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Complaints & Reviews

never buy a sumsung tv

Me and my partner bought a Sumsung LCD 3 months ago. When we first brought it home and unpacked it the plastic around the tv was distorted and melted looking, we returned it and got another. On the 2nd Jan 2009 our Tv said check fan 2 on the screen and then over heats and turns itself off after 10 minutes. It is useless. We have a 5yr warranty and called samsung and they said it is such a common problem so they didnt need to come to our house because they knew what to do. They told us we would need to wait 2 weeks for the parts to arrive from Japan to fix the has now been 5 weeks...still no tv. I have called Samsung numerous times and the good guys where we bought it from and both partys have promised calls back that we have never recieved. You would think if it was a common problem that they would have the parts in australia ready on hand for when everyones samsungs overheat after they spend $2500, this is a far stretch for a student like myself to pay. My partners parents bought an LG LCD that broke, LG came and fixed it the next day...I know what brand i should buy next time...

poor after sale service

I have purchase the tv on24/11/2008 from gupta electronics east rohtash nagar shahdara delhi 32. It has colours problem and sound problem. I made a complants on 7/12/2008. No [protected]. My tv sends to service station on 12/12/2008. It’s come back on 20/12/2008. But problem is still exist. On complant once again tv picked up by service centre on 22/12/2008. I am very upset by all this process. Now please change my tv. I should not accept repair tv.

Till date I have no response. Service center persons tolled me that there is no time limit it takes more then one months. I can not accept this type of service from samsung. I mail many times and call customer care and service center many times but all in vain. I have no option to complaints in consumer court.

Pradeep kumar
K-14/3 s no 16
West ghonda
Delhi 53

broken and they refused to respond

Inferior craftmanship! Couldn't get any assistance from samsung! Refused to assist with lost food due to...

black friday fraud

I am getting the same run around from sears. I purchased this washer and dryer pair and am now not able to recieve it. They told me at the time of purchase that I would not be able to recieve it untill Feb 2009 and that was fine by me. Now I am told I can not recieve it at all. The washer and dryer combo options that they want to replace it with is a joke. The replacement washer and dryers offered are reguler price what I paid for the samsung on sale. Sears knew they could not fulfill these orders yet they took our money. Sears needs to take resposibility and offer a comperable (same size, same original price!!) washer in dryer in its place. Does anyone know legally what can be done email me [protected]

  • Tx
    tx0204 Feb 14, 2009

    Did Sears ever make this right for you? I am experiencing the same issue and was wondering how Sears resolved this for you.

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Black friday ad fraud $999 for pair

On black friday 11/28/08 I purchased the samsung washer/dryer combo pair at the bf ad price of $999.98. I wa...

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defective refrigerator

Purchased a new samsung side by side refrigerator 2.4 years ago. 9 months ago, the water filter exploded!...

no service = lousy service

Purchased a T260HD LCD monitor 8/29/2008 from October 6th, called Samsung to report that the picture was all washed out and that I would like to get the unit repaired or replaced (Transaction # [protected]). Wow... nice service people - looks like this will go well.

Three weeks later (umm... nice service people???), called back on a weekend and spoke with Shawn. He stated that Samsung had no units available to ship me so they would process a refund of the purchase. Someone was supposed to have called and let me know this but didn't. He said I had to call back on Monday and ask for the ECR (Executive Customer Relations) department so the refund could be processed. I uploaded my purchase order from NewEgg with Shawn's assistance for proof of purchase to the Samsung site.

Things are moving slowly but moving. I miss having a good picture on my TV so I went ahead and ordered another T260HD from Amazon (hind site being 20/20, I wish I hadn't).

Called back on Monday 10/27/2008 and spoke with Karen in the ECR department. She said I would be receiving an email with the return authorization and that it would take 14 to 21 days to process the refund after they received the faulty unit. Great!... finally getting somewhere!

