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Complaints & Reviews

No installation with base stand - 14 days have been passed

Purchased Sansui make 32'' LCD on 25th December after clear communication with the sales staff (Kandivali Bigbazar) about my option/requirement of base stand (not wall mouting). Challan no. E1429. Model noSFL32HMA.

TV delivered on 31st December ( i.e. after 6 days)

For early delivery of base stand your Sales staff Mr. Munar has forwarded the complaint ( MUM3012090966) on 30th December. Thanks Mr. Munar.

On 31st I have contacted your /Sansui Service centre (Kandivali) Mr. Sameer and got the assurance that it (Base stand) will be delivered within 2 days. And with permission of Mr. Sameer I have opened the LCD from box to enjoy the 31st night.
Till date I am mailing again and again for the base stand. No positive response. On 5th your staff from Kandivali Bigbazar confirmed me that base stand has reached and will be delivered within 48 hours. But today (7th) while following up, Service centre peole are cluless. 14 days have been passed. LCD could not be installed.

I want to return the LCD. Please take neccesary action for taking back the deal.Thanks Bigbazar.


Dear sir,

I am a costumer named as Mallappa Hattikuni, CMC Colony, Near Dr. B.R Ambedkar Chowk, Yadgir, Dist.Gulbarga.

I have purchased a 21" Slim 212X SANSUI Television at Jatan Electronics, Yadgir on 08-10-2008 with 1 year warranty. In the purchased month it started giving problem of display, than I give a complaint to Yadgir dealer and costumer care center then the two service persons one after the other came to solve the problem but it is not rectified and they said it is main board problem hence we come after one week to replace the main board. But they have not came to replaced the board even after lapse of 3 months, I was regularly calling over phone to them but they have not responded for my call.

My complain Nos.are as below,
1) 9E0020810270013 on 15-10-2008 for display problem
2) 9E0020810270013 on 25-10-2008 for display problem
3) HUB2901090107 on 29-01-2009 for display problem

On dated 29-01-2009 the service man Sri Dinesh replaced the MAIN BOARD with older TV board and it worked fine up to 15-08-2009 and it started giving the same problem from next day, than I give the complaint at costumer care center complain number
4) HUB1808090193 on 18-08-2009 for display problem
again I complained
5) HUB0409090008 on 04-09-2009 for display problem
The service man come after one month i.e., on dated 19-09-2009 and he soldered the main board but even though the problem has not been solved, and it started giving another problem of one thin horizontal center line and my next complaint No.is
6) HUB2009090027 on 20-09-2009 for display problem
On dated 21-09-2009 Sri Zuber service man took the main board to Gulbarga for repair after 4 days on dated 24-09-2009 he fixed the repaired same Board. Again it give the same problem. Again I call to Sri Ramesh-[protected], he informed to me to contact Sri Siddaram and Sri Rajendra. I called to these two persons to my house on dated 25-09-2009, and they both told me to we will solve this problem immediately (within 2-3 days) by replacing the TV main board. After lapse of nearly month on dated 22-10-2009 Sri Rajendra came and replaced the Main Board, and it started working fine but without volume (sound). Sri Rajendra told me that Audio Processor is gone I will replace it within two days and he is gone.
I contacting to Sri Rajendra daily through cell phone [protected], he has not responding to my call it shows the negligency of your service engineers.

Till now I paying Rs.150/- per month to Cable (Dish) which is of waste expenditure.

Hence, I request you to please replace the television.
I sended the TV to your Delear at Gulbarga on dated 09/11/2009.

With regards,

Mallappa Hattikuni
Date : 08-11-2009 Cont.No.[protected],
Place : Yadgir. CMC Colony, Near
Dr.B.R Ambedkar Chowk, Yadgir.

Faulty picture tube

Respected desk officer

I PURCHASED A 29' SANSUI TV FROM A DEALER IN BY THE NAME OF Computer Electronics, Kamla Nagar, Delhi IN NOVEMBER, 2004 WITH A 1 YEAR TV WARRANTY and 7 years picture tube warranty. In september 2009 it went out of order completely. I registered a complaint at customer care center with Complaint number : "DEL [protected]" on 18th Sept 2009, Technician visited and from Sansui and found that picture tube is lost and needs replacement.
Since then We are regularly in touch with company but executives are arguing and giving no any response.
It is requested to kindly direct sansui to handle this complaint soon
Rukmani devi
Shastri Nagar, New Delhi


I have taken the sansui tv in 2008 oct this 2009 oct i got a problem of picture tube un necessarly i choosen this sansui company now i decided to take new good company tv .my sugesstion to all the coustemers pls avoid the sansui company .Dont waist ur money .

