stephen Clark said no. I asked him again and again and his answerer was still no. After I begged and pleaded with him a while longer, he said yes. I asked him about what time will you be here. He said it will not be today. I pleaded with him again and told him that I needed him to come out today. He said that he couldn’t come out today. So, I asked him will you please come out tomorrow. He said again, no. So I asked him, when are you, coming. He said I don’t know. So, I asked him to please let their insurance company come out here and take a look at it. He wouldn’t do it. So I asked him to please give me the name of the insurance company in which my furniture was insured with. He wouldn’t do it. Therefore, I told him, someone is going to have to come out here and look at my furniture. He told me that he looked at my furniture himself and that they have pictures of my furniture. I told him that I have pictures of my furniture too. I then asked him for his supervisor name and the CEO name and that is when he said I will come out there sometime, tomorrow. Although he would not give me the names of his supervisor and the CEO, I had to beg for a time, which turned out to be 9am the next morning.

    Since I was not satisfied by Stephen Clark not coming out to my home on the same day that Servpro employees brought my furniture home, as well as how I had been talked to by Stephen Clark, I called the office. When I asked to speak with Stephen Clark supervisor, I was told that Stephen Clark was a supervisor and the other supervisor was not there. I then told the person in the office that answered the phone about what Servpro had done to my furniture. I also asked that person could she send someone out today to look at my furniture, she said no, Stephen is handling your claim, you have to talk to him. I told her the reason I want someone to come out today to see my furniture is because I don’t want know one saying that I did this to my furniture, which was my opinion. She said no one is going to say that.

    On Friday, September 21, 2012, Stephen Clark and one of the packers, who broke my entertainment center, came out to my home. I, my witness, Stephen Clark and the employee looked at my bed. Although the employee was quiet until we made it to the entertainment center, Stephen Clark tone and facial expression frightened me and my witness.

    When I showed Stephen Clark the edges on the left and right, front side of the headboard, which was sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood first, and then the left and right front side of the footboard, which was also sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood, Stephen Clark told me the mattresses did that. I said to him ok then, I’ll give you the benefited of the doubt. You are saying the mattresses sanded down and stripped the edges, on the sides of the headboard, front and you are saying the mattress also sanded down and stripped the edges on the sides of the footboard front, right. Stephen Clark said yes. I told him, than, why are the edges on the back of the headboard and the back of the footboard, are the same, as the edges on the front side of the, headboard and the front side of the footboard? Stephen Clark didn’t say anything else about that.
    When I showed him, as to where my bed was cracked in several places on the headboard, Stephen Clark said that they didn’t do it, which was a lie.
    When I showed Stephen Clark, which was seeable the whitish, cloudy and foggy substance all over the headboard and the dried, dripped down, liquid, which was also all over the headboard, he asked me would I be satisfied if he got someone to come into my home and clean the whitish, cloudy foggy, dried, dripped down substance off my bed. I told him that even though I did not agree for your repair person to repair my entertainment center, I kept quiet and gave you all a chance to repair it and servpro brought it back, broke. I also gave servpro the chance to clean my furniture and servpro damaged it. So, why should I let servpro do anything else to my bed that they severely, damaged?
    I then turned to the employee and said look at my bed you know my bed was not like that when you all carried it out of here. You know my furniture was not damage, except for the live laugh love picture.
    One of the lady packers walked up to me, while I and my witness sat outside on my porch and show it to me. I told her I knew it was damage. And she told me that she still had to write it down, as bent. She went on to explain to me if anything is damage she has to write it down. I said ok. Therefore, if my furniture was damage, she would have written it down.
    Stephen Clark did not comment on that. I told the employee you know you all are wrong. The employee said that he was not here for the bed (the furniture) he said he did not have anything to do with that. He was here for the entertainment center. Of course he was one of the men that broke the entertainment center.
    I told Stephen Clark just like I told the packers, that is a thousand and some dollars bed, a thousand and some dollars highboy, an $800.00 and some dollars chair out there and a $600.00 and some dollars entertainment center in, there, which servpro have damaged. Not to mention my floors and my pictures.
    I showed him the four long tall posts on the bed, which had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood.
    When I showed him the four square, legs on the bed, which had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood, Stephen Clark told me that the children had mess up the legs on my bed. I told him if the children sand down to the wood the legs on my bed, then who sanded down to the bare wood, the arms and the legs on my chair in there, as well as my bed.
    I showed him the areas on my highboy, which had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood. I showed him the areas on my bed steps, which had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood. He told me those steps are something you step on. I told him that my steps are for show. I don’t need steps to get in my bed. I showed and told him that my wing back chair, arms and legs looked just like my bed. I showed him where the wing back chair arms and legs had been sanded down/stripped down to the bare wood and I showed him where the material on the right side of my chair was coming apart, torn. He told me it was an old chair. I told him come on now you see that this chair look just like my bed. This is not an old chair you all took the shine off of it and tore the chair material. He didn’t say anything else about the chair.
    I show him the edges around the picture, which was sand down/stripped down and coming apart. I showed him two more pictures, which have drips from whatever they cleaned with, on them. I showed him the entertainment center, which the packers/servpro employee’s broke and brought back into my home, broke. Stephen Clark said that they will have their repair person to repair the entertainment center, by putting a screw in it.
    I told him that you all broke it and then brought it back broke. You all have damaged my entertainment center and caused it to become unsafe for children to be around it and anyone who comes into my home, as well as myself, too. If the hazard entertainment center falls, it and the television can kill a child.
    Stephen Clark became furious. He didn’t address the floors. He started to yell at me. He yelled out to me and said I have pictures. I told him that I have pictures too. He then asked me to show him my pictures. I said no. I am not going to let you see my pictures in case we have to go to court. Again, he asked me to let him see my pictures. I told him, I told you no. Since he kept on in a rough tone asking me to let him see my pictures, I said let me see your pictures. He didn’t say no, he just never said anything else about the pictures. Soon after that he yelled out to me in front of my witness and the employee, you committed insurance fraud. He said you claimed things, which were wrote off, by me, on your insurance claim and you also claimed the same things for servpro to clean on your insurance claim. He said double dipping. I told him, I did not. For legal purposes, I asked him what things. He said for one that entertainment center. That’s when I and my witness told him that the entertainment center that servpro employees broke came out of my bed room. And the entertainment center that you wrote off came out of the living room and you know this because you wrote it off. We told him that nothing was written off in my bed rooms, but the mattresses and you know this because you wrote them off. Your pictures should show you where the entertainment centers set and they also should show you that my furniture was not damage. Stephen Clark got quiet for a second and didn’t say anything else about the entertainment centers.
    But, he went on to say that he wasn’t the only one that knows about me committing insurance fraud, he called out my insurance Senior Claims Specialists name and said he said it too. He said that you committed insurance fraud.
    Stephen Clark slandered me with his false/untrue defamatory statements (which can be proven) in front of my witness and his employee. His defamatory statements caused injury to my reputation and made me become a victim of slander.
    Later, I called my insurance company Senior Claims Specialist Supervisor, about the slandering remarks. I told her what Stephen Clark told me what the Senior Claims Specialist told him about me. I then asked her to please tell (I called him by his name) the Senior Claims Specialist to stop slandering me. Just then I told Stephen Clark, in my opinion, after you and the contractor talked to my insurance adjuster, who was very anxious to get your name and the contractor name and phone numbers, you the contractor and my insurance adjuster shut me out. I called you Stephen Clark, left messages for you to call me and you didn’t return my calls. Also during this time my insurance adjuster and the contractor also would not return my calls, too. None of you all would talk to me. But you all talked to each other about my house fire. I have the proof on paper and I have a witness.

