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Reliance Home Comfort buy out an old water heater


11 years ago, one of the door to door sales people tricked my Mom to sign me up for their plan to switch my water heater. at the time I was stupid and let go as the price was about $15. Now after 11 years the price has doubled to $35 and I called today to buy out he water heater and they want me to pay $800, That is the biggest scam there is as I am sure an 11 year old water heater is not even $100. You can buy brand new units from Lowes/Homedpot for $799.

This is a scam, I am not sure why Reliance wants to treat their customers like this. I have searched online and in many cases the customer was offered to buy the contract at $40 given it is over 10 years old and I never signed the contract, they tricked my mom into this.

This is very bad business and taking advantage of people

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    Reliance Home Comfort Boiler

    Hi My name is Havane and my service address is 540 Harvie Ave Toronto Ontario M6E 4M1. My number is [protected].

    I have called Reliance 2 times in this week and have spoken to 5 different reps. Inasked for a manager now i am on hold 1 hour and 50 min and still on hold. The reps i gave spoken to didnt even know if my boiler included wayer heater tanks afte retelling them i have called Dustin sales rep that it was included. The tank is still at the service address and inwas never told i have to remove it. All I confirmed was how much inwas going to pay and i have emails to support what i had agreed on. I asked over and over and confirmed i was going to pay $166 plus taxes now i am paying $217 after taxes. I have made an appointment for rental tanks to be removed and they are not even sure if it can be removed which i was never told that in the beginning.

    I need my bill to be adjusted to $166 plus taxes since April and going on forward as that was i have made agreements and confirmed the charges and after being on hold almost 2 hours i just got hang up on with out speaking.


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      Reliance Home Comfort House lien

      Contract signed with MCC Home Services in May of 2005. Reliance bought the paper a couple years later. I discovered there's an unauthorized lien on my property, which constitutes fraud. Account# with them is [protected]. I live in Ontario, where Bill 59 describes these rental contracts as fraudulent. We're 6 years into the rental agreement and have so far paid FAR more than market value for the HVAC equipment.

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        Reliance Home Comfort Hot Water Heater

        My water heater stopped working on January 3rd 2021 at approximately 3:00 p.m. On January 4th 2021 at approximately 9:15 a.m. I contacted Reliance Home Comfort to report a hot water heater not working. The assistant said she needed to check into her system to provide the details of a service call and that she would call me back in 10 to 15 minutes. At approximately 1130 a.m. the assistant called back to say that she would need the home owner's authorization for billing as there was no account for service. I then sent a text message to the home owner who replied to Reliance (approximately 2 hours later) with authorization to complete the necessary work. A service call was scheduled for January 5th 2021 between 8 and 11 a.m. At 10:55 a.m. the technician called to say he would be delayed until approximately 3:00 p.m. At approximately 3:30 p.m. the technician arrived. Spent approximately 45 minutes changing the part and left saying the heater was fixed. I waited 2 hours and then ran the hot water taps. No hot water. I again called Reliance requesting another service call. The technician was scheduled to arrive January 6th 2021 between 1 and 4 p.m. When I arrived home around 1:30 p.m. I saw the technician and asked if he could please let me know the outcome of the service call. He knocked on my door at approximately 5:00 p.m. saying it was a terribly difficult problem and that he couldn't complete the job as he was going home to his family. He assured me that he had sent a message to his office to alert them to the fact that the water heater was not fixed and another technician would need to be dispatched. I called the home owner and asked if he could please communicate with Reliance as this was causing a lot of stress for me not having hot water. I live with my two young grandchildren and during the pandemic lockdown in Hamilton we don't have anywhere to go. The home owner had contacted Reliance and was assured that a technician would come on January 7th 2021. At approximately 3:30 p.m. a service technician arrived and I asked if he would please let me know the outcome of the service call. At 4:00 p.m. he knocked on my door to say that all was working that the unit just needed to be plugged in and all the lights came on and it was running. Around 2 hours later I ran the hot water taps and still no hot water. I again called the home owner asking him to resolve this issue. He returned my call to tell me that he had requested yet another service call and informed that if it couldn't be fixed to replace the water heater.
        My grandchildren and myself were stressed to the max and I looked into a hotel where we could go so we could bath. I found one in Niagara Falls and booked a night's stay for January 8th 2021. Upon our return home on January 9th 2021 I was told by the home owner that the water heater had been serviced and I should have hot water. I ran the hot water tap and still no hot water. 4 service technicians made service calls and did not fix the problem. I had also suggested to the person on the telephone that Reliance should have a follow up call scheduled an hour or two after the service call has been completed to ensure all is working properly.