  • Dr
    D. R. Deshmukh Mar 25, 2010

    Videocon, Sansui & Akai, though sound different companies, are one and the same & floated by Videocon International Ltd. All these brands use poor quality parts in their products. All the major parts are procured from China which is never known for quality, whereas Videocon has established their R&D and procurement departments at China. That's why the
    majority of the complaints appearing on this board are about picture tube. Betraying customers by using poor quality parts in their products has been a common practice of these brands. Consumers can only tech s lesson to this company.

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TV not working

The Sansui television that I purchased in Dec'08 (about 8 months back) has stopped functioning. While I had put up a complaint with 'Next' retail chain, I was issued a complaint number - LUC1209090355 - and was told that someone would call me in about 48 hours. I haven't received the call even after 3 days now.

I had also called up the cusotmer service number where the attendant was quite surprised to know the service lapse. He was quick to tell me that someone would look into the matter soon and gave another phone number, which, not surprising though, is temporarily out-of-service.

I would like to see an improvement in the service standard and someone to attend to me immediately.


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Place : Trivandrum (Kerala, INDIA),
Date : 31st August 2009.


Raveendranth. P
T C 31/981-1, PRRAP-123,
Manakkal Lane, Puthen Road,
Palkulangara, Pettah (PO),
Trivandrum-695024 (KERALA STATE),
INDIA. (PIN CODE - 695024)

Mobile - [protected],
Office - [protected]
Residence - [protected]


SANSUI India Ltd.
Plot No. 248 (1st & 2nd Floor),
Udyog Vihar, Phase – IV,
Gurgaon, Haryana,
India - 122015

Dear Sir,

Poor Quality and After Sales Service of SANSUI TV

I am an unfortunate customer who purchased a SANSUI 32" LCD TV on 5th September 2008 from M/s IDEA Home Appliances, Trivandrum vide BILL No. 1095 dated 5th September 2009.

The TV worked well for 8 months and developed some complaints during May 2009. TV will get automatically switched off within 5 to 10 minutes after you ON it. Then, we have to switch it off manually and wait for another 5 to 10 minutes and and re-start once again. But after another 5 to 10 minutes the same problem will recur. I have telephoned to the dealer [protected]) and he gave me the number of the local service station (Trivandrum - [protected]). I telephone to the local service station as directed by the dealer and got a reply that first I have to ensure that the electrical connections are OK and and then register a complaint with the National TOLL FREE NUMBER ([protected]). So, I verified the electrical connection and the complaint continued and hence registered a complaint with the TOLL FREE NUMBER on 1st June 2009.
(Complaint No. COC / [protected] dated 01-06-09). Within 2-3 days a service personnel called me and visited my residence. He tried so repairs with the limited equipments he had with him and told me that if the complaint is repeating, I have to bring the TV to their service station at my own cost.

I observed the same for a few days, found that the complaint has not at all rectified and hence i called the service centre once again and asked for help. He repeated the demand that i have to take the 32" TV to his service centre for conducting a detailed check up and putting it under observation. I sought for his help to transport the TV to his centre since the service centre is having a vehicle of their own. He expressed his inability and saidd that the vehicle for MARKETING and TRANSPORTATION OF NEW TVs and nor for bringing old ones for repair. I told him that mine is also a NEW TV purchased 8 months back and is under ONSITE Warranty period and the inability of the Service Centre to Repair it is not my Problem and the service Centre should take delivery of the TV from my Home if they need a detailed check up and observation. But to my utter dismay and disappointment, he repeated what he has already told me and asked me to register another complaint, if i am not satisfied with his reply with the NATIONAL TOLL FREE Number.

