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Complaints & Reviews

worst service by samsung in bangalore

I purchased samsung fully automatic top loading washing machine from adishwar's, rajajinagar, bangalore. The show room service person completed the deomstration in 3 minutes!! And fled the scene without even showing us how to drain the water out. The brand new washing machine is now full of dirty water and we have not used it even once. Show room person says' it is not our responsibility'. There is no response from the customer care since 6 days!

After sales service is really worst!!!

  • Ki
    king kim Apr 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    People, if you don't want to waste your hard-earned money, and followed by endless bad services, don't buy anything from Samsung, hope people will not have the same bad experience that I have. I bought a refrigerator, really nice one, but it started to breakdown after 8 months. They never come fix it and have very bad customer services.

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  • Sr
    Srinidhi Apr 02, 2009

    I agree to this. I am also the victim of their bad service. I have also posted my problem. I think now onwards I will also advise all of my friends not to purchase anything connected to this SAMSUNG. The way they are dealing with the customers are really very very bad.

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  • Ge
    George Apr 04, 2009

    I agree to this.I own a refrigerator which needed service.Its the 3rd day today after the compalaint has been registered.The executive came and he is not able to trouble shoot the issue.Geting postponed to the 6th and 7th day.What do i do

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  • Ki
    kiranand Jun 30, 2009

    We bought a Samsung Refrigirator in 2006. It conked out in February 2009. We are still waiting for it to be fixed. We made several calls and threats and endearments to the Samsung Service people. The standard reply is, the part we need to fix the fridge has to come from Korea and it will take 3 weeks or more to procure etc etc. They keep saying the same story ad nauseum. Finally we moved to the US in April 2009 but we might return soon and we dont know what the hell to do with this conked out fridge.

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  • Sr
    srinivas_999 Jul 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please do not buy anything from SAMSUNG. they have worst after sales service.

    Please spread this word by mouth/mail/phone to whom ever you know. that is the only solution.

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television giving shocks

Samsung tv gives very bad shocks - samsung does not care

Samsung tv (Model cs29 m (74cm) gives very bad shocks at the in and out terminals and antenna terminal. Be careful. You may be lucky so far.

You are fortunate if you do not perceive a shock, even if you have one such tv. But …….. Read on for full story…..

The above model gives very bad shocks from the day one. After repeated complaints, the samsung service team started giving telephonic advices how to test for a shock or how to get one.

Still more complaints…., the service personnel informed us that all their sets give the shock as if that is nothing new. I refuted their point that all tvs give shock.

Then one day they graced their presence; the manager was more careful about his life as he did not touch the set but asked his assistant to touch. The service personnel touched the set and got the shock. I showed them tvs like lg, phillips and akai which did not have any sign of shock.

Then the service man measured the shock potential by touching the set with his bare dry hands on a dry winter day. It measured more than 30 volts and he was wearing socks on his feet.

High technology team at samsung knows that it is close to result in a death.

The service manager tried to convince me with some technical lingo how modern tv sets give shock. I rebutted them in equal technical language.

On the advice of the manager, the service man removed a certain component from the set. I asked them what the purpose of it is. Or is it deliberately used by samsung to introduce a shock to human beings?
The manager informed me that it is a component basically to protect the set from lightening and high voltage surges and spikes.

I protested removal of such vital component, which will expose the set to dangers sooner or later. Samsung will happily wash of their hands after one year.

The set was then left in that condition in spite of my protests.

After another complaint, their manager from chennai made a long telephonic talk, bamboozling me with some more technical lingo, but the shock threat remains. He accepted his sets give shock but tried to prove that all tv sets give shock; only some may not perceive when they use cable network.

If all tvs made in this country give shocks, we as a nation are in for a shock!!!

Then this manager from chennai came and accepted that he was against removal of that component. He however brought a new printed circuit board and inserted in our tv.

Alas! This one also gives serious shocks.

It finally proves that all tvs made by samsung give dangerous shocks. Be careful.

No further action from them!

Samsung ignored my further mails and continue to sell their sets happily to hapless country men.

They do not belong to the class of nokia or sony.

