Sentry Management (Property Management Firm)doesn't enforce rules & regulations; make bad decisions


Sentry is our condo Property Management firm. The local property manager for them makes bad decisions and doesn't enforce rules and regulations, despite having them pointed out to her, citing the rule number. I made 2 phone calls, then sent 2 emails to her over approximately a 1-month time frame regardingthe same 4 issues/violations in each communication, which were spaced approx. a week apart---things on balconies (fire law & our rules prohibit), people affixing things to the building (against our alteration rule), people storing things in the common areas (against our rules) and political campaign signs in windows (can only be done with approval...and I and at least 2 others in our 12-unit building find them offensive; we can't even put signs in our windows that our units are for sale, yet will be forced to look at these divisive signs for approximately 6 months.) This was a poor judgment and decision and should be rescinded. I had to resort to sending email to the owner of the company to get anything done. The signs have not been removed, leading me to conclude the property manager/company support the particular candidate; other issues have been resolved (finally) and the only reason the "storing things in common areas" was resolved was because that homeowner moved out, probably due to foreclosure. It is my opinion that this property manager/company does not do what they are hired to do, and show preferential treatment to certain people.

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