So I registered another complaint with the National TOLL FREE Number on 21-6-09 ( Complaint NO. 210609 L 0033 dated 21-06-09). I also asked them how they closed my earlier complaint dated 1-6-09, for which they replied that they have a report that one salesperson has visited my residence and rectified the complaint. But asked him whether he has cross checked for which I got a negative answer in which he clarified it is not in our policy / agreement with the company. I understood that they are only an outsourced agent for SANSUI and many other companies like this. The voice on the other side confirmed it and clarified that there are lot of complaints about SANSUI TV and rectification will take some time. Anyway I asked him not to close the complaint without my satisfactory report and record whatever I said. He promised me to take up the matter with SANSUI Cochin Office also.

After two three days the service personnel from Trivandrum service Centre called me in my Mobile ([protected]) and repeated the demand that I should bring the TV to their Service Centre and they may not be able to help me in arranging the vehicle to lift the TV from my residence. As you may be aware, 32" LCD TV is very heavy and bulky in size when you want to transport and ordinary Auto rickshaws and TAXI people does not allow such bulky, oversize packets in their vehicle. I expressed my difficulty and asked their help to life the TV from my residence using the vehicle available at the service centre, for which the service personnel centre responded negatively with a big NO. I contacted the Manager of the service centre and he told me that the vehicle has gone to Cochin and he may try to help if possible when it comes back. After two three days I called him once again and he told that the vehicle has gone for repairs and he may try to help me after the vehicle comes back. Both the times he requested me to bring the TV to the service Centre by arranging a transport carrier with packing case to get the defects rectified at the earliest without waiting for their Vehicle. But since I am a Bank Executive and i have to start as early as 8.30 AM from my residence to rech the office in Time and will come back only by 7 PM on all working days. So I have to take a day's leave for bringing the TV to the service centre and another day's leave to bring it back in addition to the cost of transportation for a transport vehicle from my pocket. All these things within 8 months of my purchasing a Brand New LCD 32" TV from SANSUI. I am customer who used my earlier CTV for 15 years continuously without any complaint and exchanged the same for this SANSUI TV.

I expected for the help of the Service Centre and waited in anticipation of their call when their vehicle becomes free, but no reply came despite repeated calls most of the time unattended and even if attended by different persons, quite unaware of the background of the case to whom I have to explain the 3 month old history of the complaint and geography of my residence every time. There is no reference Number system at the local service Centre at Trivandrum and hence I went on repeating the history and geography to those unidentified service personnel every instance but without any positive response.

I registered another follow up complaint on 24th August 2009 (Complaint No. COC /[protected] DATED 24-08-09) mentioning the details. Again the service centre personnel from Trivandrum called me on the second day and repeated the same old message and demand. I told him that the requirement has been created by the lack of infra-structure or lack of expertise of the service personnel to provide on-site warranty and hence i am not responsible for transporting the TV to the service centre. They have been provided with a vehicle and my residence is hardly 3 to 4 KM from their office. If such a small help is not rendered by the service centre within the warranty period, how they are going to render service after the warranty period.

To my surprise there was no confirmation call or cross verification call from the TOLL FREE Number till date.

I registered another complaint with the TOLL FREE NUMBER for follow up quoting all these reference on 29-08-09 (Complaint No. COC/ [protected] dated 29-08-09) once again quoting these reference number. The Toll Free Number person responded that if they arrange a vehicle I have to bear the cost (Rs.150/-) and it is better that I arrange the vehicle. I am yet to receive a reply from the local service station. I also want the TOLL FREE NUMBER personnel to escalate my complaint to a higher level, because it is pending since 1st June 2009 and I am NOT Watch the TV thereafter. It is kept well packed in the packing case for the service centre to transport to their local office. They also told me to contact [protected]@vgmail.in and send an SMS to 53030. I have done both. But i lost the failth in the company. SANSUI India is a company which thinks that the customer, especially after selling its product, is a small fry, SILENCE and "No RESPONSE" are the BUZZ Words, when the whole world believe that Customer is KING and Service with a SMILE is the BUZZ word... The COMPANY appears to be HAPPY, as per their WEB Site, but Not the Customer; But how long...

It is not the cost or Rs.150/- that matters for a customer, but owning the responsibility and rendering effective after sales service is the key fact. Whatever marketing efforts a company does, it will not work if the after sales service is poor and the system is NOT owning the responsibly of the mistake and rectifying the same at the earliest. The company is getting an opportunity to know their defects and if they want to reach out to millions they should own their NAME and responsibility of their Products and its Quality. A 32" LCD TV developing a complaint within 8 months of its purchase, tell about its quality and a customer who purchased the same could not watch that TV because of the poor after sales service despite knocking all the possible door tells upon the Credibility of the Company and its willingness to Own the responsibility of its products and its quality and service.