    In my opinion, what was once I and servpro became servpro and the contractor, servpro and the adjuster, servpro and the Senior Claims Specialist? I was not only told this by listening to the adjuster conversation, I was told this by listening to your conversation and the contractor conversation, too after the four of you men reservist and called me.

    Although I suspected what was going on behind my back, I never would have had this proof until my insurance adjuster finally called me. He told me that he was going to tell you (Stephen Clark) and the contractor to call me. Immediately after that I got a call from you and several calls from the contractor. I even got a visit from the contractor.
    Once you (Stephen Clark) my insurance adjuster, my insurance Senior Claims Specialist and the contractor called me you all started telling on each other to, me. Therefore because of all the back staving, back biting, shutting me out, not returning my calls, which can be proven, caused me not to hire the contractor, because he was not looking out for my best interest. In my opinion that is why I should not have hire Servpro, too. Besides my opinions, again I say, I do have written proof concerning this too. By you grown men telling me what the other ones said and looking over the documents that I received from you men, caused me to look for another contractor that I could trust and hire.
    Stephen Clark told me yes I listen to him (he called my insurance Senior Claims Specialist name) I tells him things and he tells me things. He is the one who pays me. I told Stephen Clark that I pay my insurance premium not my insurance Senior Claims Specialist and not my insurance adjuster. Therefore I pay you. Stephen Clark didn’t say anything else on that.

    I then went on and told Stephen Clark, because you seem to be a nice person when I first met you, I cannot let niceness stand in my way of you all replacing or repairing my furniture.

    I listen to you when you convinced me not to use the pod, in which my insurance company had written out a check to me for the pod. You told me (which I knew) that I have expenses wooden, furniture and it doesn’t need to be kept outside in the heat, humidity and rain. Now, I had an insurance adjuster telling me one thing, which was to store my furniture in a pod and Stephen Clark/Servpro telling me another, which was to store my furniture in their storage, it will be insured. Therefore I went with the one, who I thought was looking out for my best interest, Servpro/Stephen Clark.
    When I told my insurance adjuster he got highly upset and said why did he tell you that? I then told my adjuster that Stephen Clark told me that my furniture/content will be insured. It will be kept in an inside storage at room temperature and if anything should happen to my furniture, I wouldn’t have to worry about it, because Stephen Clark told me it will be insured. The Pod cost was $194.46 cents a month. The cost of servpro storage where ever my furniture was taken to, to be cleaned and stored was $388.00 a month, insurance included. My furniture stayed in servpro storage/care 60 days. Now keep in mind, my wooden furniture set in Servpro storage unit damaged.

    Back to Stephen Clark: Stephen Clark walked out of my house yelling with nothing resolved. He said that he was not going to replace my furniture. I told him that I was going to have to get an attorney if Servpro do not resolve this and then I walked away. After all he was yelling outside in front of my house and I do not carry myself that way. While following behind me, Stephen Clark told me to get one, get an attorney. Stephen Clark told me that many have tried to sue them and lost. You are going to lose. He said your ### is going to pay out a lot of money. You are going to pay attorney fees for both you and us. You are going to pay court cost.
    Then he yelled out, you old us a check. That is when I turned stood still and told him that you are not getting it until we go to, court. Stephen Clark yelled out oh yeah you are going to pay us interests. I told him, why should I give you all a check and Servpro have severely, damaged my furniture and my floors, but you want to be paid. What about my furniture and my floors. He yelled even louder at me and pointed his finger at me. Again I walked away. And again, he followed behind me. He said what do you want me to do, replace the entertainment center. I didn’t answer him. Therefore he asked me the same question again, again and again until I said, yes. He said it will never happen.
    That was when a male neighbor yelled out hey to him. The male neighbor told him it is not going to be any pointing fingers or nothing else going on out there.
    Immediately Stephen Clark got in his truck and drove off and I have not heard from him since, Friday, September 21, 2012.

