Samsung Electronicsmisled information about item bought

D Aug 14, 2018 Review updated:

I purchased a galaxy Samsung S9 and absolutely love it. I now purchased a Samsung smartwatch gear 3 classic, I read where I would receive a free band for my watch for pre-ordering. I didn't understand that you had to add it to the cart. That is not how I read it. In reading further I thought I would receive a wireless charger. Again nope I don't get that either. Even though it reads that you get 1. So in order to get the free band and pay extra for a small wireless charger I would have to cancel my order and to start over. Why do that when my watch will get here in a couple days. I am very disappointed where in the past Samsung was the best. I have spent a lot of money on Samsung products in the past few months. I am missing a part of my order as far as I am concerned because it cannot be sent separately. To me Samsung electronics were great products but starting to wonder about any further purchases. No one should have to cancel their order and start over to get what was advertised. I am in hopes that this will be addressed. would love a response to this complaint.

Donna Cisco


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    9wood Aug 14, 2018

    should of paid more attention when ordering
    its your fault not samsungs

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