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Reliance has been providing affordable, reliable home heating and cooling to Canadians for more than 50 years. Our customers know they can count on us for fast, friendly, knowledgeable service and advice – and that’s comfortable!

Complaints & Reviews

Reliance Home Comfort Monthly furnace protection plan/diagnostic fee

Such a shame for the kind of business to exist. We got sold on a monthly furnace protection plan when our furnace broke down being promised that the onsite diagnostic fee will be covered regardless of whether we choose to go with the suggested repair and quote. Called in multiple times, got guaranteed that the plan is cancelled and there would not be a charge. Come the next billing cycle, we saw a charge - what a surprise - that's comprised of the diagnostic fee. When I called, the rep was adamant that they did nothing wrong and the fee was a legitimate charge. None of it was legitimate when you coerced us into signing up for something so that you get a sale based on false information and promised. Also, the team where you can dispute charges is only working Mon-Fri 9 to 5 and no one can offer you a call back... Way to charge customers without consent and make it so hard for us to get our hard-earned money back. Shame on you for treating consumers like trash! Do not recommend! We demand a full refund.

[Resolved] Reliance Home Comfort Complaint of Service

premises # 5959338

Let me tell you of our EXPERIENCE with Reliance!!

First your guy shows up by himself and is expected to move the new water tank himself down stairs?? If my husband and his friend were not there, that would not of been possible. They had to help him bring everything in.
SECOND: Installer ran the hose OVER the duck work and down and round the furnace, If he had just ran the hose directly into the drain along the floor, where there was plenty of room to do this, none of this would of happened, as it was the pressure of the water have to run up the hose and then down again that cased the hose to pop out of the drain. Your employee did not even notice the hose popped out until my husband and he friend ran in and started yelling to shut everything off but by then it was too late and the water flooded our basement.
Gallons of rusty smelly water, all over our floors and rugs…see attached pictures. PLUS WE HAD TO START THE CLEAN UP WITH SHOP VAC, HE DIDN'T ASSIT!!

We now have to move all the furniture out, as we have to rip up the rug in the one furnace room, and rip up the wood laminate floors in the other room right away, as we do not want MOULD to start, and the LAMINATE FLOORS, are starting to swell and buckle, plus the smell is disgusting!!
We had to buy bleach, to clean the floors to prevent mold.
My husband who has a heart condition, had to clean up and rip everything out himself!! We just put the laminate wood floors in last year, ALL THAT HARD WORK RUINED DUE TO ONE DELIVERY BY RELIANCE HOME COMFORT!!!

We sent in our bills, and quotes and didn't even put in the labour and your representative has come back with 809.50, and that doesn't even cover the flooring?
All this total nightmare, because we needed a new replacement tank and Reliance doesn't have the decency to give us the monies owed to us ?
honestly it comes to 1089.13, and you cant even meet that amount!!

Complaint of Service
Complaint of Service
Complaint of Service
Complaint of Service
Complaint of Service
Complaint of Service
Complaint of Service

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Reliance Home Comfort customer service, closing account

I'd requested to close my maintenance account with this company as their service has gone downhill over the past 2 years. I was first told my account was closed by someone in their billing department. I was later told I need to call another number to close it, so I did. She confirmed my account was canceled and mentioned no fees, apart from my remaining bill, which I had paid with the other department. 2 weeks later I get another bill from them for an entire year's worth of services from them to September 2020.

Reliance Home Comfort water softener, water filtration

Dear Sir,
I am sending this message to you for your perusal and action. A couple of years ago a company approached us regarding the above noted. They wrongfully held out the threat of hard water in our area. Having come from Cambridge, On. where the water is really hard and a softener and water filtration system were extremely helpful. I had already considered the option here in Ottawa but had not pursued it. At the time of their visit, although I did not know it at the time. I was experiencing medical and related mental health issues.
We were told at the time it would cost us a total of $80.00 monthly. My wife was dead set against it, I am embarrassed to say but in my mental state, I did not listen to my wife, did not want to wait, research and have to reconnect later. So I accepted. It has very quietly jumped in price by 50%. This was disconcerting. Fast forward to post surgery and psychological assistance. I began looking into the hardness of the water in our area. Which is to say non existent as the water in our area is from the Ottawa river, not ground fed. Realizing at this point I'd been had. I phoned your company to try and buy out the 10 year contract. The price was astronomical/unrealistic. I know your company did not sell this equipment but you now hold the contract. I do not want this useless piece of equipment in my home. I would like this resolved. I dislike intensely paying money for equipment that is virtually doing nothing.