    That same morning on Friday, September 21, 2012, I and my witness went to a Servpro on Highway 90 Theodore, Alabama 36582 to make sure the information that I had concerning the CEO, Susan Isaacson Steen was correct. I also went there to get information on the offsite storage facility, as to where my furniture had been kept and to get the name of the insurance company, in which my furniture was insured with.
    Once inside of Servpro on Highway 90 we spoke to a sort of elderly lady and to a younger lady. We explain to them about what Servpro had done to my furniture and floors. The elderly lady told us that Servpro of Southwest Mobile is independently own. She also told us that she could not help us because they do not affiliate, with them. She told us that all Servpro’s are independently owned. Since my furniture was damaged at Servpro of Southwest Mobile, she suggested that we go there to find out the name of the insurance company in whom my furniture was insured with. I told her that they want tell us the name of the insurance company. She told us again that there was nothing she can do. So I asked her can she give me the CEO name and telephone phone number. She told me that she did not know the CEO name and phone number. I then asked her is Sue Steen the CEO. Since I did not get an answer, I asked her, can she look it up on the computer? She said yes. When she came back to the front desk, she said yes, that is her name, Susan Steen.

    On September 21, 2012 I founded out by the elderly lady at Servpro on Highway 90 that Servpro of Southwest Mobile was independently owned. When Servpro Stephen Clark came into my home during the week of June 26, 2012, my belief was, I believe that Servpro was Corporately Owned, by one person.* If I had known that SERVPRO was independently owned I never would have allowed SERVPRO to clean my home and my furniture. No, where on the documents, both content and structure, that Stephen Clark and the Servpro office issue out to me, stated that SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile is locally owned, privately owned or independently, own. No, where on the documents that they issue out to I stated the owner name.
    Omitting/omission, that Servpro is independently owned, privately owned, or locally owned in the documents that I received from Servpro and Stephen Clark and my insurance company at the time is misleading, which is misrepresentation. Omitting/omission, Servpro owner or owners name, in the documents that I received from Servpro, Stephen Clark and my insurance company are, also misleading, which is misrepresentation. By not disclosing that Servpro was independently owned and by not disclosing the owner or owners name in the documents are unfair on Servpro part.

    After that I and my witness arrived at Servpro of Southwest Mobile I told the lady at the desk about what had happen and I asked to speak to anyone who can help me. I was told that no one was there who can help me. For some reason the lady at the front desk got up and went to the back. When she came back she said that the owner was here. I asked her, who was the owner. She said Troy Bowman. She also said you can go back there and talk to him. Once in Troy Bowman office, at Servpro of Southwest Mobile, P.O. Box 161028, Mobile, Alabama 36616, Halls Mills Road Mobile, Alabama, it seemed, as if I was one big joke. I had to beg and plead with Troy Bowman to come out to my home and look at my furniture and floors. Troy Bowman told me that they did not damage my furniture. In my opinion when we walked into that office his mind was set and it seemed, as if he knew we were coming.
    Again, I asked Troy Bowman to please come out to my house and look at my severely damage furniture and floors, which I and my witness sat in his office and described to him. Troy Bowman told me that he was a very busy person. He just cannot come out to my house and look at my furniture. So, I asked him to just let your insurance company come out and take a look at it. He would not do it. So, I then asked him to please give me the name of the insurance company, in which my furniture was insured with. He would not give me the name of the insurance company that my furniture was insured with, through Servpro.
    Later, Troy Bowman asked, why are you, shouting. I told him I am not shouting this is the way I talk. Later, when I asked him, why are you shouting, he said it was ok for him to do so. I begged and begged Troy Bowman to come out to my house and take a look at my furniture, which had been severely damaged by his company. He said it was no need to, he already have seen my furniture. Still I begged. When Troy Bowman finally said okay, I asked him when. He said he did not know. So I went on to beg him to give me the date and time, as to when will he come out to my house. Troy Bowman told me that he would call me on Monday or Tuesday to let me know what day, that he will be coming out to my home, but he said he could not give me a time.

    Before I walked out of Troy Bowman office I picked up one of his business cards. He got highly upset. He asked, me what do you need that for. I asked him why? He said you already know how to get in contact with us. The expression on his face and the tone of his voice along, with his words scared me. At some point in my opinion, I thought he was going to come from around his desk and snatch the card out of my hand. And at another point I felt like he was not Troy Bowman, because a professional and owner of a business would not have acted the way he had acted.
    Therefore the business card did not interest me, but I did glance at it and saw that Troy Bowman name was on the business card. As for Troy Bowman, he never called me.

    About a month after, my gut feeling told me to look at the business card. This time I read everything that was on the business card. To the left of the card was SERVPRO. To the right of the card was nationally known locally owned. Below that was, Professional Cleaning and Disaster Restoration Services. Below that was Troy Bowman name. Below that, but to the left of the card was SERVPRO of Southwest Mobile [protected]. to the right of the card was SERVPRO of North Mobile County [protected]. Below that was SERVPRO of Mobile Northwest [protected].

    All of that information is on his business card, but none of that information is on the documents that I received from both SERVPRO office and Stephen Clark. Also none of that information is on the documents that I received from my insurance company. Again I say this is misleading and misrepresentation.