Checked email every day for the next 3 weeks... no RA number from Samsung. Called back 11/21/2008 and spoke to Tyler. He resubmitted the request for refund to the mysterious people who approve of such things... said they don't have direct phone lines to them so all he could do was send another email request. I thanked him for his time and began to wonder if Samsung ever intended to refund my money.

Thinking that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, I decided to call twice a week until this is resolved. The must get a lot of this. Read on...

Called again 11/24/2008 and was sent again to the ECR department hold line (as usual). After about 80 minutes on hold, hung up and called back. Sent to ECR hold again. Hung up after another 45 minutes on hold. Now I'm furious... but still powerless. I have my new TV and it still works fine but the bad unit is still sitting on the floor, in the box, awaiting an email / RA number from Samsung. At this point, I essentially have $1100 in a functioning $500 TV.

11/26/2008 -Found a direct number to the ECR department [protected]) in another forum where some other poor customer was putting up with Samsung's poor service. Now they don't have my transaction number until I am talking to someone in the ECR department. Got the same story as last call... all Rachel from the ECR department could do was resend the email request to the mysterious approving authority. I voiced my dissatisfaction to Rachel who seemed unaffected by my complaints.

12/3/2008 - Still have to wait on hold for an average of 30 minutes but at least I get straight to the only people that have the power to send an email to the person/people that have the power to provide me with a stupid email with a return authorization and subsequent refund.

12/5/2008 - My hopes of getting a refund prior to Christmas and thus have some money to by gifts for my family have been dashed. Next step: call my credit card company and file a formal dispute to hopefully get a refund.

I already own a Samsung phone, two 22" computer monitors, an HD 32" CRT TV in my bedroom and now two T260HD monitors, one of which works.

I was going to purchase another T260HD for my kitchen and a 61" DLP rear projector for my living room in January/February to replace my aging Panasonic 50" rear projector LCD. Not happening...

I am now convinced that Samsung cares nothing about its customers and will therefore never purchase another of their products for the rest of my life. My friends, neighbors and family all consider me their technical adviser on electronics purchases... I will never again recommend Samsung products to them. Over just the next year, this will cost Samsung $10, 000 to $20, 000 in sales.

ECR now means Endless Customer Run-Around to me. Please do not purchase Samsung products.


  • Me
    meangene Mar 07, 2009

    I have just started (March 1st 2009) going though the same process and getting nowhere. I'm one week into my battle to get service on my 52"LCD TV. Bought extended warranty. Set is 7 months old. Check this story: They are perfectly willing to send a repair guy to my home, BUT THEY CAN'T FIND ANYONE (Authorized service Center) IN MY AREA THAT IS SIGNED ON WITH SAMSUNG.! I found one in less than 10 minutes after I was told that. Now they're talking two/five weeks before they can get this repair guy "In their system as a qualified tech" . Stay tuned.../gene

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extended warranties

We purchased the samsung tv 14 months ago, and have had 3 projection bulbs to blow. Even though we paid for extended warranties, the first time, we had to drive 4o miles to pick up the bulb and then install it ourselves. The warranty is supposed to be for in-home service. The second time, the bulb was mailed to us and we had to again install it ourselves and pay the shipping to return the blown bulb. Each time we have had to be without a tv for approimately 3 weeks, we were told it would be much longer if we coose to have a technician to come ot our home to fix it. Phone calls get us nothing but the run-around. We are very dissatisified with the shoddy service we are receiving after paying extra for an extended warranty. No one returns our calls, and they cant give us an exact dare when they will come to fix the tv. This is unexcusably poor service! It relects badly not only on Samsung but on Brandsmart as well.

poor after sales service

After purchasing a 47" samsung tv ($1500) that needed a $500 repair only 3 1/2 years after purchase, I contacted samsung head office three times. Was totally ignored! I will never purchase another product with the samsung name... All they are interested in is the sale. Customer feedback/relations doesn't exist with this company.