Mike Bissonnette
Add: 344 Brigitta St.
Ottawa, On. K2S 0H9
tel: [protected]

Reliance Home Comfort hot water tank from reliable home comfort.

Mon-Dec-23-2019 no hot water not even 5 minutes. We tell Paula hot water runs out our son is still is covered in soap and cant rinse off . Paula tells us i dont understand why you are so upset. We asked her to talk to a supervisor. She is a supervisor. Nothing we can do there will be service tomorrow. We had to heat up water on an electric stove so our 9 year old son can finish the shower. I never had such a bad experience. No 24h service. What kind of supervisor is she. She cant provide service and doesnt want to listen to the complaint. Paula needs retraining there is no customer is first. When she talked to us she could not care less what was happening. Paula is very rude. I was soo upset i don't recommend Reliance Home Comfort to anyone.

Reliance Home Comfort assault

I recently moved to 3620 Dandurand Blvd in Wondsor ON and took over hot water tank rental. As for AC rental, Reliance agent told me over phone that I have to sign an Assumption agreement. The did not want to send it to me, since it is a legal document. I provided my lawyer's information but it's never been sent to my lawyer
Since more than 6 weeks, I've been talking to both Reliance's Custumer care and legal department, so did my lawyer by email. But intead of sending the documents to us, they keep calling the previous owner who keep asking me (and he's right) to take care of the issue.
This is why I feel indirectly assulted by reliance.

Please, I need someone to diligently and responsibly take care of this matter.

Thank you

Serge Akpagnonite

Reliance Home Comfort — installation of rinnai space heater.

Hello I recently purchased a Rinnai space heater for my basement which has not been fully completed after 1.5 months. I was told that the installation team was going to install...

Reliance Home Comfort — company's non-compliance to 10 day cooling period clause

1) November 12 (Tuesday): Reliance Sales Person visited to inform & test the hardness of water and signed Lease Agreement. At the time, all benefits of soft water were told, but...

Reliance Home Comfort unauthorized credit card charge (bill and amount not adjusted)

Awful Company, we are looking to file a complaint with BBB this coming week and cancel ALL services with Reliance... We have canceled the water heater rental, it was picked up on October 17 without problems. Then, surprise!!! On October 30th I received an email with the next billing summary... THIS AMOUNT INCLUDES A WATER HEATER RENTAL CHARGE FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS and no prorated adjustment...

Called billing on October 31, 2019 and, after being placed on hold for almost ONE HOUR, I have been reassured by the billing department that the actual charge will be adjusted right away, from $259.12 to $139.98 "and not to worry"... I've even asked if the adjustment will show on my online Reliance account and he said that it won't, but, again, NOT TO WORRY, my credit card won't be overcharged!!!
Imagine my surprise and anger when checking my credit card statement today and noticing the Reliance charge... YUP, $259.12!!! At this point, I am done dealing with Reliance, it is NOT the first time they make mistakes and don't adjust my payment as promised... At this point, I am done dealing with Reliance, I will call and cancel the account and all services, notify BBB and the credit card company for refund. RELIANCE IS A SCAMMER!!!

Reliance Home Comfort service plan

A month ago Reliance Home Comfort started calling me and leaving messages that I owed them money on my account. I have never had any dealings with this company. There is no such account. I spent considerable time today navigating their company departments by phone to find out what is going on. It seems my home address was magically signed up in July for a service plan! When I requested to be removed from these nuisance calls the woman started to pitch me on their plan. Just unbelievably dishonest of them and I told her I would NEVER choose them after this.

Reliance Home Comfort — customer service/appointment missed

Monday December 4, 2019 - I realized when turning on my furnace something wasn't working as I had no heat, I called reliance to book and appointment which was scheduled for Monday...