    Since, Troy Bowman the owner of Servpro would not resolve my severely damage furniture and my severely damage floor’s problems that Servpro caused, I called the Corporate Office. Although I knew that Mr. Ted Isaacson was up in age, I asked to speak to him and when the operator told me that he didn’t work there any more, I then asked to speak to his wife, Mrs. Doris A. Isaacson, because at this point, I needed their help. Sad to say, but Mrs. Doris Isaacson did not work there any more too. It was sad for me to be told that the co founders of servpro no longer worked at the Corporate Office because up into this point I felt like Mr. Ted Isaacson and Mrs. Doris Isaacson would have handled this serious damage furniture and floor’s problems that I am having with Troy Bowman.

    Still, after that I made another call to the Corporate Headquarters Office, this time to the CEO Susan Isaacson Steen. Although I was not allowed to speak to Susan Isaacson Steen, I spoke to her assistant, Cathy Campbell. Cathy Campbell told me that Servpro of Southwest Mobile was independently owned.
    I told her afterwards about what Troy Bowman, Servpro had done to my furniture and floors. I told her about what was said in the conversations that I had with Troy Bowman and Stephen Clark. Still it was nothing she could do about it. There after I talked to Darlene Bearden, who is Randall Isaacson assistant. Between the two, Darlene Bearden and Cathy Campbell I was directed to Quality Assurance Coordinator, Monica Spencer, but all I got was her machine.

    After leaving messages on Monica Spencer machine and not receiving a call back, I called Cathy Campbell back and this time she notified Monica Spencer. It was then that I got a phone call from Monica Spencer. I explained to her about what Servpro had done to my furniture and my floors and I told her about the conservations that I had with Troy Bowman and Stephen Clark. She told me that she was going to contact Steve Guice and give him my number. She said he handled things like this. She said he would be a mediator between you all. After she had spoken to Steve Guice, Monica Spencer called me back and told me that Steve Guice will be getting in contact with me soon.

    When Steve Guice called me I told him about what Troy Bowman, owner of Servpro of Southwest Mobile, Servpro had done to my furniture and floors. I told him about what was said in the conversations that I had with Troy Bowman and Stephen Clark. He told me that he was going to contact them and see what they had to say. He told me that he was going to be a mediator between us. He said I don’t have to talk to Troy Bowman anymore, I can talk to him. I said ok.
    I asked him to come out and look at my damaged furniture and floors. Steve Guice said he could not come out, because he didn’t live in Mobile, Alabama. He said he was in Birmingham, Alabama. He said but I can get someone to come out and look at it, if it is ok with you. I told him yes and thank you. I told him that I asked Troy Bowman and Stephen Clark to let their insurance company come out and look at it and we can go from there, but they would not let the insurance company come out. I also told him that I asked Troy Bowman and Stephen Clark to come out and look at my furniture and floors, Stephen Clark came out Troy Bowman did not.

    During the next phone conversation that I had with Steve Guice, he told me that Troy Bowman had agreed to have their furniture repair man come out and take a look at my furniture to see what need to be done. I told him that Servpro repair person was suppose to have repaired my entertainment center and they brought it back broke. Steve Guice told me that Troy Bowman told him that the person that repaired my entertainment center was not their repair man.
    Therefore I am saying to myself, my entertainment center was never repaired by Troy Bowman repair man. Just who supposedly repaired my entertainment center?

    Steve Guice continued, He said the man that is coming out is who Troy Bowman uses to repair furniture. When the repair man, David Drago arrive empty handed, I showed him my furniture and my floors. I asked him did he do floors, he said no. I asked him do you know anyone that does floors, he said no. I asked him for an estimate, even though he did not have paper and a pen in his hand. He told me that he could not give me an estimate. He said (in a nice tone) that he work for Servpro. He told me that he will give the estimate to Servpro tomorrow, which was on a Friday. He told me you will definitely be able to get it from them by Monday. I asked him to write his name down and phone number down. After I gave him an ink pen and some paper he wrote his name and phone number down.
    But, since his name and phone number showed up unknown when he called, once he was outside of my home, I wrote his tag number down. As for David Drago estimate, Troy Bowman and Steve Guice never gave it to me.

    Later, I got a call from Steve Guice. He told me that Troy Bowman is willing to pay me $400.00. He said that Troy Bowman said that I can do whatever I wanted to do with the check. He told me that Troy Bowman said you don’t have to repair your furniture. You can keep the check. The check will be written out to you. I told Steve Guice, to tell Troy Bowman that I need in quotes and details, as to what the $400.00 dollars is covering. And when I asked him is my floors included in the $400.00 dollars, he became silent for a while. Afterward he told me that my floors were mop with water. That is when I found out just what type of person he is. I know for a fact that my floors were not mopped with just water and no cleaning supplies. Soon after Steve Guice told me that he will get back with me.

    But, of course in my opinion this sounds like a form of bribery and fraud to me.

    After not hearing back from Steve Guice, whom I was told, worked in Birmingham, Alabama, but was also told later that he did not work out of that office, but was given a number where he could be reached, I called him.
    Since I could not reach him, several ladies in the office, on different days, emailed him and told him to call me.

    When he finally called me he told me again that Troy Bowman was willing to pay me $400.00 dollars. He told me Troy Bowman said you can do whatever you want to do with it. You don’t have to repair your furniture. But if you want to get it repaired you can. Again he said Troy Bowman said you can do whatever you want to do with it. The check will be written out to you. It will be in your name, but when you go into the office to pick up the check you are going to have to sign a waiver stating that you cannot supposedly come back on them. You have to wavier and release any and all your rights against Servpro.
    And you have to give them the insurance check. Steve Guice told me that they said that they do not owe you any money out of the insurance content check. They said that check is for structure, too. I told Steve Guice that the check is not for structure. The check is for content only. I told Steve Guice that I have already talked to my insurance company Claims Specialist Manager about this. I told him I do not pay structure I only pay Servpro for my content. My insurance adjuster, my Senior Claims Specialist and Stephen Clark told me this, and I do have a witness to prove this and I also have documents to also prove what the check is for.
    When I told Steve Guice, again that I need in quotes and details, as to what the $400.00 dollars consist of and when I told him, I don’t want the money, I want my furniture repaired or replaced, Steve Guice hung up the phone on, October 3, 2012 and never called me back.