  • To
    Tommyfourth Mar 01, 2011

    42" but after 3 years it just died. They used cheap parts in the power supply. It cost $300 to fix. It's a well known problem but Samsung will not step up and provide a fix. That's ok I simply won't buy anything made by Samsung.

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  • Tr
    Treatmeright Apr 26, 2011

    Good luck to you.
    My new Samsung 3D plasma TV die after 42 days. I have been waiting for service since Dec 3, 2010 - 145 days ago. The "Service Call Center" is useless & lied constantly.
    On April 1st (day 120), someone from Samsung Electronics Canada called to offer me a Service Exchange. After another 25 days, nothing happens. She will not response to my phone messages & emails. Calling to the "Service Call Center" results in another 30+ minutes of lies. The person even told me they will have a NEW unit ship to me in 2 days.
    However, we are supposed to get a "RA Credit" issued to FutureShop to do an exchange locally. So many times they told us something are coming in 3 weeks, then they changed the story so I need to call the "Service Call Center" again. My service ticket: 4100774094
    Can you imagine 145 days without a TV, after you paid for it. I wish you luck.
    We as consumers have to come together to protect our rights.

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  • Je
    jerry walker May 30, 2011

    we bought a ext 3 yaer warranty now we find out company is out of buisness.So i guess were stuck

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noticed a defect on the inside frame

Noticed a defect on the inside of the frame surrounding the lcd tv, after numerous phonecalls an engineer from VISUAL FX turns up, no use, after 2 more visits the engineer comes back, leave a shoddy loan set covered in duct tape...takes the TV set away in a thin cotton sack, leans it against a car in the road while he unlocks his van!!
Try to get a straight answer from Samsung - no chance! no idea when TV's coming back, who's paying for it, NOTHING! The repair company contracted out by them are worse! Who know's when the TV will ever be coming back!

lcd tv screen

Dear distingushed sir,
I have bought an lcd tv of samsung (La40n71bx) on may 7, 2007 in the local electronics chain store, su ning electronics store, in chengdu, sichuan, china. It was installed in my house on juen 22, 2007. After not more than half an year, the screen of this tv turned black with only sounds of the programme. So we asked the after-selling service department of samsung in china to repair it. After three times' repairement it did not work at all. Then the headquater of the after-selling service department of samsung in beijing, china, offered a new screen for me for free on 26 december, 2007. But still after a short time just before the earthquake of this year the same problem occured again! At that time my husband informed the after-selling service department of samsung in china, and they advised us to continue to observe it. That's exactly before this year's earthquake happed in my province, sichuan, in the may of 2008. After the earthquake, when we calmed down we still noticed the problem once in a while. On the evnng of november 25, 2008, it totally turned into a blank with a little dark light on my tvsreen. I informed the after-selling service department of samsung in china of this bad news, they send a repairman the next day and the repairmen examinde my tv carefully with a conllusion that it was the problem of the screen again!
But this time the after-selling service department of samsung in beijing, china, refused to exchange a new and qualified lcd screen for me for free, because, as they insisted, the time of guarantee of my tv was expired. I doubted weather they referred to authorized three gurantees for the tv products. According to it, all the tv products should be guranteed a free repairment, or exchange afted three usesless repairment wihtin one year, and if some parts of the tv products have been exchanged, the time for the three gurantees should be renewed. That means my tv screen should be exchanged with a new one for free. But they insisted on charging me for a new one.
I have three questions:
1. Since there is no specific law to regulate the three gurantees for lcd tv products in china, to which law or rule does samsung refer ?What's more, according to it, all the tv produces should be guranteed a free repairment, or exchange afted three usesless repairment wihtin one year, and if some parts of the tv products have been exchanged, the time for the three gurantees should be renewed.
2. If samsung referrs to the normal tvproduces ' three gurantees law in china, samsung should be well aware of the regulations in this law that a color tv should be guranteed for one year, with its main parts such as display tube within at least 3 years. Since an lcd tv has no display tube, its lcd screen should be its main part as display tube to a color tv.
3. As the same problem has happend to the sme part of my lcd tv which was exchanged not more than one year ago, how could the after-selling service department of samsung in china calculated its gurantee time from the very beginning of the buying.
I stongly object to the policy and attitude of samsung towards its consumer! I strongly throw doubt on the quality of any samsung's products! I confirmly require samsung to exchange a new tv screen for me for free and also provede me an authorized written gurantee for the quality of it with a renewal of the gurantee time.
Yours sincerely,
College of foreign languages
Sichuan university
P. R. C.