It is dangerous. Any one of us can be next victim!!! It will not bother samsung.

What if, for them if some more get a shock in the multitude of millions in india?

  • Ed
    Edy Apr 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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fraudulent charges

I ordered a tv from pricemad - first they upsold me and then sold me a tv for $1600.00 they attempted to charge my credit card $3000.00. Then when I called them about it they first denied it (Until I told them the cc company had called me) and then tried to say they placed the order twice by accident which still would not equal that amount. They then kept arguing with me when I tried to cancel my order and hung up on me

The guy on the phone went so far as to ask me if I was canceling the order because he was in new york and liked the yankees - no joke intended - he was just rude.

  • Di
    Disappointed in Samsung Feb 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a TV a little over a year ago and today I woke up and my TV wont turn on. I called Samsung and informed them of the situation. I was told that they are having a some of issues with some of their LCD TV's and that my problem sound like one of them. I was told that a repair rep would contact me. I called back because I wanted to know if someone could come out before two days because this is the only TV I own and I cant afford to buy another one. When I called back another rep told my that if the rep come out and the issue was not covered by the repairs that they were doing on would have to pay for the consultation and the repairs. I explained that I don't think that is fare that my TV was a little over a year and I paid $699.00 plus tax for this TV and now a little over a year I cant even watch it and now you'll are telling me that I would have to pay more money just to watch my TV. They told me that is they way it was. I told them I bought a 20" TV for $78.00 dollars that I had for seven years and even when I gave it away it was still working and it is still working and that was a off brand TV. They said they understand but that is their policy. And their customer service reps are the worst. They are as nasty as can be. I though Samsung was a reputable brand but now I am starting to regret praising their product and recommending all the people that I did to buy buy it.
    I remember when you could buy a TV and it would last forever seems like these days you might as well buy the cheap off brand because they seem to be lasting longer than the well known brands. I think after this experience I will go back to he off brands and save some money.
    Just and FYI anyone else that's having the same issue you can go to the Consumer Protection web site and file a government complaint against this company. The more complaints they get maybe they will force this company to do a recall or repair these TV's for free.

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no quality-

My son bought a hand phone on 28.02.2008. On 19.03.2008 his phone droped once and its off automatically. when he switch on the phone half of the screen corrupted. Can't read any message. Can only receive call.

On 21.03.2008 my son took the phone to FIRST MOBILE GROUP SDN BHD in Terminal One Seremban for repair. They cant even provide my son a temporary phone. Until to date they had doing nothing to the phone- reason " the model is the latest and still new in market no spare part" It's almost 2 weeks. I feel very disapointed with SAMSUNG. I've been using other products and never had this problem even though the phone drops many many times.


PLEASE kindly give us a new hand set. We have no HEART on the old spoiled hand set. Pls put your self as a customer. RM500.00 is not a small money. My son is still a student. Because of your SLOW and POOR service I've bought A new SONY ERICSON phone for my son.

I wish to get an urgent reply from you, and hope to receive a NEW set soonest possible or otherwise I will definitely influents everybody for not buying your products .

Sorry- I'm too tired calling and talking to the service center and and calling your TOL-FREE. You are not profesional. Too bad n too sad.

  • Ni
    niki Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought the samsung F250 just over a month ago,
    i have only droppped it like twise,
    and now it will trun on, but i cant use any of the keys.
    does anyone know how to fix itt?

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  • Mo
    Mo Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My phone the samsung F250 did not fell but it aotomatically switched off and did not switch on again. Samsung is off bad qaulity and i will spread my complain by word of mouth untill samsung will beter their products and help us who seek the help with the phones that is faulty due to their failure in making a handset of aaaaaa value.

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  • Ro
    roger Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    its your own fault, the samsung F250 is a genuine and reliable product i have had no troubles with mine, aswell as 95% of users with the same mobile and i have dropped mine roughtly 20-30 times, and mine works perfectly, its just people with no common sense who think they are entitled to special treatment because they broke there phone, well all im going to say is grow up in your lifetime you should expect to come across a faulty product and yes its fustrating getting it fixed or repaired but if you take care of your products you would have no need to send it in to be repaired will you?.