    Since I could not reach Steve Guice through left messages and since he did not return my calls, I called Corporate Headquarters, again. I talked to Cathy Campbell, Darlene Bearden and I left messages on Monica Spencer voice mail, but Monica Spencer never returned the calls. After being told that Jack Glidewell and Troy Bowman both owned Servpro of South West Mobile, P.O. Box 161028, Mobile, Alabama on Halls Mill Road, I called Jack Glidewell’s, Servpro office in Daphne Alabama.

    On October 9, 2012, I was told by Erica, Jack Glidewell assistant that he was in a meeting and that he wasn’t affiliate with that Servpro anymore. Still, I went on and told her everything that had gone on between Troy Bowman, Stephen Clark, Steve Guice and the Corporate Headquarters. She told me that she would let him know about this and she will call me back. She called me back and told me that she had talked to Steve Guice and he told her that he was familiar with it. Therefore she told me that Jack Glidewell said to tell me it will be handled. She went on to say especially since Corporate is involved.

    After that I called Corporate Headquarters again, and I asked for, as many Isaacson’s relatives, as I could ask for and left another message on Moncia Spencer voice mail, still no answer.

    On November 19, 2012, I talked to Cathy Campbell she told me there was nothing they could do about it. Just keep trying to get in contact with Troy Bowman.

    On November 19, 2012 I talked to Kim in the Corporate Headquarters Legal Office. I was told by Kim in Servpro legal office that Troy Bowman was independently owned and there was nothing that they could do. She told me to keep on trying to get in contact with Servpro of Southwest Mobile, even though she was told by me that Steve Guice was the mediator, who Monica Spencer set up to work with both Troy Bowman and I.

    On November 19, 2012, I told Kim, as well as Darlene Bearden and Cathy Campbell that I did not know that Servpro was independently owned. My belief was that Servpro of Southwest Mobile was owned by a Corporate Company. I told Kim that locally owned, independently own and privately own are not on any of my documents that I received from Servpro. Kim asked me what was on the documents. After I told her that Servpro of Southwest Mobile was on my documents she told me that Servpro of Southwest Mobile states that it is independently owned.

    Of course on November 19, 2012, Darlene Bearden told me that she was going to pass my information on to Monica Spencer. As for Darlene Bearden I do not have a problem with her. *She is one of the nicest people that I have talked to concerning this matter, besides Erica who is Jack Glidewell an owner of SERVPRO assistant.

    On November 23, 2012, I picked up a certified letter at the post office from Troy Bowman. The second sentence in Troy Bowman letter stated: "Please keep in mind our Franchises are independently owned and operated.
    Now, what Troy Bowman wrote in his letter was the same thing that I had talked about with Darlene Bearden, Cathy Campbell and Kim in Servpro Corporate Headquarters legal office.

    Now Troy Bowman did not tell me and my witness while we sat in his office on Friday, September 21, 2012, that Servpro of Southwest Mobile is independently owned and operated. He also did not tell us that he own Servpro.
    The desk person told us that the owner was here after she left her desk walked to the back and then returned to her desk.

    He also stated in the letter, "due that a resolution was unable to be achieved between you and the franchise; you are invited to participate in mediation. Should you feel this is something you are interested in obtaining, please contact me no later than 5 business days from date of receipt of this letter. If I do not receive a response from you, we will consider you no longer have a concern and will request your file to be closed at Servpro Industries, Inc."
    I never was told that I had a file open at Servpro.

    The letter was the first time in writing that I have heard from Troy Bowman. The other and only time that I heard from him was on Friday, September 21, 2012, which was when I and my witness went to Servpro of Southwest Mobile.
    The letter was signed by Troy Bowman and the following names were a couple of spaces below his name, cc: David Wilson, Trainer, Patrick Farler, Operations Manager and Monica Spencer, Quality Assurance Coordinator.

    Monica Spencer, Quality Assurance Coordinator, knows that I have already gone through mediation with Troy Bowman through Steve Guice after all she was the one who set it up.

    So, do not try and twist this around to your favor Troy Bowman.

    I have followed the proper steps.

    I have tried in a good faith effort to resolve what was Servpro fault?

    I offered a positive solution to Servpro, which was to have my furniture repaired or replace.

    I was the one who contacted Troy Bowman.
    I was the one who contacted Stephen Clark.
    I have contacted the corporate office over and over again and talked to Darlene Bearden, Cathy Campbell and Kim.
    Darlene has left messages for Monica Spencer from me.
    I have spoken to Monica Spencer.
    I have spoken to Steve Guice the mediator.
    I have tried to talk to Susan Isaacson Steen, Randall Isaacson, Richard Isaacson, but was unsuccessful.
    I have spoken to David Drago, who Troy Bowman sent out to my home to estimate the cost of my damages, which Servpro is at fault.
    I have not spoken to the repair man that was supposed to have repaired my entertainment center, which according to mediator, Steve Guice, Troy Bowman said that he was not his repair man.
    I have talked to Jack Glidewell, assistant Erica, who told me that Jack Glidewell no longer owns Servpro of Southwest Mobile with Troy Bowman.
    I have talked to Marlena and several people in Servpro office in Birmingham and those people have emailed Steve Guice and left messages for him to call me concerning my furniture, floors and broke entertainment center that Servpro of Southwest Mobile damaged.
    I have tried to talk to Ted and Doris Isaacson the Co founders of Servpro, I was told that they no longer work at the Corporate Office.