  • Ja
    Jason Fang Jul 08, 2009

    My story is almost the same as yours. My 32" Samsung got black after 3 month, on July 2008 they have to change a Samsung-made screen, the original one is made in Taiwan.

    On July 2009, My "baby" cannot power on, LED on the power button blinking. I called Sumsung Beijing, they will not give me free service, I told them 1)why your machine can only work for 1 year, 2) why your m/c will get dead always on July, hottest days.
    My conclusion is your product must have defection on heatsunk.
    I rejected their changeable service, it should be free if proved to be a defection.
    I checked by myself, part of the Power board was burnt. I quickly brought 10 same ICs, why 10 pcs, as I think it will be damaged again for sure, I changed new ICs, test the temperture, CRAZY, one switcher IC is 70C and another Power IC is 77C, very hot, you cannot put your fingers on, stupid design!!!---no heatsunk for these hot ICs
    I cannot let my "baby" work hot like that, At first I want to use fan, but no room for the fan. Have to use heatsunk, I moved away some components arround these hot ICs to get enough clearance for the heatsunk, then made special heatsunk to fix on them.
    Now temperture is under 50C, I think my bad "baby" now is cool for the summer.

    My conclusion is if you do not do anything to change their design, your samsung need to be repaired every year, mostly dead day is July --

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  • Ja
    jake6680 Aug 09, 2009

    Also for my case.
    Last Dec 2008 I bought a 37-inch Samsung LCD TV. Some sort of a gift for myself. Then just last June 27, 2009 when I turn on the TV only the sound is functioning, then of course I done the regular diagnostic and retrieved the tv owner's manual for the troubleshooting but unfortunately it can't be fixed. Since its still under 1yr warranty I called up Samsung Customer hotline to report the issue, I tried to call up everyday to follow up and until now still no schedule on when they can repair my unit. It's really disappointing!

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  • Id
    Idej Jan 26, 2010

    I bought a Samsung Blu-ray home theatre system HT-BD2R, in November 2008. It developed a fault (rejecting discs) recently. The Samsung workshop diagnosed (cost sixty pounds) a faulty mother-board (cost One Hundred and Eighty pounds) and suspected faulty loading board (no longer in production). I was advised to buy a new system. Since I am stuck with 7 SPEAKERS and a subwoofer that are still good, could anyone suggest a good substitute blu-ray dvd player that will compliment the good components that I still have? I WILL CERTAINLY NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AGAIN IF THIS ONE CANNOT BE FIXED.


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Congratulations ! i am pleased to announce to you that your email address has just won you Ј500, 000.00(gbp...

customer service not handling a warranty issue

I bought a samsung tv from sears in may 2008. It began failing to stay on in september. The tv is still in the 1 year manufacturer warranty period. I've been fighting with samsung customer support (Mainly their ecr - executive customer relations) to get it fixed or replaced. I've been told the faulty part is on back order with no delivery time in sight. Since this is the case I was told that the tv falls within samsungs guidelines for a replacement. Now, after 8 to 10 calls and continual run-a-rounds, a request has been sent for authorization for replacement. That is the second time I was told that, by the way. This process has been going on for over 6 weeks now and I have no confidence that samsung has any desire to replace my unit since now they'll have to do it with a newer model as mine is considered last years model.

