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This company has a great way not to honor their "risk free in-home trial backed by a lifetime warranty." If you don't order a color swatch before placing your order, they do not honor their return policy, even if the problem has *nothing to do with the color.* See the fine print of the return policy. Gotcha.


  • Pa
    Pat in Alabama Jul 14, 2009

    you are so right!

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  • Jo
    john.c.c Jul 16, 2012

    Right, even though your problem may have nothing to do with color, if you don't order the color swatch you're stuck with a defective product. They also prod you into not waiting for a color swatch by offering a limited time discount if you order on the spot. So if you're confident that you want white and are not that concerned about the actual shade of white, you forgo the sample and take the discount, then their warranty doesn't exist any more. Take the bait and their "100% satisfaction guarantee" turns out to be a scam.

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