Reliance Home Comfort furnace and water heater rental

Our son and his partner rented a water heater and furnace Dec. 29, 2008. As they were new home owners and had bad credit we the parents had to co sign on the agreement. We were never never contacted from Reliance (they had our home number, address, email address). Oct 2013 we purchased the home from our son and were informed at that time there was a lien on the house for $3, 722.56. So thinking this was the water heater and furnace we paid Reliance $3, 722.56. conf #041223. March 2019 we sell this property out and our lawyer informs us there is another lien against this same property for $11, 031.64 for the furnace. We were advised to pay the bill so the sale of the property would not be delayed so we paid it. At that time we tried to negotiate with Reliance offering to pay $6762.80 (the cost of the furnace including HST of $1762.80 plus interest of $5, 000). They would not even talk to us. We asked why this was not brought to our attention 5 years earlier when we had to pay for the first lien but they said they did not know. We asked why they never contacted us to pay the rental of the furnace as we had co-signed but they said they didn't have to. How were we supposed to know that our son never paid the bill and why was this not brought to our attention 5 years earlier? The same account number was on the water heater rental and the furnace rental. We believe Reliance has a moral obligation to talk to us. We would like somebody to contact us regarding this very emotional and financial hardship.

Reliance Home Comfort — client support is not 24/7

We got the keys to our new home on Oct 30th. Evening of Nov 2nd, valve on the water heater let's go and water was rapidly spewing out of the heater onto the basement floor. We...

Reliance Home Comfort water heater blast

Water heater blasted and basement flood caused.

The water heater paid for 15 years to Reliance for "rental", enough to buy 3 new water heater. Meanwhile, no service no maintainence even no visit! They just keep charging you without providing any services!

1. Home owner: don't "rent" from them, don't buy any products from Reliance. They just steal you money without doing anything!
2. Government: Reliance doesn't look a Canadian business, should not be allowed anywhere in Canada!

Reliance Home Comfort water heater billing

Reliance Home Comfort
Billing 02 Oct 2019
Client # [protected]
Since many years, I used to be charged on my Enbridge monthly invoice (since the beginning of this rental of the water heater, about 2 years ago). Monthly rate: $18.25 + tx; this arrangement with Enbridge seems to have been changed on 06 Sep 2019 for no stated reasons.
As a result, I have been charged twice for the September rental:
$4.26 + $0.55 tx (total $4.81) through Enbridge for the beginning of the month
$18.25 + 2.37 tx (full month rate) for the second period of September.

However, I received a first invoice from Reliance indicating:
Previous balance: $1.45 ???????
Late payment charge: $0.02 ?????????????????????????????????????
Service: Sep 10 to Oct 01: $18.25 + $2.37 tx
Total: $22.09

A few questions:
Q1: Why is Reliance sending me invoices and not continuing with Enbridge to charge me?
Q2: Why are you charging me a partial September and a full September at the same time (double charges)?
Q3: Where is this previous balance coming from; what is it; I never received a bill from reliance with any payment whatsoever to do?

Request 1: I am expecting to be reimbursed for the $1.45 + $0.02 + $4.26 + $0.55 = $6.28; please proceed.
Request 2: I spent 25 minutes with one of your representative on the phone trying to resolve this issue with no success; I also took my precious time to write you this formal complaint; I am definitely expecting reparation for that time lost; 3 months of free water heater rental would be a fair compensation.
What do you think about this situation

Guy Forgues
5 Valiant St
Nepean ON K2J 2N3

Reliance Home Comfort — damaged basement stairs & drywall during hot water tank installation

70671 I am Govindaraj Ramaswamy, I bought a new property in Mississauga. 2529 Rugby road. During hot water tank installation, they damaged the basement stairs & drywall. I already talk...

Reliance Home Comfort hot water tank

I started renting Reliance water tank in 2009. Last week sept 2019 I was trying to renew my mortgage and found out Reliance home comfort has put a lien on my property fo 6, 389$. I called to ask why and they told me to have my lawyer contact them. I asked for a copy of the lien and they said they don't give that information to the client. I paid my rental fee for 10 years with out skipping a beat . How can they put a lien on a rental. I guess my only next step is contacting A-Lawyer. Has anyone else gone through this? And what did you do?

Reliance Home Comfort rented water heater

I have been a customer for over 20 years. Have my heat air and hot water heater with them. In the past if something broke they fixed it, no cost. Now my (rented) hot water heater broke. Water everywhere a large mess to clean up. I call reliance and they send out a tech ... he says it's done, I will need a new one. Bug they want $150 to hook it up. Are you friggen kidding me. They advertise rent from us you will never worry again. It breaks we fix it it. If it needs replacing no charge. I am so done with them. Just waiting for a buyout price and I will NEVER deal with reliance again. Despicable way to treat long term customers. And I will let everyone know.

rented water heater

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    Adventures of BamBam Sep 17, 2019

    You probably need a venting upgrade. This is gas code not reliances problem .