I simply gave a GOOGLE Search in the net, “SANSUI - Complaint", and there comes hundreds of links to the complaints from MUMBAI, PUNE and different parts of the country about the poor quality and after sales service.

Now I understand that i have made a GREAT MISTAKE by purchasing the SANSUI TV and I will have to pay the price for it if I want to keep it with me for the rest of my life. I thought that I need not purchase another TV for the next 15 years like my old one. But I repent now in going for a wrong Brand name without looking into the INTERNET.

I will definitely publish this letter wherever possible (including local Newspapers/ Internet/ Consumer redressal forum/ MRTP Commission) to make the public and the authorities aware of SANSUI Brand and its way of OWNING its products and its quality and after sales service. People should know the way in which they are being treated before and after the sales. Marketing is NOT the LAST word in SALES, it is the STARTING POINT. If one makes a wrong start, definelty they have to suffer at the end, surely a disastrous end...

Remember a customer and his family will never forget and forgive the COMPANY and its BRAND NAME which has presented the THREE MONTHS in their life when he could NOT WATCH his Newly Purchased 32" SANSUI LCD TV for no fault of theirs except the fact that they believed in the Marketing Team of the Company...

with Best wishes for a happy marketing ...

Yours faithfully,

Raveendranath . P

Pathatic Customer Service


Introduce my self Krishna Srinivas Kumar Mallela, I am residence in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh we brought a Sansui Thunder 29" Colour TV in feb 2004 as per the after sales service call to the customer care for the service of the TV in sep 2004 but there is no response from the customer are or any service provider. recently over TV got blank even the TV is not getting switch on.

Then searched in the Net for the Sansui Customer care as there is an service center for the sansui in vijayawada, SRI SAI TECHNOVISION with number [protected] called to this number and place a complaint number {0601 F} for the service in the month of July 3rd 2009 but here the executive came on 7th of July 2009. after 4 days how instant customer service provider.

The executive as he checked & said that a smell battery got damaged he said that it will cost of 700 Rs, I said its ok go ahead resolve the problem. after some time the executive said that he want to cake the mother board to his office as the condenser & some another accessories got damage & it will be charged for the 3 to 4 thousand + 700 Rs. it was happen on the 7th July 20o9, while taking he said that he will be back in three days, I said Ok.
but to day is the 20th 2009 July.

I called to the customer care again on the 14th July 2009 as the excutive said that it will take another 2 days, again called & the executive said that the service executive will be there on Saturday even there is no response from the customer care people as the company is given after sales to these people.

to day 20th July 2009 called to this customer care number 1800 [protected] & placed a complaint number {VIJ2007090005}. regarding the situation.

Finally my compliant when it will be placed don't know but simply I can say that after giving the lot of time to these people even there is no information from these customer care or service people.

Had a great PATHETIC experience with customer care service from the sansui.

Krishna Srinivas Kumar Mallela,
Ganganamma Temple Street,
Krishna Dist,
Andhra Pradesh,

  • Jj
    JJ Deshmukh Dec 04, 2009

    Yes In Pune Sansui complaints are handled by Techcare which they claim is a franchisee of Videocon.Terrible service.Poor response, no effort made to find customers and then giving a wrong feedback that addressee not available etc etc .

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  • Na
    naveen07 Jan 21, 2010

    picture tube is damaged and colour problem.

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  • Na
    naveen07 Jan 21, 2010

    woofer problem.

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  • Ta
    TAPAN DUTTA Nov 22, 2011

    AS AFTER SEVERAL NO OF COMPLAIN BOOKINK FOR THE LCD 32' set of sansui TV is not working properly even the set lying with me since the 2nd day i received is dead in condition i found no response from company till date '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' 22//11//2011 really feeling humiliated buying the set and feeling sorry... please do anything favourable to me

    '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' TAPAN DUTTA PO//BANARHAT CELL .NO:9434184845 DIDT JALPAIGURI. W.B. pin: 735202

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No suitable respond

If you visit www.sansui-india.com and click either 'contact' or 'customer care' or 'Branch Location', you will land up to 'The page cannot be found'! If you dial Service Center numbers, you will not get anyone picking up your call!