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samsung refrigerator nightmare

Hi, I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator from Best Buy in September 2006. In March 2006 and prior the freezer...

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product quality & service policy!

There is a board right above the lcd panel on my 46" tv amongst other numerous boards, which samsung does not...

french door refrigerator

I purchased a stainless steel french door refrigerator model rf266aash on 11/10/2007. The refrigerator stopped cooling on 2/14/2008. I notified samsung and the store where it was purchased on 2/14/2008. A repairman came on 2/19/2007 and stated the computer was defective. He ordered another board and it did not come in until 2/26/08. It was installed and the repairman said the fans are working and I should not open it or store any food in it for 24 hours. He left and 3 hrs later I checked and the fans were not running and the temperature was 69 degrees in the fridge and freezer. This morning, 2/27/2008, it is at 70 in the fridge and 74 in the freezer. I called samsung yesterday and they were not helpful and rude. They said the repairman needs to come back. I called the repair company and they never returned my call. I called this morning and they said they would fit me in but could not give me a time. Be wary of samsung products as the customer service is terrible. I have had to eat out every day because I do not have anyplace to store perishable food. This is quite an expense on top of the huge inconvenience. I want a refund so I an purchase a reliable brand but know this will be a battle not easily fought. My next step is consumer affairs and the attorney general for nj. I will then approach the media.

  • Ma
    Maggie Fennell Feb 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I upgraded from my D900 in September 2007 to the U700. Within weeks from upgrading the silver started peeling off from the face of the handset. I contacted Samsung and it was arranged that a new face be fitted to my phone in East London at the Vodacare Centre. This was done in October 2008.

    Again within a few weeks the silver started to wear off. I once again contacted Samsung and this time it was arranged for the handset to be collected from me and returned to Samsung for evaluation. I was this time round issued with a brand new handset from Samsung. This was in the beginning of December 2008.

    Again, the silver peeled within a few weeks. I emailed Natasha at Samsung and once again my handset was sent to Johannesburg in January 2008. This time round another new face was fitted.

    I was guaranteed that the new face is of a superior quality and that the finish has been improved and that it would never show signs of peeling.

    Unfortunately once again, new face and all, white is showing through the silver, and this after I left the plastic protective film on for as long as possible. My phone is scratch free, I take exceptional care of it and this problem is definitely not related to misuse or abuse.

    As can be seen from above, I have now had 4 replacements (including the original handset on upgrading). And also bear in mind I only got this phone 5 months ago. This has been a great inconvenience each time as I do not have a spare handset (D900 given to my daughter). I have had to make use of a borrowed Motorola C250!!

    I have never before experienced such inconvenience and disappointment. I have had 3 other Samsung handsets prior to the U700, and never experienced any difficulty with them.

    The above was emailed to Samsung Customer Support. I received a phone call after this saying that Samsung is prepared to give me another handset model, but that I will have to pay in.

    I am not prepared to pay in on another handset. When I upgraded to the U700 I had to pay in to get the phone as at that stage it was not free on my current package with Vodacom. I paid in happily as I wanted the phone and was under the impression that I would have it for 2 years until my next upgrade, so it seemed worth it at that stage.

    I also do not see why I should pay in after I was the one being inconvenienced through all this and that the defect was not as a result of anything I did wrong.

    This is shocking and I am highly disspointed in Samsung.

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  • Bo
    bobsbabs Dec 02, 2010

    Like so many others we bought a Samsung french door fridge. After only 6 mths the refrigerator had a cooling problem. Called for service. After 4 trys the "technicians" finally got it fixed. Another 5 mths & the ice maker quit. Called again. Got a decent tech this time. Got fixed. Now almost a year after buying the cooling system on the fridge is going out again. When you spend almost $2k for a unit it should work for many years. This whole line seems to be a giant lemon. Maybe Samsung should follow Toyota & have a major recall or at the very least refund 1/2 of our purchase price. I would support a class action suit.

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rubbish dvd recorder r125

Will not record
Will not load
Will not format
Is of no use
A waste of money
I will not buy samsung or recommend again.