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  • Ro
    Rolande Carrier Oct 25, 2019

    @Adventures of BamBam Amen to you Rosie. We are dealing with the same issue and Reliance is the worst company we've ever had to deal with. When you call them, you get someone in a different country that answers the phone and when you ask to have a supervisor call you back, no one does. There is NO comfort in the company Reliance Home COMFORT.

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  • Zw
    zwei2001 wei Oct 30, 2019

    @Adventures of BamBam Reliance should pay any loss caused anyway!

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Reliance Home Comfort — technician was a no show and there's been no hot water for 3 days!

My hot water has not been working for the past 3 days. The technician said he was supposed to be here today between 10 am until 2 PM. There was a no show! I called Reliance and...

Reliance Home Comfort air conditioner

I had purchased an air conditioner from Reliance. Reliance had installed the wiring of my air conditioner in a hazardous way instead of installing the wiring along the outside wall, it was installed from the air conditioner across to the wall where it is hazardous and potential for anyone tripping and falling. I contacted Reliance close to a month ago and 2 technicians had assessed the situation and had done exactly the same by taking a photo and notifying their manager to send another technician to fix the wiring for they too stated it was done the wrong way. I was told that a manager was to contact me.

To date August 5, 2019, I have not heard from any manager nor the status of anyone coming from Reliance to fix this problem. If I don't hear from Reliance by the end of this week, I will file a formal complaint to the Better Business Bureau complaints department and the media. I will appreciate your response. I can be contacted at [protected] or [protected] My address is 2057 Stonehenge Cres., Gloucester, ON, K1B4N7. Thank you.

Ruby Crisostomo

Reliance Home Comfort — servicing of heating and ac unit acct# [protected]-2187073

I received a phone call supposedly from your company if I was interested in a service plan for my furnace and Air conditioning Unit. I asked him for the particulars and he would...

Reliance Home Comfort — furnace ac and humidifier install

The install was May 29 2019 the installers left 3 holes in my ceiling and did not cover as promised in agreement they said nothing will fit there. Without notifying me they did...

Reliance Home Comfort scam people and diagnose wrong problem

A Reliance technician came to check what is wrong with the air condition in our 6 yr old house in London. He came and told us that the problem is a refrigirate leak that cost 1500 + HST. He said the problem is in level 7 highest level that need major repair. We called another service from another company and the guy came and said AC is running but not removing humidity. He said refrigirate level is ok. He just activated the HRV and AC works fine. He charged me 80 + tax in this service. Not to mention Reliance charged us to 99+ HST ON WRONG DIAGNOSTIC REPORT. Reliance is scammer. Always get second opinion.. their technicians are salesman.

Reliance Home Comfort home lien

I am in the process of buying a investment property and am getting a home equity loan as I am mortgage free. As my lawyer is doing a check on my property he informs me there is a lien on my home from 2035881 Ontario Inc. I have no clue who that company is until I googled it and found out it was reliance ! I am extremely upset by this ! For a goddamn furnace which I bought ! Are you serious ?? This is abuse of power ! What gives you the right to do such a thing ? The bbb should hear about this and Minister of Consumer Affairs !

Reliance Home Comfort — new a/c install not working

New A/C was installed in June 2019 and paid for upfront. On 2 separate occasions last week technicians came to fix the leak. No success, I've contacted on my sales representative...

Reliance Home Comfort hot water tank venting pipe

I have been having issues with the venting pipe on the rental HWT (HOT WATER TANK) for about 2 weeks now...there have been multiple visits to the site 146-4975 Southampton Dr, Mississauga, ON, L5M 8C9. There always some sort of excuse that the issue needs someone else to come & look at things or the appointment gets cancelled and postponed. What is going on? This is the worst customer service I have experienced in all my life. I am paying your rental charges on time & I have a HWT that does not work as the venting pipe is damaged. This is an absolute scam! Kindly call me back at the earliest so that his issue can be resolved.