        The home owner made arrangements to have a new hot water tank replaced on January 10th 2021. I am happy to say that all is working GREAT as of 5:00 p.m. January 10th 2021.

        The address is 633 Tate Avenue, Upper unit A, Hamilton, ON L8H 6L4; this is a home split into 2 units. Each unit have their own water heater and they are located in the lower unit.

        Please contact me at [protected]

        Thank you for your time to review my letter.
        Warm regards

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          Reliance Home Comfort Hot water rental

          Hello. Over the last 6 months, I have had your technicians over approx 6 times. Each time someone is sent, they leave with a temp fix advising that I need to have the tank replaced. Finally, the tank was replaced about 1 month ago. Since then my hot water sputters, scaring my child every time when I turn on the water. A technician came over to fix the tank, advising that if his work didn't solve the problem, it would need to be replaced. I called this morning to ask to have the tank replaced, and was advised that another technician would come by to diagnose the problem. I asked to send a replacement tank with the tech as I do not want to have to make time for these frequent visits anymore, let alone during that pandemic. I was informed that I had to call back, again, to speak with someone higher in the company.

          The technicians are great, but the service reps are terrible. They cut people off, are rude, and seems to not understand the company protocols - or the company protocols are not set up to support customers.

          I am completely dissatisfied and will be seeking to cancel my service today.

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            Reliance Home Comfort Salesman forcing to sign documents

            In May of 2017 I called reliance home comfort to come and look at my air conditioner. Instead of a repairman, a salesman called Mike came to my house. He looked at my air conditioner (just looked no testing examining or anything). He told me it would cost me more to repair it then to buy a new one. No one was home at the time. What I found strange is he asked me twice if I was alone. I was quite scared. He was sitting at my dinning room table and looked upstairs and said "are you sure nobody's home?". I said I was sure. I asked Mike Mcarther several times if this was a scam. He looked at me in a very intimidating way and said "we don't scam people". I ended up signing a contract for a rental furnace and air conditioner for the amount of $13, 000+. You can buy a furnace for $1500 and an air conditioner for $2000. That would amount to $3500 not $13000+. The problem is the intimidation I received for Mike Mcarther to sign this scandalous contract. He led me to believe that my furnace was not working as it should without even looking at it. I don't know how people like this sleep at night. It's very disturbing to me that reliance, such a big company, can continue to scam vulnerable people. The thing is they know what they are doing. This salesman scammer never said it was a rental agreement. I don't even remember him asking me to read a contract. It was signed and he was out the door.

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              Reliance Home Comfort Protection plans

              Purchase new home and upon finalizing the hot water tank rental, I was offered a protection plan for heat and AC.
              Contact them for service since no heat. Nobody shows up for the 1- 5 pm window and get rescheduled for next day.
              After speaking with a supervisor on the matter, I'm informed that when they get someone in my area.
              To add insult, I'm asked if I'd be interested in a plumbing/electrical plan.

              Why in the world would I want that??? Still no heat on December 9/2020 and I'm sure I'll be in need and offered a new furnace if the repair person ever gets out to my area.

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                Reliance Home Comfort Having no heat in my home because thermostat has malfunction

                Our termosat is beeping an reporting failure ignition and then it states shut down for 1 hour
                Also repeats itself...
                Then happenon 2020-12-09 midnight
                I called reliance 2020-12-09 at 7.30
                There only available service call is the folling day 2020-12-09
                Its been 3 days with no heat with young children in the house in the middle of winter... And we are not being made a priority...

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                  Dec 08, 2020

                  Reliance Home Comfort — Billing for their hot water heater rental

                  There are so few people at Reliance willing to assist anyone that I am hoping that this can help me. I am a...