    Servpro Corporate Headquarters has shown responsibility for the action of its Franchisee, Troy Bowman Negligence.
    Therefore the Corporate Headquarters is responsible for Troy Bowman Negligence, as well.
    The Corporate Headquarters are also separately responsible for its own negligence for voluntarily assuming responsibilities.
    Monica Spencer showed responsibilities when she chose a mediator to work with Troy Bowman and me.
    Troy Bowman showed responsibility when he offer to pay me $400.00 dollars, but I had to waive and release any and all rights against Servpro for any purposes.
    Stephen Clark show responsibility when he asked me would I be satisfied if someone came in and clean my headboard and put a pin in my entertainment center.
    Troy Bowman show responsibilities when he sent David Drago, his repair man out to my home to estimate my damage furniture and floors that his Servpro of Southwest Mobile destroyed.
    Servpro Corporate Headquarters assumed responsibilities for its franchisee negligence when they allowed Steve Guice to act as a mediator between both, Servpro of Southwest Mobile and me.

    In my opinion and my consultant opinion, whoever supplied (franchisor or a person or company affiliated with the franchisor) Troy Bowman with the cleaning supplies to clean my furniture and my floors, is responsible too, for damaging my furniture.

    This needed to be resolved now.

    Troy Bowman you gave me 5 business days to respond to your letter. Well I am giving you to December 14, 2012, which is 12 business days from the time this letter has been written to resolve the damages to my furniture, floors and broke entertainment center, serious damaged furniture problems. The entertainment center is a hazard for children to be around and for adults to be around, too. If it falls it can kill a child and may kill or harm an adult. It is now unsafe because of Servpro of Southwest Mobile, Troy Bowman.

    If this is not resolved by December 14, 2012, you leave me no choice, but to hire my consultant. You know how to reach me. SERVPRO, Stephen Clark, Monica Spencer and Steve Guice have all phone numbers where I can be reach. Troy Bowman you have my numbers too, you said, while I and my witness sat in your office that you already have my numbers. But in case you do not have my number here it is again ----------.

    You have my address too, because you wrote me, one letter in the Month of November 2012, which was the only time you ever contacted me.

    I was the one who had to contact you, which was Friday, September 21, 2012 in you facility.

    This need to be resolved before it gets out of control.

    Cc: Corporate Headquarters, Cleaning supplier, David Wilson, Trainer, Patrick Farler, Operations Manager, Monica Spencer, Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Bribery and fraud

    Prolonging the repairs or replacement of my personal property is bad faith on SERVPRO, who caused this problem part.
    I have tried hard to work with you, Troy Bowman, but you have not contacted me concerning this matter, until after I called the Corporate Office on November 19, 2012 am time.

    You then contacted me by letter, which was dated November 19, 2012, which was the only time that you ever contacted me.
    On September 21, 2012, I and my witness tried hard to resolve this problem, but you Troy Bowman did not even try to resolve the matter. In my opinion, your mind was set and you said you did not do it and that was that.
    I am the one keeping the communication going with anyone who will listen, not you Troy Bowman.

    I am really afraid of Stephen Clark, Troy Bowman, (Servpro Owner), as well as, my insurance company to the fact that I had to thoroughly security my home, which caused emotion distress for me.

    If anything should happen to me or anyone in my family all information will be turned over from my consultant to the proper authority.

    You are the professional, but I am the one trying to resolve this discrepancies.
    I am the one taking on a leadership role and I am not the Franchisor.

    This is your responsibilities.

    This should have been resolved accurately and in a timely manner.
    I do not control your business or operate your business that I thought was owned by a Corporate Company, one owner in which I thought I was dealing with.

    Your negligent inflicted emotional distress on me.

    What about your Franchise agreement and operating manual.
    I do not retain the right to control the means used by you, but...

    Poor leadership roles

    My furniture was in storage and insured under Servpro of Southwest Mobile insurance company. You are giving all insurance companies who recommend their policy holders to do business with Servpro’s a bad name.
    This, discrepancies should have been solved.
    This has being going on since September 20, 2012 and today’s dated is November 27, 2012.

    In my opinion as a partnership role with your franchisor, issues should be resolve together. Servpro of Southwest Mobile, Franchisor, also have a liability insurance policy with you or without you for claims, as well as for defamation.

    My furniture and my floors must be replaced.

    When I told Troy Bowman what the lady packer said she had to do about my bent picture, which was she still had to write it down, as bent. And how she went on to explain to me if anything is damage she has to write it down, Troy Bowman said that was a lie. They wait until they get to the facility and take picture of the content.

    When I called Steve Guice, I was told that he was in New York helping out with the victims of Storm Sandy, which hit New York on October 29, 2012.

    The last time I talked to him was October 3, 2012. In my opinion he had enough time before Storm Sandy hit New York to have settled this matter between Troy Bowman and me before he went to New York.

    I and my family have not moved back into our home because of Troy Bowman Servpro of Southwest Mobile.

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  • Ar
    aronmart Dec 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to join the suit.
    [email protected]


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  • Br
    Brenda Kidd Dec 04, 2012


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  • Br
    Brenda Kidd Dec 06, 2012

    This matter has been Resolved.