  • Re
    Renee Sep 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Samsung Home Theate system and it broke in the first 6 months I had it. They send me a broke within the first two month. I called Samsung to make sure they were sending me new products and they admitted they don't give customers new models they send out refurbished ones. I asked for a new model because I paid full price for a new model initially and they told me too bad. I spoke with a manager and they also told me too bad. I will never buy Samsung again.

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bad quality product!

My two month old barely used DVD drive stopped reading dvd's. When submitting a form to return the item, was given a confirmation number and told where to send it at my expense. Over a month later, the dvd drive was sent back by Hinet systems unopened. No reason for the return was given. I phone up customer service and was told the RMA number I put on the outside of the box was incorrect. That was the same RMA number I was told to put on the outside of the box.

So I was told to redo the online form, think treated me like it was fault. I did online again. Again I get the same invalid RMA number I was told wouldn't work. I call again. And told they don't accept optical drives in Canada. It would be sent to the states from Hinet in Missausaga. Again I tell them I sent it there and it was returned back to me unopened and I had to pay for shipping there and to receive it back.

I also find out I wasn't suppose to pay for shipping at all, it was suppose to be billed to their UPS account. I've gotten no where with them, have talked with over 5 people trying to put the blame on me. And no one wants to believe that the email they send from their people is telling me incorrectly what to do. I'm out the $35.00 I paid for the piece of junk OPP drive, plus the $21.68 for all the shipping back and forth.

I'm treated like a lair, idiot or criminal. I don't even want to own the samsung monitors I bought over the years and when they finally quit working I'm going back to Viewsonic.

I will never own anything samsung again after this experience. I finally gave up, threw the useless drive out and cried over this.

  • Tp
    T.PARAMESWARI Feb 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have purchased 1No Samsung DVD Player, Model No.P475 dated 02.06.2007, from M/s. Vasanth & co, tambaram, chennai, I will insert any disc, DVD is showing no disc. Kindly request you to rectify the problem immediately. My Ph. No.9840578370, 9841806447

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bad quality product!

There is a 3 year warranty on the monitor. I have had it only 7 months, it is in pristine condition and it...

tv has red spots on picture!

I bought a 50 inch samsung plasma from (hh junk) in august 2007. Bought the extended warranty because I wa...

poor quality product!

I made the mistake of purchasing a samsung inverter air coditioner model sh12bwha in august. It worked briefly. When we contacted the service agent he diagnosed the problem as lying with the inverter. Replacement parts were ordered and after 4 weeks the wrong part was sent from sydney. Three weeks later the right part arrived and was installed by the service agent. The air con worked for three whole days!! And then broke down again. One service agent advises he no longer will work for samsung and the other one cannot come for 4 weeks!!

We have made over 40 calls and emails to samsung and related companies. No satisfaction yet. Have handed complaint to consumer affairs. We wait with bated breath. Oh yes, no one sells samsung airconditioners in darwin any more. I wonder why? Did I purchase the last one? I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

freezer door handle broke off, ice machine pathetic!

Bottom freezer door broke straight off 3 weeks after purchase and company says not covered in warranty b/c its "normal wear and tear". The ice maker is pathetic and puts out about 12 teeny cubes a week.

dropped calls!

My husband and I purchased new phones in Nov, payed almost 300.00 which also made us renew a 2 yr contract with them. After getting the phones we continued to have problems with no signal and constantly dropped calls or just plain not getting any ring. I went in to complain and was told the phones were missing some updates that it should take care of it. NOPE went in again they said there was nothing wrong with our phones that our areas tower was being worked on, that it should be ok in a couple weeks. During all this time our 30 days was running out to get different phones... We finally today went to the cooperate office and spoke to someone there and he advised us that the samsung phones do not work in our area, and in fact there weren't even any TOWERS! So we were filled full of bs from these people so our 30 days would elapse. We have threatened to cancel our new 2 yr. contract that they roped us into, and we will REFUSE to pay it. At&t needs to be stopped from taking advantage of innocent people. The bill itself is enough with there hidden charges and fees!!!

