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i recently worked a deal with SANDY SANSING NISSAN in Pensacola for a Sentra.The car was not on the lot and was going to have to be delivered in a few days .So i put up a $500 binder for the car and was told that if the car was not what my wife and i wanted then i would get my money back.Soon there after the car arrived . I called my salesman and learned that the car was damaged and would have to be painted .Due to this damage we decided to call the deal off and get our $500 back .Much to our disbelieve we were told we could not have our binder back and the dealership had incurred some cost having the damaged vehicle sent to them and the binder would cover that .I cant figure out how it is my resposibilty to take care of any cost for shipping a inperfect product to the consumer .I have talked to everyone i can at the dealership and even the customer realations manager agrees with me, but i still cant get my money back .How do you justify charging the consumer for your mistake .The deal should be off end of story and consumer gets their money back.



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    Does not matter Mar 18, 2009

    these comments were posted prematurely, and this customer got their money back.

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    Christian12 Dec 06, 2011

    I agree with everything you have stated. It is not your responsibility to cover costs incurred by the dealership.
    At the beginning they have you sign a document so incase you have to sue for anyreason it will go through an arbitrator. Ask to get ahold of the arbitrator and get your money back.

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