Seat24cancelation of booking

J Sep 03, 2019 Review updated:

I called to cancel my reservation and was told that I had 30 minutes to cancel it if I wanted a refund. So I hung up on the customer support guy who helped me to discuss it with my friends since it still was 45€ cancellation fee, which was fine.
When I called back I got a new guy who, first of all it took 14 minutes for him to hear what my bookimgnumber was and after that he told me that there was no way for me to get a refund.

After finishing my call with him I called back to get a new person to talk to. This guy told me that I had a chance to cancel my reservation but I missed it, since I got stuck with the other guy.

I really think that Seat24 should take responsibility for what they have caused here and offer me the cancellation they first offered me.

Luckily I recorded all the conversations and I'd like to send it to them, but I don't know how.


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