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  • De
    Debking Nov 26, 2013

    I want to join your Lawsuit against Nationwide ServPro non professional JOKESTERS they are THEIVES who prey upon the Public in a time of disasters. deb in jamestown ky

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  • Ma
    MAAVerba Dec 17, 2013

    I have had many problems with ServPro of Bethlehem, Easton, and Whitehall. I filed a complaint on this site, but also wanted to share the facebook link to the page "Our Experience with ServPro". If anyone would like to add their experience to this page, please feel free. Also please feel free to share with others. I have posted pictures and documentation and would love if others would like to do the same. I also would be interested in the class action lawsuit.

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  • Ma
    MAAVerba Dec 18, 2013

    We have had so many problems with ServPro so I started a facebook page with pictures and documentation. Please feel free to check it out, share, and post your experience on this page as well. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what my family is still going through because of them.
    I would love to join the lawsuit!

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  • Rj
    rj5156 Jul 09, 2014

    I'm interested in joining any class-action lawsuit.

    We received forms from Servpro, in Clarksville IN a few days ago. They wanted us to sign emergency forms stating that we will be liable for any expenses not approved by our insurance, which does not quite agree with their happy assurances that "It will all be ok!". They also asked us to sign a release to hold them harmless for any problems caused by chemicals they will use and this form says we got MSDS sheets for these chemicals. We do not have the MSDS sheets and we take this EXTREMELY seriously!!!

    I spoke with Nathan at Servpro this morning. I told him the forms they gave us to sign stated that we acknowledged we were given the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for chemicals to be used and also that we had been given the opportunity to seek a medical opinion about these chemicals. I observed we would need time to find out about chemicals to be used once we actually got the sheets. Nathan pressed hard to bring the sheets to the appointment so we could "just go ahead and sign" them while they began removing our stuff. He did offer not to use chemicals we had an issue with but hustled me to just let them get on with it.

    I wouldn't recommend them for any job due to their blatant disregard for safety issues and their failure to follow procedures spelled out explicitly in their own forms. I've maintained and updated an MSDS library for most of my career and know exactly why this is so important! I cancelled the appointment we had scheduled with them on Thursday morning. Nathan was pretty snotty about it after his bullying and backpedaling didn't work.

    We just heard from Chad Koosman, our adjuster. An estimate is required and work done without one won't be paid for. We wondered about that and weren't proceeding until we heard from Chad. Now I see why Servpro wanted us to sign a form saying we accepted financial responsibility for their payment - with stiff penalties each month for late payment. Almost looks like a scam at this point!

    We still need an estimate and this has cost us a week getting started. I bill 40+ hours a week at $50-$100/hour depending on services offered. Time IS money to me.

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  • Ga
    Gail Clark Jan 16, 2015

    Leon & Elizabeth Clark we dealt with servpro of North East Greenville County contractor Carl Holcombe after he did complete our house from fire damage.he gave us 5 years warranty .and it hs not been a year yet and already our heat pump is not working properly have a 5 year warranty and a peace of our porcelain on our kitchen floor is coming is a 5 year warranty.I have called his office 4 times trying to get them to come back out to take cre of this matter.but his secretaries continue to lie claiming he his going to call and send someone out.but nothing has happen yet.I believe that I am going to have to take this farther

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  • Fl
    Flood2016 Dec 01, 2016

    I would like to join this Lawsuit. Can anyone tell me the status ?

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  • Am
    Ambergirl Mar 04, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to join the lawsuit. I lost everything I owned, my home, car, clothes, books, furniture, my dog and my health due to extensive mold growth from their "clean up" process. Also, they have a contract which is not disclosed on the back of the work order which needs addressed as it cannot be lawful. Please ad me to the lawsuit.

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  • Be
    Belabigail Jul 10, 2017

    Please add us as well. Our story is pretty much the same as ambergirls. [email protected]

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  • To
    tookatie29 Aug 08, 2017

    I used ServePro of South Dayton, Ohio - independently owned and operated. I can't even begin to address the nightmare this has been. Long story short, my house flooded. They tore out all of the floors (necessary), as well as 4 feet of drywall in my 2000 sq ft home (more than half of that was unnecessary.) THEN they reached up into the top 4ft of drywall left and pulled out every bit of insulation in my house. They failed to inventory or protect any of my things BEFORE demolition and somehow my 50" tv, a tablet, and brand new printer disappeared on their watch. Additionally, they threw my things on the floor into the water and damaged things that otherwise would not have been damaged. Because of what they did with demo, the city inspector came in and said that the rest of the drywall and the ceiling and the kitchen have to be torn up and the entire house cannot be grandfathered but has to be brought up to code (it was built in 70's) which means all new wiring, plumbing, hurricane something or others, and green waterproof drywall, etc. The repair as a result of the damages they caused will exceed the $28, 000 bill they are trying to collect. $5500 of that is for inventory and cleaning (120 hours) which they did AFTER they failed to protect my things before demo. It's been almost 3 months and I still haven't received a complete and accurate inventory. They placed a lien on my home because insurance hasn't paid them even though they are aware that their invoice is in dispute and they have admitted they have liability. I have filed a police report, a BBB complaint, and gone to the Ohio Attorney General, and I am at my wit's end. If there is a lawsuit, I'd like to join.

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  • El
    Elliemac007 Nov 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Fiance and I would like to join the lawsuit email address [email protected] tell me how to join...