After talking with multiple customer service reps I have observed that they are less than truthful. When I can get them to talk at length about their processes and failures from the last calls I usually get a "new" twist to the previous stories. I get conficting statements between reps and find there are "new" things that need to be done or things that were previously done wrong that will take 2 to 3 days and they will call back with a status. Well, big surprise - that call never comes and 2 to 3 days turns into 4 to 7 days before we go through the whole thing again with a "new" solution.

At this point the battle is still being waged with no end in sight.

My recommendation: do not buy a samsung product unless you are willing to throw it away when it breaks, because samsung makes it nearly impossible to get warranty issues resolved.

  • Ma
    Marc1971 Dec 11, 2013

    We have the same issue here in the Philippines. Samsung has same approach regarding warranty claim; therefore, the way they handle warranty claim is their international bad practice. Poor Samsung consumer...Samsung products are disposable products!!!

    I agree with your recommndation: "Do not buy a Samsung product unless you are willing to throw it away when it breaks, because Samsung makes it nearly impossible to get warranty issues resolved."

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blue ray player

A blue ray player that did not last through 10 dvd's.

I bought a brand new blue ray player from samsung 499 plus taxes, plus a 150 $ hdmi cable, which the future shop sales rep talked me into buying. Since I have a 46 inch samsung lcd tv at home, he told me it would be perfect.
So I paid lousy 683$ for the package, took it home and installed it... And I got to enjoy the player for about 10 dvd's... Then is started malfunctioning... So I read through the manual... And found out how to reset the dvd player... And it worked through another 2 dvd's and then finally quit working... It fell into a mode where I could not even reset it...
So, dissapointed as I was I decided to talk to my future shop sales rep... Which I had spend a good deal of money in the past years... Anyways... The unit being practically new... A few month old... I was told that, because I did not buy the extended warranty (rip off anyways)... I had absolutely no warranty with future shop... And I should return the player to samsung.
I did actually not wanted to return the unit at all... I wanted the blue ray expert to tell me how to reset the player again... But since I did not have the extended warranty... There was no help for me available...
Thats what I call customer service...

Stupid enough from me anyways... Because I received last x mas from my family a wireless headset... Which unfortunately never worked from the beginning on... Luckily my wife had bought extended warranty for those ones.
So I went back to future shop... And wanted to replace them... Unfortunately they where out of those ones... And I had to upgrade... So I bought the next better ones... And can you imagine... I wanted to transfer the warranty, because the first ones never worked form day one,... But... Not a chance... The 80 $ warranty was gone like a fard in a windstorm... I explained... That I clearly felt ripped off... But they did not care all that much for my hurt feelings...

Francly... I dont care all that much for the lost money... I am just dissapointed that people can get officially ripped off...
But one thing is for certain... They have seen me and my debit card the last time.

Future shop sucks pretty bad!!!

  • Te
    Tech challenged Jun 29, 2009

    I purchased a BR player for $418.69 - never worked; finally I reached after numerous attempts Executive Customer Service - after many firmware discs being sent out - they realized it wasnt working - they were going to charge me $85.60 to repair but waived it...the unit could not be repaired so they sent a replacement unit...received it IT NEVER WORKED - again after many phone calls and firmware discs I had to send it in for repair - now they want to charge me $160.00 for repairs because its out of warranty...I am literally on the phone with them now to complain...they said they were going to send back the unit un-repaired...

    I bought a Samsung refrigerator 1.5 years ago - the ice maker has stopped working - of course out of warranty

    Beware when buying Samsung products...check warranties buy extended warranties if you want to keep it running for any length of time.

    products not good and service is worse.