  • Pa
    Paul Wigan Mar 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish to make a complaint about the sgh-u600 i am currently on contract with vodafone uk and have had three faulty within the first four months of my contract all the phones were the sgh-u600 as this is a business phone as i am self-employed and to date as not done its job it as only cost me money and jobs. The first two handsets had faulty screens but this one keeps freezing and turning its self off and will not come back on or charge for upto 24 hours i have seeked to get this problem resolved with both phones 4 u were i obtained my vodafone contract and vodafone uk who have exchanged previous handsets and they are passing responsabilitybetween themselves and samsung. i wish to make it clear that i will pursue this matter through the correct channels as this model of phone is not of merchantable quality.

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I bought a samsung refrigerator 2 years ago and have had freezer problems since then. The freezer is on the lowest temperature and ice cream is so hard it cannot be dipped. The refrigerator is on the highest temperature and everything is warm. We run out of ice constantly & the freezer keeps freezing up. We have had the repairman out 4 times and he always says its fixed but it never is. I am going to call samsung & request a new refrigerator!!!

  • De
    desmond d beckley Aug 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    model ss20sp1/abs
    power, 220v/50hz
    compressor sk 190h-l2u
    model code 2764
    serial no 43cr700003f

    we have power supply dose not work . pcb/abs and front panal

    we need replacement. ungent

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terrible quality product!

We lost power to the local community. All power in my house was dead. When power came back on the samsung refrigerator would not run. I contacted samsung support services. They told me since I did not have an extended warranty they would not help me. I have phoned several appliance repair companies and have had no luck with anyone who will service a samsung appliance. I have had this dead refrigerator for two weeks. It is one and a half years old. I thought samsung products were top of the line. Where is the support service? All I wanted was someone to tell me how to fix it or who to call to fix it. I understand there would be a cost because I did not purchase the extended warranty. I was told by several appliance service technicians not to buy samsung because of lousy support service.

Most disappointed!

  • Jo
    JoAnne Kenne Jan 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Again, a specific model number would be useful here.

    also, when power goes out, then comes back on, there is usually some "surging" which can, and does, damage circuit boards - especially in rural areas! Surge protection is highly recommended for items with circuit boards! Cheap insurance.

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  • Pe
    Peet Jul 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem I having problem on a side by side silver nando fridge which is just out of its extended warranty and would like somebody to repair it which just possibly the thermostate but with no joy I am staying in Brits and has phoned Brits Aplliances with no result doesn`t even bother to come out and the same with other so called refrigeration repair specialists

    I must assume that we have underqualified people in our country as far as specialized services are concerned and samsung itself let me think of the Delta Motor company which is the worst globally


    Peet Dames

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  • Ri
    RICK Apr 06, 2009

    Purchased Samsung sxs refrigerator RS 257 BARB...appears to be a problem product & Samsung unwilling to admit...Problem is temp is fridge & freezer suddenly just jumps to maybe 60 degrees & 40 degrees in everything thaws & is ruined. Refrigerator side had a FAN that was noisy then it stopped totally & now temp STAYS at 60 degrees. Seeing MANY other complaints re: Samsung & their "piece of [email protected]" product...Repair folks estimate $200 just to replace FAN...that'll go bad again (replacing inherently defective parts with the same is insane)...SAMSUNG has proven their reputation by the quality of their products...UNWORTHY of purchasing ANY of their products...PEOPLE DON'T BUY SAMSUNG...NOT WORTH IT.

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  • Su
    SumitSen Jul 08, 2009

    I totally agree. Samsung's after sales service is pathetic .I had a terrible experience currently.Despite many calls, the service engineer could not visit on time and it is well over 15 days, the problem could not be fixed. I would not recommend anyone buying samsung's products

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  • An
    annette111 Dec 31, 2009

    I purchase a brand new Samsung refrigerator om 12-26-09 with model RF265ADWP/XAA. The compressor is not working. When I contact the retail and Samsung, they send technical to check and will replace but not. I wait one day then call them. They said will send another one to replace and I wait another day. The technical told me the compressor is dead and asking me to wait. During the phone call, they always told me different story. First time, they said we are not sure will you return or not, so not ask one to replace it. Second time, they said we don't have part. Third time, they said we fix the problem for you already temp. Your cooling is working. (the compressor is dead, how the cooling work?) Then they said we don't have tool to fix. Then they said we have tool but the boss is on vacation. Finally, they said we did overnight oder and the compressor is arrived but the tool is not arrived. When I call the Samsung and the retail store, they don't really help on solve the question. Only ask me to wait. They pulled my refrigerator away and only said we can give your money back.
    Not sure why they didn't detect the compressor is bad and sold to customers.

