SCS Store Lincolncustomer service, very, very poor

S Aug 11, 2018

SCS, Lincoln - Poor customer service, staff standing around and not really interested in finding out what you are looking for, what use you have for it, etc. We were a family of four looking for a large or two large lounge sofas. When we entered the Lincoln store at about 5.20pm on a Saturday 11th August, after visiting several other national sofa stores, at least 5 members of staff were standing on the main stairs at the front of the store, which was a bit over bearing. We were told of a few ‘extremely comfy' sofas at the front of the store that were not to our liking or taste, then when we were asked about what we were looking for we were advised upstairs had a sofa we would like, this again was not to our taste. We advised the sale person again what we were looking for and in doing this we came across a sofa set that looked appealing. The sales person advised straight away that he could offer a better price on the already reduced price if we were to agree to the sale today!, we had only been in the store ‘5-10' minutes maximum. As we sat looking at the sofa his colleague walked by looking back over his shoulder laughing, making eye contact with the salesman who was with us who then stifled a smile to himself - perhaps an on going joke with his colleague but it felt as if our browsing was a source of amusement and perhaps as the gentleman serving us was pushing us to buy the "last of of its type at this price" we would be gullible to buy it because of the price. When we asked about the other colour options, styles, etc we were advised the price was twice the current displayed price and this ‘offer set' was the best value and if we wanted it today he could save us money on the reduced ticket price!
We decided that enough was enough and decided to leave, upon leaving we noticed other grown sale people laughing and giggling, a completely unprofessional store with appalling management to allow this first impression on customers, sales staff that are clearly only interested in either standing around, giggling to themselves or trying to sell a product to a potential customer without asking any questions, lack of fact finding the customers needs or having general customer service and that any sale is a priority.
I would strongly advise others to try other SCS store! We wish we had, as trustpilot rates SCS quite highly, but Lincoln is definitely not part of these ratings!

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