SCSoffice manager at the scs store in solihull retail park, b90 4ld

N Nov 20, 2018
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My Name in Mrs Nicola Beckett and I have purchased a 3 piece suite from yourselves from the Laz Boy range so I have spent quite a bit of money with you and I am writing to complain about the Office Manger at the SCS store in Solihull Mrs Gordon.
I first encountered Mrs Gordon on the 06/11/18 by a phone call I found her attitude over the phone not good I had been in the store a couple of days before to speak to them just in case I need to delay the delivery as I have been having some building work done and they were most helpful but when she phoned her attitude was and I quote " do you realise that we have had your suite since August " and I said you are aware of my circumstances then she proceeded to say " well when we spoke to you on 19/09/18 you were well ahead of schedule " I advised there had been some delays and my paperwork does state delivery end of November she wasn't happy with that then she stated " I will have to speak to my manager about that " I came off the phone not having a very good impression of her but I let it go as everyone has a bad day and I never heard anything else until I spoke to her again yesterday 19/11/18 I could tell it was the same person because even before I gave her my details her attitude again was very poor and this time she got my back right up and I told her attitude was very poor 1st she refused to give her name as I want to speak to someone else. finally when the conversation broke down she hung up on me and when I tried to call back so I could speak to someone else I rang the store for over 20 minutes and when she finally picked up she answered the phone saying Mrs Beckett so I took her name and her position and then I asked to speak to someone higher she put me through to Joe the Store manager I was so angry at the time he wasn't that good either as her refused to give him his surname. I feel quite angry and disappointed with the treatment I have received this month from the store I have asked for a apology in writing and gave my email address which I know im not going to get as Joe seamed quite flippant about it as I have now got a delivery date for my suite. The experience I have had has put a sour taste in my mouth about using SCS as it's like you have had my money and forget the customer care.
Sorry to off load like this but this is the way I feel as I am the customer and I know we are not always right but her attitude puts a bad impression on SCS.
my email address is nicola.[protected] that's my work one and my personal is nicola.[protected]
I would like a response to this please my postcode for my order is B14 5JB. And my home telephone number is [protected]

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