Sedgwick Claims Management Services7/15/18 I went into kroger to pick up test strip.

B Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

I Beverly Slater went into store to get my True Metrix Blood Glucase filled. I made it home and check bag with product and had only 1 box of test strips I call pharmacy and inform them I had only 1 box and will be back for the other box. When I arrived back I showed them only box in bag, I was informed by 3 pharmacists they looked and did not see another box and the other box was put into bag, then pharmacist said they would have to run camera, I said go ahead because I only have 1 box and I left with 1 box. I was informed they had check counters and count of product.
While waiting the pharmacist that waited on me came up and I informed her where I was short 1 box of product she said let me check as she went behind counter checking container where other prescriptions was and there it was she gave it to me and said she was sorry and I told her thank you. At that time the pharmacist that had accused me of stealing and lying came up and said only 1 box showed up on camera and she was sorry at that time she was also informed that the other box had been found.
For pharmacist accusing me of stealing and lying have really hurt my pride because I go into the store every other day and use the pharmacy for my medicine I am sueing for $50 Thousand Dollars, I am really hurt by that incident.
I have no interest in the offer $500.00 from Ismas Williams/Claims Representative.

Beverly Slater
119 Alfred Drive
Vicksburg, Ms.39180

7/15/18 I went into kroger to pick up test strip.


  • SubSquirrel Aug 12, 2018

    Good luck. No other customer heard this, you weren’t publicly defamed and they apologized. Your fault for not checking your bag.

    I seriously doubt anyone offered you $500. Go ahead and try to find a lawyer who will file for you. It’ll cost you a few grand for nothing.

    I didn’t read that someone said you stole anything.

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