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Reviews and Complaints

Nissan Motor Companynissan service center - transmission problems

I called Nissan Service Center, at 5163 E 22nd Road, Tucson, AZ 85711 location on July 5th @ approximately 9:30am regarding my Nissan 2017 Pathfinder. My vehicle was hesitating when accelerating to merge into traffic on the freeway, and while sitting at a stop light my engine was about to stall. I spoke with Service Rep Mike Kreuzer. He stated that there were no openings that day however he could get me in at 745am Monday morning (July 8th), and also provide me with a loaner as I explained to him I have my granddaughter to take to the baby sitter, and also work.
On Monday morning I arrived for my appointment, and Mike was not there. Mike did not arrive until 8:20am...or at least that's when I seen him. He stated I did not have an appointment until the next day however that is clearly not what he told me over the phone. He said that we would still take me in. He gave me a loaner and stated he would get back with me to tell me what was going on with my car. He tried to make comments about the warranty...but I ignored him as my cars mileage was at 35, 245 when I took the Pathfinder vehicle is only 2 years old, I should not be having transmission problems.
After telling me he would be in touch, I felt like it was being taken care of. Well after a full day of work, and no calls from Mike, I called him as it was already approaching the end of the day. I called him at 4:00pm, and asked what the status of my vehicle was, and he stated the service tech reprograms the transmission computer board, and it appears that the code went away however they would like to drive it around more to see if the code reappears, they also want to keep the car due to a recall on the ABS actuator. He said he was about to call but he went to lunch.
The next day I was supposed to receive a call, and this day would now be Tuesday, and no calls were to me, therefore again, at the end of my day 4:30pm I called Mike. He stated the ABS actuator was faulty and they had to order another one therefore it may be until Thursday that they will have the vehicle ready. Nothing was said to me about the main reason why I took my pathfinder in then first place until I asked. I said "Did you drive the vehicle again today to see if you can recreate the code"? He said "Oh yes, and no code appeared".
On Thursday, July 11th 2019, I called since I didn't hear anything all day Wednesday, and didn't hear anything on Thursday...I called at 4:30pm the end of my day, and was informed by a different Service Rep I could picked up my Pathfinder as it was ready.
I filled the gas on my loaner vehicle at arrived by 5:20pm to Nissan Service Center on 5163 E 22nd Road, Tucson AZ 85711. Mike was waiting for me, and told me the ABS actuator was replaced, and no more codes appeared on my transmission. If after a few days or weeks the transmission acts up again to not hesitate and call him directly. He also stated that if I ever needed a 5 point inspection done on my vehicle I could take my pathfinder there at any time and have all the fluids topped off, and inspection performed, however on my invoice I didn't even get the tires filled with air???? My pathfinder was there for 4 full days??
The very next day on July 12th as I was merging on to traffic on the freeway, my transmission did it again!! I immediately called Nissan Service center and asked for Mike, which I was told he was there, and held for 8 minutes before I was forwarded to his voice message. I immediately called back and asked for someone else, and they gave me to someone named Tony, and supposedly was going to be a better service rep, and communicate more diligently, and also provide a loaner car for my new appointment that would be scheduled for today July 16, 2019 @ 9am. Okay great, I think I will be in better hands this time, instead I received a call at 4:30PM on July 15th to inform me that there are no loaner cars to give out...even though I have a new car that is only 2 years old, and child to get to and from the baby sitter, and my employer is closing its doors within the next 2 weeks and therefore cannot miss any work after this past weeks disaster! He said that there are a lot of people who are in my same situation, and he cannot help me??? Hmmmm same situation?? more Nissan Pathfinders that are just 2 years old where their transmission is failing??? This is unacceptable customer service! I have always been a Toyota person, and was convince by your sales rep that Nissan had better service, and would take care of me...I even recommended my Aunt, and my Uncle who both purchase a vehicle from Nissan because I thought you would treat your customers better, to only find that once the car was purchased Nissan washed their hands of me, and will not take care of my vehicle and provide a loaner as promised being a new vehicle owned.
I need someone to contact me and confirm they will take care of my transmission issue immediately! I cannot be stranded with my 3 year old at no time, which is why I purchased a new car to begin with.

Nissan Altima 2. 5ssmart key

smart key to my 2007 nissan altima 2.5s is so sensative that when put in pockets it will open the trunk or doors if touch anyhow from a distance after locking it. this should be considered as a default covered under the warranty of 3-years or 36000 miles bumper to bumper. i have brought this up several times to the nissan people here in sierra vista and tucson. also to your people that call me every other month asking if i have any complaints of my nissan but nothing is ever done or am called back on this matter. what will happen if someday the car is stolen or my valuables because of the problem. at this time i have taped up the key that has helped about 20 to 30 per cent of this problem but still activates the doors, trunk and the security alarm if i bump my body against anything. the smart key is what starts up the nissan.