Frank Farhad Tarapor

Reliance Home Comfort — air conditioner repair for health facility

We booked repair Air-conditioner on Jun 26, 10 AM-2 PM, on Jun 27, 10 AM- 2 PM, 1 PM-5 PM, on Saturday Jun 29 2019 from 1-5 PM, again on July 8, 2019 10AM-2PM, we waiting and call...

Reliance Home Comfort improper installation

I had a furnace put in from you guys in the winter and since there was to much snow they were not able to run/hook up the existing AC unit. I was told when the time came someone would be back to have it looked at and hooked up properly to the furnace. When calling customer service I am being told that I am not a priority customer and that no one would be coming to fix the issue. This is after waiting 7 hours for a contractor from reliance to come. It took 3 phone calls - 2 hrs of waiting on hold to be told no one was now coming. I was also told no manager was able to speak with me and that I would have I start the process again tomorrow.

SHAME ON YOU RELIANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE. To the lady I spoke to on the phone- you were rude and not helpful at all.

I have 2 babies that I now have to pack up and stay somewhere else because our house is 40 degrees.

I will be spreading the word about your poor service as well as having your water heater and furnace removed from our home.

Reliance Home Comfort — salesman

I needed a new furnace due to age and a new air conditioner due to a coolant leak. A salesman (Craig Munn) came and explained the different systems to me and I went with the most...

Reliance Home Comfort hot water tank

This is actually so not right,
They scheduled me an appointment from 1-5 pm
And take my phone number to tell me when the technician is on the way and then he shows up but never called Before and apparently did not find nobody at home.

Do people supposed to miss work and wait 5 hours sitting on a couch?
Now I have to wait another 2 days without hot water. Just because the technician didn't call like he supposed to. -_

Reliance Home Comfort bad maintenance service

I had a part that needed to be replaced, and I called reliance for maintenance, and they sent me a very bad company called LG home comfort. They were very unprofessional, they passed the window time by 24 hours without called me or rescheduling the maintenance appointment. Eventually they fixed the part in a very unprofessional manner, and since they did, there has been water leaking for in the part that they placed. Then they placed tape over the leaking and left without informing me that there was a leaking. Then when I called reliance again to fix the leak, I told them not to send me this company anymore because the contract I pay for is towards reliance, in order to comfort me. Then they told me they can't guarantee that.

Reliance Home Comfort — service

Service call I.D.: 1370698 Date of service: Wednesday, June 5, 2019 7:43 PM EST Resolution: CGI The technician never showed up never called. Called customers service their...

Reliance Home Comfort furnace rental

I am the POA for my elderly father who thought he was buying a furnace from you and that he would get free maintenance and no charge to fix it if it wasn't working if he agreed to pay for it monthly for it for 7 years.
He has had to move out of his home and we are in the process of selling his home. I have contacted your offices twice and been unable to get my questions answered satisfactorily.
The only information that was provided was that he has a rental contract and I could buy out his 7 year old furnace for almost $4000. This is more than the cost of a new furnace! Considering the payments made over the last 7 years to date to Reliance Home Comfort total more than $7500 he has already paid you for this furnace twice.
I have been promised I would be called by a manger (escalations) within 24 hours. Of course it's been well over 24 hours and still no response. I want to talk to someone who has the authority to provide me the information I need and to terminate this supposed contract my father made.
If I do not hear from you by noon Tuesday May 21, I will stop payment on his account until I do hear from you.
Thank you Brenda Lomore [protected]

Reliance Home Comfort water heater rental

Reliance was notified on March 7, 2019, of intent to return tank and cancel the service. Reliance acknowledged on March 7, 2019 and provided return authorization #[protected]. The tank was returned on March 18, 2019. Reliance refuses to cancel the account and continues to withdraw monthly payments. They have been contacted several times. The only answer they are giving is that they are conducting "an internal investigation". I tried putting a stop payment at the bank, but Reliance changed the amount of the withdrawal. I am contacting the police to have them charged with bank fraud.

Reliance Home Comfort billing/costumer service

I've sold my house in 2017 and I've received a zero balance from Reliance as I've paid off and closed my account with them .
Now after more than two years I've received an email saying that I owe them a bit over $100 for some plumbing work .
The payable supervisor/manager was extremely rude as I was explaining her my issue .
How come nobody contacted me for more than 2 yrs about the outstanding balance, no phone calls or emails except the emails that I've received about a month ago ?
It's not the amount that they want me to pay -which I've paid btw-that's frustrating me but the principle and the poor customer service and lack of professionalism proven by the manager that I've talked to .

