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K Dec 15, 2013

When I booked my flight, it was clearly stated that for approx. 70 EUR I could change any flight. As it was a business trip and things changed in my schedule I did 2 steps in order to change my flight quickly.

Nr. 1 Sending them on a Sunday eve an e-mail, I would like to change and need suggestions asap.
Nr. 2 Called their hotline next day min. 5 times, then finally after 30 min waiting they have answered (no need to tell how much the fees costed as I was abroad). Outcome: None. Just that I had to wait a min. 25 more minutes to hear that in total it would cost me 220 EUR approx. more to change.

In the meantime I was lucky of having received an answer of the airline per E-Mail (not within 24h as they claim but a 2, 5 days later, the day I wanted to have my new departure):

10.12.2013 at 14:29 Uhr (they close at 14.00h)

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your message. Unfortunately it is too late for us to change this booking anymore since we are not open for much longer.
With Best Regards,

Simply a disaster and I will never ever book with this company anymore!

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