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  • Su
    SusanDuke Nov 22, 2017

    I would like to join the lawsuit also; The worst service ever, My email is [email protected] Please tell me how to join. Thank-you, Susan Hall

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  • Su
    SusanDuke Nov 22, 2017

    Please advise on how I can join class action lawsuit against serpro. Email [email protected]

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  • Bu
    bubblingreanater May 07, 2019

    we had a fire in our kitchen they came in for 2 1/2 days they were told don't do the knick knacks they did anyway Brooke some of them broke a light fixture every time we walked in the 2 workers were texting on their phones they took half hr breaks and hr lunches I did more in one day then they did in 2 1/2 days I even had to redo some of what they did and they charged us almost$3000.00 I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit against serve pro
    Mark & Maria Tobben
    Washington, mo
    Please contact me at
    [email protected]

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  • I’m a former Manager of SERVPRO Of South Saratoga for 6 years this franchise is the most shady franchise of them all not only do that pad the invoices/ estimate at completion of jobs to squeeze ever penny they can rather it is right or wrong most of the time wrong .They are under staffed and hire people’s off the street and pay them under the table not even pay them minimum wage and treat them like [censored]. Half of their techs couldn’t pass a drug test If giving on the spot.Not only do the tech steal medication out of customers medicine cabinet and out of bed room some of them double back to homes they done work in and entry thru unlocked doors that the know customers is on vacation and trust them to do services.Even the guys that they hire off of the street steal from customers home, credit cards, children’s pig banks, customers liquor and even eat customers food .Most of the guys that they hire off the street can not past a back ground check or a drug test and a few had outstanding warrants while working for SERVPRO Of Southern Saratoga But the owner didn’t care as long as he got a check from the insurance companies.There was many customers complains for some of these action that i as a manager i cleaned up because of the relationship i had with the customers and the respect..I spoke about this matter to the team and it was swiped under the rugs .Some customers was putted off by owner hoping the matters at hand will go away but it was not right and i kept my mouth shut afraid of losing my job because i got a family to feed .But i not longer work for this shady [censored] company.And no i wasn’t fire i quite because this company treated it employers like [censored] .When i first started work for this company i moved up quick to management because I’m a hard and loyal worker and we ha d a staff 12 good hard working soldiers and we was family but of course the owner [censored]ted on everyone because of his greed and shady ness and now there is on 5 techs left and all but one is new hire and 2 of them is thinking about leaving as i type this.

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  • Be
    BellaMae2014 Jan 30, 2020

    Was a class action lawsuit ever filed against ServPro or is there one now that people can still be included in? Although they are franchise's it dosen't seem that ANY of them are on the up & up ANYWHERE across the entire country. Having the same type of complaints coming out of literally EVERY state. With many, many having been referred to ServPro by their Insurance Company. Hmmmm? Whats wrong with this picture? Our story is basicly the same as the others. Insurance claim for water damage, ServPro sent in by Insurance company, ServPro's total & blatant disregard for our belongings, two pair of custom made riding boots gone, careless, negligent & random packing of boxes resulting in multiple broken items, broken & damaged furniture, a plastic crate with no lid attached but compleatly wrapped in clear plastic wrap and placed into storage by ServPro with standing water in the bottom of the crate. Needless to say whatever was in that crate has decayed beyond the point of recognition and is compleatly covered in mold. We were not given the combination to the lock on the storage container our belongings were moved into by ServPro and after requesting access it took two weeks of being given multipul combinations to "try" all of them incorrect, they went so far as to cut the first lock off, replace it with a new one and provide me with yet another incorrect combination. I finally demanded the lock be removed and not replaced, they complied but left the latch so mangled and bent that it still presented a challange to get open. Once opened, shocked again at the manor in which the container was piled and stacked. I could go on & on but no use in that. Yes, I'd like to recover the cost of the broken items, furniture & boots but more importantly I would like to see EVERY ServPro slapped down, held accountable & ultimately shut down. The Insurance companys who endorce, promote and list them as a Company of Choice need to be held accountable for basicly setting this company up to do controlled home invasions with no consequences. With as many like complaints NATION WIDE, why are they in business, why are they being allowed to and been allowed to take such bad advantage of so many people for so many years, why have they been & are still being allowed to commit these crimes across the country every single day? I am more than willing to do whatever I can to help stop them, I just dont know what or where to begin. Open to any ideas, suggestions, knowhow ect. Leave a comment please, what they are doing is just so wrong, they truley need to be STOPPED.

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  • Di
    Disgusted in Mississippi Aug 20, 2020

    We had servpro in Tupelo work on out house because it was damaged by tornado. We signed a contract and then the headaches began. The crews that were working on different aspects but the actions were out of order. The had take it down to the studs. The roof was messed up and they sat some of appliances like microwave in an area where the roof still leaked. They started putting up insulation in a room where the roof still leaked. I was over there everyday to feed my outdoor cats. I would text the person by name of Benjie if I saw something I didn't think was right. He called me one morning asking me why I complained so much. I told him I see stuff wrong and he said I never say anything nice. I was so angry. They created meds inside and outside. Their excuse is its a construction sitr. I told no it was our home. We paid out final payment. I have asked for a invoice listing the work done and amount spent. I got run around and today I returned to their office manager Dana and got so angry with the bull coming out. I used words I don't normally because she kept saying I didn't know how things are done. I asked about a large roll of carpet pad that wasn't used. She said we would have gotten a credit for it. I asked how we would know since they didn't send a final receipt with the cost of the items. We don't even know if our roof has a warranty. The workers had no respect for our stuff. Our carpet which they installed looks like carp because they installed early and didn't put anything down to protect. I finally ask ed them if they couldn't put the excess carpet over it. We had some new furniture in the house and we walked and found trash on the furniture. We would go through the house when they would leave throwing out soda cans and cups and cigarettes buts. We had to pick up carp out of the yard and fill in ruts in our yard. Now we just want an detailed invoice to show if we have warranty. They treated our home and yard badly. We are still finding area where we see primer, and door frames missing metal plates. In my opinion they didn't care and took the money. Now concerned about what else they missed. Very upset.

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