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[Resolved] negligence service

It takes a lifetime to acquire a home. Service expert heating and air conditioning took half an hour to neglectfully destroy it. (pictures)

Negligent Service the 12/27/2019 by their 1st technician caused to my unit the 1/10/2020 a relentlessly huge water leak in the walls of corridor and attic/ceiling for 24 h . The senior technician had to come twice to stop it

From the beginning, the company refused to assume their responsibility and faults. Before the 1/27/2019, I did not have any problem with my AC
( pics last July). The report done this day was normal.

The general manager from Florida refused to provide an air test, mold inspection, rebuilt drywalls for the safety of the home and wrote that I have to pay at my expenses if I want to do it.

He was OK for dryer vents, a letter (This letter says they dried the wet areas properly, but it doesn't say anything about potential mold that developed behind the drywall or in the attic. It also makes clear they only sprayed microbial chemicals on the outside of the wall by the baseboard); painting and texture.
This is deceptive advertising according to the sales pitch on their web site which mention "Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* confirms we're dedicated to providing the best HVAC repair, customer service and customer satisfaction;
Unfortunately, some similar consumers stories can be read on :
266 Complaints in the last 3 years in the Better Business Bureau
 10 F to Angies'list with a C rate
 Employees testimonial attest that this company has no consideration at all for consumers.
 The corporate culture is profit oriented only to meet the requirements of the stock market and shareholders Consumers are pawns in their development strategy.
According to an aggressive competitive logic in the HVAC area and a cut-throat competition, this company refuses its obligations of results and means to provide corrective solutions to the harm suffered.
Denial of the consumer, no quality approach to customer service and no after sales service as the consumer laws is requested.

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  • Resolution Statement

    The company is doing his best effort to solve the problem. and show that it is a trustworthy company.