    Will not purchase from that retail store and the same brand refigerator any more.
    The rude thing is when I told to Samsung customer support that te technician told me there is no part, they told me to order from J&J myself. I purchase new and why I need to order the part myself to fix?

    I am totally agree the above complain. They didn't show up and not give you a call. Just keep quiet and tell a lie.

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  • Ju
    julie o Feb 01, 2010

    Samsung refrigerators have a known "design flaw"
    They have recalled many models in the UK for this same problem.
    Check Samsungs UK website .
    Go to Support and then to News and Alerts.
    Also check out Youtube.
    Search Samsung and watch the "Watchdog" video.
    We should all keep complaining until they admit the defect !!!

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  • Mi
    Mister P Sep 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Samsung refrigerators with electronic controls have a demonstration mode used by retail stores to show the product. The lights work but the compressor is shut off. The problem I just had is that the demo mode can be triggered by a power outage or surge. It is easily fixed by holding two buttons on the control panel, but we were out of town for a few days and lost hundreds of dollars worth of food. In my opinion this is a design flaw. Refrigerators should run when plugged in and should restart whenever power is disrupted. They should not revert to a mode only used by retail stores.

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  • So
    sonoranbill Aug 15, 2015

    IMHO This product is an excellent candidate for an implied warranty of merchantability lawsuit.

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parts no longer available!

I bought a samsung refrigerator on july 7, 2003. I boutgh a sr-l627evss 21.9 pc and in may of 2007, a shelf on my door cracked. Since I bought a prolonged guarantee, I called the company for the guarantee and they sent a repairman within two weeks to look at my fridge. After one month, no news. I called the repair company duclos & freres and they said they are still looking for the part and they will get back to me. It took 4 more months and finally I got a call from the owner benoit duclos and he says he cannot get the part anymore samsung has discontinued the part.

For a refrigerator that is below 5 years old and parts are already being discontinued is ridiculous. I paid nearly $1800 for this fridge and the service is absolutely lousy. This was the first and last time I will be buying any samsung product for the rest of my life. Basically it is like telling me to spend another $1800 for a new fridge because the part I need is discontinued. It may only be a shelf but what is next to break on this fridge???

Hopefully someone will read this and find me a goddamn part for my fridge.

scam mail!

I received following email on 12-dec-2007, stating i've won sort of money, its look like it's a fake email a...

as soon as on both green light areblinking. but ac is not getting on. pl. give remedial points

While switch on ac two nos green leds are is not getting on. pcb&eye pcb are good kindly give tcech details. thanking you

  • As
    ashfaqhadi Apr 20, 2013



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technical problem, no picture displayed

Dear sir / ma'am,
We purchased around more than a dozen plasma television for our stores in delhi, ncr and jaipur. One of the televisions is giving trouble in our delhi store as theere is no display coming in the screen. We called the service department but they are quoting us very high by around rs. 22,000. But we fail to understand that such an expensive item and such a big brand name is giving such trouble. The television is mounted at our payment points and handled by key person with power suppl y control system. It is only 2 years old. It was working good till guarntee / warranty period. We request the concerned department to call upon us and sort the issue. We being a loyal customer of this brand and such a heavy buyer request to re-consider and do the needful at the earliest.

Store manager
Mgf city square
Shivaji place
Raja garden
New delhi - 110027
+91 11 [protected], [protected]
Fax +91 11 [protected]
Mobile +91 [protected]

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    Maureen Oct 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have just bought a 19" HD Samsung TV a few days ago for my daughter - every night at a random time it starts up on its own and then switches off - some sort of radio sound when it comes on. Any ideas? Confused!

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