If you complain to call center, a complaint number will be issued and you will receive an advice that technician will visit you within 24 working hours. But this will not happen and call center will direct you to talk to Sansui at certain number. If you try your luck at this number, with lot of difficulty you will get the truth that no one is assigned to attend your complain, as yet. So, a fresh new promise will be issued!

Bhubaneswar, Orissa

  • Au
    Aurobindo Jul 14, 2009

    Right Complaint

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  • Sk
    S.K Padhy Oct 28, 2009

    Dear Sansui customer support,

    My Tv picture setting is not coming perfectly and tv screen come to closer to see, both top and buttom came to dark. I already phone to your support person, Puri, Orissa Mr Santosh Last Two months ( Phno-9437133357). He always says that i am coming today, tomorrow like this, but he is not coming yet. Now this stage can you give me any sugession regarding this matter. How i will repair this tv or how get the support person, If you will not able to shutout this better you close your production.

    S.k Padhy

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sound problem

I have DTS AV receiver model RZ-9903.
I bought from the dealer three years before.
recently i could not able to get the sound from the unit.

Worthless TV and Useless Service center people

On 23-Mar-2008, Unfortunately i bought a SANSUI Coulour TV (Hard rock) with 1 year warranty. After that i come to know that it was a big mistake i have done. After usage of 2 months suddenly one day picture gone with a little smoke. I talk to the showroom (NEXT) guys and they sent a persone to repair, he has done something and started working.

Again after usage of 3 months, suddenly one day the screen became B/W and never come as colour screen.. complained again at NEXT showroom where i bought this Master Piece. Again they sent one they sent someone and finally they took the TV to Service center. After 20 days they gave back to me with some normal condition. i thought this would be ok.

Again after using for 4 months, the complete screen has gone and have given a complaint at service center on 5th DEC 2008 (complaint No:HYD0512080032 ). One idiot has come from service center and never sone anything and everytime started telling that LOD has gone, transistor gone, base gone etc etc... After working for 2 months and replaces all the parts still it is not working.. Another guy came from service center and he told that IC has gone and we have no this type of IC at Service center, we are trying to get this.. i spoke to many higher people at Hyderabad but all were useless and worthless idiots.. So today i have asked the Sansui company contact number to speak about Replace ment but those customer care people are never gicing that info and they are not ready to say exactly where they sits and working... today is 5th Feb-2009... got Frustrated of all these useless Sansui service center people at hyderabad...

Masters of this service center people are below who will never turn up for customer problems...

[protected] - yr prasad (Head)

[protected] - Laxmipathy

[protected] - basheer (SC Mangr)

[protected]-Mahinder (Incharge)

Someone please help me in this or suggest me what to do ...!!!

sound Problem in speaker

dear sir,
My mother had purchased SANSUI HARDROCK 2000 watt form VIKAS ELECTRONICS,
Dist- Sri Ganga nagar, Suratgarh Rajasthan. TV Model no. is 2000watt HR &
TV Serial No. [protected] & warantee card no. is [protected].
]Sound problem is occoured in TV, speakers not give sound. I have also
complaint to VIKAS ELECTRONICS but there is no responce from there to till date.

Plesae do needful & soon Otherwise i will be go in cosumer court.

akhilesh singh

Screen blinking continously and click sound going on

I bought Sansui B2B 15-p MODEL, on 14/09/08 from V.K. Enterprises, Badarpur Border, New Delhi. It'...

colour change

Sir I purchasedColour Tv on 2418. from that time i am facing lot of problem.your technician visited 15times to my residence. but it not rectificed.They have replaced me a new Tv. but this Tv is also we are facing same problem. colour changing&picture is going to one side. pls kindly rectify my Tv as early as possible. If my complain repeats again, I will go to the consumer court.
My Model NO is s2s

  • Pr
    prithvi Oct 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am from rajamundry. in rajamundry your service is good. But your product is very bad.I have gave a complain to your company. pls give me reply . my mobile no is 9966141477 or 9392931918

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Poor customer service

I buy a sansui ctv (HR 21 eye) with 3 yrs warranty, now after 2 yrs my tv have some problem and it is not working, when i call CC then they give me a comp. no. and said the technician will come within 2 days. After 2 days the technician came at my home and after examine the TV he told me, that your tv's EST and Power Supply is damaged, and if you paid Rs. 1000.oo, then we change these parts. Now I said the technician my tv is in warranty then he says OUR ANY MODEL (INCLUDING VIDEOCON, AKAI, TOSHIBA... ETC.) HAVE WARRANTY OF MORE THAN 1 YEAR, its means ONE YEAR COMPLETE AND AFTER ONE YEAR YOU WILL PAID FOR DAMAGED PARTS.


