Sensucosmetic dentistry

M Aug 01, 2018

Using Sensu Dentists has been pain from the very start i am from the USA but staying in the UK i visited Sensu London and was told to pay £50 to see someone, i was told i would get this back after i have had my appointment ( i never got that back).

After talking with Dr Vishal Shah who seemed drunk... (for some strange reason i still went and had the treatment done) i had my teeth whitened after the work i was in mass pain and to be honest my teeth were 2 shades darker if anything.

I brought this up with Sensu and they told me to "stop making a fuss" once i got my card statement i saw that i was overcharged a lot of money, so of course, i got on the phone.. Dr Vishal Shah and his team at sensu as good as called me a lier.

My advice avoid.

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