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Purchased a sofa and the leather is pealing. They have admitted to a manufacturer fault and they placed a replacement order but after 9 weeks of waiting we called back to find out how much longer. We were then told that it was discontinued but had not notified us. Now they are wanting to refund minus 20% usage which we feel they should replace the sofa with a new one after admitted it's a fault and they will have been credited from supplier.


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      Oct 17, 2018

    SCS Complaint
    Head Office
    45-49 Villiers Street
    Tyne & Wear
    SR1 1HA

    Mrs Sharon Webster
    11 Chapel view
    Co Down
    BT30 &WT

    Dear Sir/Madam


    I purchased a Sofa from your Northampton store in October 2016. The purchase cost was approx. £1800.00. In November 2016 I discovered the cushion material was flawed. I contacted the Northampton store and your aftercare department following an inspection from your accessor they were replaced. I was very happy with the replacement cushions.

    March 2018
    I once again contacted your aftercare department as I was having the same issue with the replacement cushions. The aftercare team informed me that an accessor had to check the cushions. After 3 weeks an accessor visited my home, inspected and took photos of the cushions. I was later contacted by the aftercare dept. who confirmed that the material was once again flawed and that they would endeavour to replace.

    April 2018
    The Manager of your Northampton store contacted me and asked that I visit the store to choose a replacement sofa. My husband visited the store (as I had subsequently relocated to Northern Ireland) there was nothing in the store of equivalent value that was appropriate. At this stage the store manager took the batch number & colours so that he could contact the manufacturers and request replacement cushions. The manger confirmed that the replacements could be posted to me as I had moved to Northern Ireland; I was in agreement with this offer.

    August 2018
    The Northampton store manager contacted me to inform me that unfortunately the manufacturer could not replace items as the material was no longer in stock and that if I wanted a replacement sofa I would be liable for the shipping costs as you do not have any stores in Northern Ireland.

    I realise your company has offered a replacement which I was happy with but I feel that it has taken too long to get to this resolution (approx. 6 months) as a result I am now being faced with a shipping bill & the inconvenience of collecting the replacement from Scotland. I would like to add that I am in no way criticising the manager in your Northampton store as he has been more than helpful throughout this process; unfortunately he was just unable to provide a solution in a timely manner.

    I would appreciate a response on how we can move forward to find a resolution to this issue? I am not in a position to pay the shipping costs or indeed to travel to Scotland to collect the replacement sofa.

    Thank you very much for you attention a speedy response would be very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Mrs Sharon Webster
    My Contact details are

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