  • An
    anil kumar Oct 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when tv start then power not coming

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  • Nu
    Nuke Apr 06, 2009

    I had my dtv27 for less than a year and the picture went out. The servise guy says that he thinks theres is a problem with the picture tube as well as a power converter they sent to Sansui. Sansui refuses to fix the set unless I pay $120.00 (the set new cost $199.00. The accuse me of getting liquid into the converter and it has corrosion. That is nonsense. I will never buy another product from sansui again. Their customer service does suck, and their warranty is a joke.
    Boycott Sansui electronics, as they are made to break and leak more money out of your pocket.

    I'm leeting the techs keep the set, cause I will not pay it.

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picture tube

bought in 2001 tv is already in scrap condition for last four years and top of all no ears to listen this complaint. whom to contact for redressal is a now million dollar question.

service centre

I have purchase tv from Jaipur(rajasthan)& now i am in gujrat.
from one month there is problem in the TV & i complain to the service cetre address=(sky applinces, near juni court, gandhidham, gujrat) but the company says that you have purchase tv from rajasthan so we will not affort you service in gujrat.
so please confirm me soon to whom i have to go

  • Ka
    kavita Sep 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have bought sansui 29 inch color TV (hard rock model) and since last 6 months i am not able to get it repaired. really ashemed the kind of service sunsai gives

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tv do not open

I PURCHASED A14 SANSUI TV FROM A DEALER IN FARIDABAD BY THE NAME OF Shree Electronics, 128. hazra road, kolkata 700026, (west bengal, india ) IN may, 2006 WITH A 3 YEAR WARRANTY. LAST MONTH, THE SOUND SYSTEM OF THE TV not stat i am requerst that local castomer care report he is the do not responce my request.
my televison sl. no:-[protected] model no;- 14 super eye
pl, sir I am also facing this problem. Let's spread this info of poor service to all.


Mrs. sonali nandi
3/a, kundu lane bhawani pore, kolkata 700025
west bengal, india. phone;-[protected]

non availability of spare IVs

Sir, It is very pathetic to note that colour TV purchased from Sansui company is under repairs; the same needs some small ICs to be changed; Videocon service centre is not giving a proper reply; they say that getting spares may be delayed for months together; U see the joke; even under warranty period, service centre can not supply spares; instead their option is to go in for new board or upgradation of present board with a heavy cost customer is fooled by these companies; when company can not supply spare ICs, company can give an open advt. stating that the company can not supply spare ICs instead authorise some other TV production company to supply spare ICs for their product. I am now in dilemma as to what to do. consumer becomes the scape goat for the problem which is not related to him

Bad quality of product!

My 42" Sansui Plasma TV, which is less than 2 years old, was sent in 4 times for repairs in the space of 3 months. Job Number JA49926 for reference. First, TV was switching off on its own, and could not be switched on. Now, TV is gone in again, but this time, colors are distorted and pictures are grainy. Also, TV makes horrible humming sound every now and again. Frustrated and fed up with poor quality of service from Sansui. Had Sansui products in the past which were of poor quality as well. This is the last Sansui product I buy, and advise others to think carefully before opting for Sansui.

TV was bough from Hi-Fi Corp, and they have been extremely helpful and understanding with regards to the problem. However, Hi-Fi Corp depends on the supplier, Sansui, for performing these type of repairs, and this is where the problem begins. Sansui has provided extremely slow service. Don't provide feedback timeously unless hounded continuously, and it seems like they have limited technical expertise, as this is the 4th repair (1 by Hi-Fi Corp and 3 by Sansui) on my TV in the space of 3 months.

For the current repair attempt, I was promised feedback in 3 days from Sansui, but I haven't heard anything from them yet, and this is the 4th day. I would have expected them to at least treat me with some respect after my numerous complaints.