                  Reliance Home Comfort Furnace not working

                  My furnace broke on November 14th 2020. I called Reliance where a technician came and told me that the motor and board was broken and had to be replaced. He called the company he deals with on November 16th where they gave him a price. The technician called Reliance to tell them how much it would cost and they said it was too much and they were going to send one from their warehouse. I called on November 17th since it was 20 below and my house was 14 degrees. I was told to go and buy some space heaters and they would reimburse me. I was also told not to worry since the part would be in on November 18th. November 18th no part arrived. On November 20th I called Reliance again where I was told it would be in on Saturday November 19th. (Now it has been a week with no heat in Northern Ontario where the temperatures are quite cold!). Today is November 23rd and I still do not have the parts required for my furnace!!! I called Reliance again where I was told they were going to try and track the package and call me back- I have not received a return call! If Reliance would have agreed to the part from the technician I would have heat in my house! It is going to be 21 below tonight and my house will be cold! I am at the point where I feel I will have to change companies for my furnace as this is ridiculous!!! I am beyond frustrated!!! I will NEVER recommend Reliance!

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                    Reliance Home Comfort Product and service

                    This company is a complete ripoff!!
                    - Was recommended to rent over buy because then the unit will be serviced yearly
                    - When installed, they put a hole in my wall - was not repaired, ignored my complaint
                    - Noticed the humidity was always high, so called service to ask if this was correct size - sent someone out and they said "yes"
                    - Called service again because ac unit didn't seem like it was working
                    - Service came out and confirmed it is not and has not been working for awhile
                    - Was told someone will contact me to replace unit - no call for at least 2 months
                    - Called again as my credit card continued to make payments
                    - It is now at least one year later and this is still going on and reliance continues to charge my credit card!! Unit still is not replaced

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                      Reliance Home Comfort Discrepancy and Unauthorized More Charges

                      Hello Team,

                      We wanted to buyout the hot water tank equipment from Reliance Home Comfort, on October 01, 2020. Upon upon reviewing the contract and Enbridge charges, we realized that Reliance Home Comfort unauthorized charged us in the amount of $820.53 in last 81 months - from From Feb 2014 till Oct 2020.

                      Upon confirmation of such charges from our end, Reliance Home Comfort is not willing to accept the error and unwilling to resolve the over-charges.

                      If you require any further evidence or information, please fill free to reach out to me via email at [protected] or by phone at [protected].

                      Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.


                      Bhavin Patel

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                        Nov 03, 2020

                        Home Reliance Comfort — Property damaged

                        Dear Sir/Madam: In Mar 2020, the tech, Alex is from Home Reliance, installed the toilet for my house 933...

                        Reliance Home Comfort Water heater

                        We have now had 3 floods from their rental equipment and had to make insurance claims as we needed restoration people to come to our house. We will pay an additional $2100 in insurance fees over the next 7 years and are extremely frustrated. We're told we need a new heater and that it will cost more money. Does anyone know a lawyer who specifies in this type of thing?

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                          Oct 14, 2020

                          Reliance Home Comfort — Water heater

                          Water heater developed major leak. Call to reliance, booked an appointment for a week later. Called back and...

                          Oct 01, 2020

                          Reliance Home Comfort — Furnace broke since sept 18th 2020

                          Had a Maintenance call Sat Sept 19, 2020 where an Ignite switch part was replaced. I was told it was fixed. I...

                          Sep 08, 2020

                          Reliance Home Comfort — In home generator and customer service

                          I scheduled an appointment to have our in home generator fixed. We had a recent power outage and we noticed...

                          Reliance Home Comfort ac protection plan

                          I have AC protection plan from Reliance for quite a while now. My stopped working on Sunday 16th August and technician visited on Monday Aug 17th. He diagnosed that Coil is leak and we need to order a new one which should come in one day. After leaving my house he called and said the part is short and will come in a few days. I called Reliance on Tuesday and the lady said it should come on Wednesday. I called on Wednesday and another lady said Friday. Today is Saturday and I haven't received the part yet... I have had a dozen conversation with a new excuse everytime. I wonder when they will fix my AC and what is the use of being a protection plan customer if this is there customer service quality.


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                            Reliance Home Comfort hvac

                            We just found out we had a lien on our house for 7500. What the hell reliance? This was never properly explained to us nor dis we even know until now. You have some explaining to do. If we lose our property because of this there will be a lawsuit on your hands! You should have better salespeople explain this. We have never missed a payment. Its suppose to be a rental!

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                              Aug 19, 2020

                              Reliance Home Comfort — Water heater repair and plumbing services

                              August 18, 2020 To Customer Resolution: Re: Complaint and request for compensation for damage good Dear...

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