Reliance Home Comfort lack of customer support

Please make sure Sean O'Brien see this.

I just spent over an hour on the phone to do a 5 min job. I was then cutoff and took another 20 mins getting to the appropriate office only to find out there was nothing they could/would do.

I had two tasks this morning;

1) I am the owner of a building and one of my tenants died 3 weeks ago. The next of kin asked that I change the account to my name.
2) Determine weather to buy out the unit or continue renting.

Neither of these two events was satisfactorily accomplished. Representatives attitudes were not in line with industry standards.

You have a very dissatisfied customer!!!

If I hear nothing from Sean I will escalate this to Mr Li

Reliance Home Comfort water heater

The technicians are like marketing guys and try to persuade you to buy their deceiving furnace plans. They don't care about the customer at all. The guy tried to sell me their furnace rental plan for almost one hour. When I asked him to give me some time to think he tried to deceive me by remembering my family. Avoid such unprofessional company that only cares about it's benefits not the customers.

Reliance Home Comfort water heater

I've been renting this water heater from them since 2007. Starting September of last year the thing started giving us issues. Had first service guy out and he was completely unprofessional and cursed me out in front of my kids because I have a kitty litter box in the basement (and an elderly cat that doesn't always use it) nothing to do with the water heater i would think but he said it stopped working because of that. Funny- I've had cats longer than that water heater and never had a problem before! Get through to customer support and they tell me they will send another tech. Because the last guy never even fixed it. They send him out he is in and out in under 10 mins. The water heater breaks down again a week later. Another tech. Accuses us of "fiddling with the vacation setting". We don't touch the water heater. He fixes something else. Bit of a jerk and condescending. Also complained about the cats and said they could have done something to the water heater. No kitty litter in that room anymore- and there's a door. Nothing has touched that water heater. Breaks down again a week later. Call customer support and lose my crap. The manager suggests it be replaced as it is over 10 years old. Finally I think- I'm going to get somewhere. Service technican comes out- takes a look at the water heater- fixes some element in it- decides that the water heater doesn't need to be replaced without consulting me. I complain- he says it's fine. And leaves. That was fall 2018. Here we are five months later and 9 calls in to customer service- constantly being told I need to pay the balance in full before they would send another technican. I don't believe i should be paying for how many months this thing wasn't working. No notes made of previous calls until I escalate this to a supervisor, nothing done as the service department is closed and told I had to call back. Took the time to call today as I was home sick. Spent HOURS on the phone getting transferred around. Spoke to someone at Customer Resolutions named Wendy. The best they could do is they are sending another technician out to "check" if it needs replaced. Shopping with other companies today and getting this piece of crap out of my house... and never dealing with Reliance again. For anything.

Reliance Home Comfort — poor follow up and 21 day wait for sign ups

I had a plumber attend my home and he was very professional and tended to our issue Team Member #3735. While on the phone with him he advised that I may be able to receive the 10%...

Reliance Home Comfort rent to own furnace

I am reevaluating my furnace and air conditioning installation pricing. I am concerned with the over inflated price of the furnace and air conditioner. The deal at first was made out to look like a great deal with all the government grants and all. But the whole system was over inflated by thousands compared to a reputable company that could of done the job for half the price or less. They claim they included the servicing in the price. But no one has ever contacted me to have the furnace serviced. Which will not need anything for a long time. I have had my water valve replaced due an excessive leak on the floor which flooded my whole downstairs, but no compensation was given for that. I am disappointed in the fact that I am going to pay rent on an over inflated furnace and air conditioner until it is paid off. If decide to sell my home, this have to be negotiated with the buy as they would have to take over the payments or a reduced on the price of the house. I would of had majority of the job paid off if I had of gone with someone else. Let me you thoughts as I don't believe I am the only one that has complained about this. I would see price more realistic to what the actual job costs. Not over inflating price to the consumer because they are receiving a government grant.



  • Al
    AlexanderDean Mar 23, 2019

    I hope you didn't sign any contract they have hidden Clause that allows them to put a lien on your home preventing you from refinancing, renting or sell house. I'm going through the same thing canceling contract my lawyer is getting everything back for me. You can sue them for misrespresention, breach of contract and fraud. I urge you to call me at 647-774-2413 and I can help you get out of contract and keep your unit for free.

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