Select Comfort Constructionfaulty construction


Anyone who has a Select comfort system with the little circles sewn into the top pad had better unzip it to look at the memory foam underneath. By chance, 5 months into our bed, we unzipped the top to check the alignment of the foam. Found that the little circles on the underneath side had not had the threads cut between the circles. This had consequently severed sections of the memory foam.

When we went to the store, called customer service, we were told that they would replace it this time for free under the 2 year full replacement warranty. That was good but they will only do that one time. Now if I were so dumb as to not cut the threads when we replace the foam, it would all happen again.

I really feel that there should be a recall or notice sent to all who have this model. Otherwise you will be sleeping on chunks of memory foam.

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