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  • Ma
    Martin Quinn Feb 23, 2011

    SAMSUNG - Caveat Emptor. I should have known better on the buyer beware side of this purchase. The 40" LCD flat screen Tv I recommended to my inlaws, based on Consumer Reports developed a hum that we learned to live, with and now we have a health scare because of an acrid smell eminating from the TV. When I enquired at Best Buy (that I now refer to as Worst Buy) they asked if I had an extended warranty. They (including the acting store manager) then referred me to Samsung when I said no. It was my problem not theirs...
    IDuring my inquiry with Samsung they were very careful to ensure that I had not yet had smoke or a fire from their TV, and recommended that I should not operate the TV, and that it was out of warranty. Furterhmore, that they were not prepared to help me...Imagine buying something where the manurfacturer said there is nothing dangersous about their TV, but don't use it, and you are out of warranty...Furthermore that acrid, toxic smell coming out of the TV don't worry about it, and "No it won't harm you"...but don't turn it on... Samsung is still reminiscent of that addage still coming out of some countries, that if we make a shoddy product, that's your problem not theirs...The Samsung product is not built too last. A friend of mine bought a Samsung fregirator...state of the art, and oh yes..a year after he bought it leaks...Samsung is not built too last. My call from Samsung was on Feb 22/2011 and again on Feb 24. Bottom line I am on my own and now have to buy another TV from a better company or take it in for service where the defective part(s) get replaced by a defective part...Shame on me trusting Samsung to have built a product that would actually last...

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hdtv misrepresented in advertising

Order Number: BBY01-[protected]

Questions or Comments: I recently took delivery on a Samsung 61" 1080p 120 Hz Slim-Depth DLP HDTV HL61A750 SKU:8749474. All went smoothly and the television has performed well and has a good picture but, I was surprised to see it had the same type of motion artifact as my old Toshiba 57" CRT HDTV. There were subtle improvements though not to the degree that one might expect from a 120 Hz HDTV. I went through my manual and made sure I set the TV in the Dynamic mode to achieve the best image quality after making the proper adjustments. The TV presents improvements but, still the same motion artifacts. I became curious so I did my due diligence after the fact. And you know what I came to find out ? The aforementioned HDTV that had been advertised as a 120 Hz television on your website, and I retained printed copies, was actually a 60 Hz television. I was quite disappointed when this fact became apparent and have become quite angered by what appears to be either false advertising or possibly the blatant misrepresentation of merchandise. It also saddens me as a customer who has had pleasant dealings with Best Buy in the past. I thought I was buying a 120 Hz HDTV and got a 60 Hz HDTV. The main reason I bought the HDTV was to get better and more film like quality images with minimal motion artifact. Can we arbitrate this matter between us without involving any outside agencies and can you get me what you advertised ? Can you get me a true 120 Hz television of comparable size and quality at the same price ? As an adjunct to my previous comments, I had the same motion artifact in full 1080p when playing a Blue Ray disc. The bottom line is; your advertising promised one thing but I got another. If you are reading this Email and are not at the very least a supervisor you need to kick this up the change of command as this is a serious matter !

  • Mi
    Michel Dumas Nov 16, 2008

    from the AVS forum on this particular set:
    "- Does this TV have 120Hz processing? Is it like the LCD's I see in the store? Why does it say 60Hz when I press the info button?
    Yes, this TV is ALWAYS doing 120Hz video processing. It cannot be turned on or off. This is not the same effect that you may see on some LCD's in a store. Those LCD's have a feature called something like Motion Enhancement that is software to enhance the motion of the image. This often has the effect of making film look like video, and can also cause what is known as TBE or triple ball effect, where you might see three balls on a fast moving baseball due to software frame interpolation. Since DLP's have a hugely faster update rate, this is not needed. The 120Hz on this TV is used to provide judder free display of 24fps sources, such as blue ray movies. When you press the info button on the remote, it shows the frame rate of the SOURCE material. For regular TV, this will usually be 60Hz. For Blu rays, it will be 24Hz. But the TV always does 120Hz video processing. 120Hz is also used for the 3d features of the TV, or to provide two full screen independent images at 60Hz to users. These features require special glasses and must be supported by the source material"

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no cust. service

The experience I've had is pretty unbelievable, as I buy a lot of electronics. I bought a Samsung 52 television from 9/21/08. The TV had a problem after 7 days no display or sound totally dead.

The Samsung customer service is too bad and hung up the phone on me for couple of times as I asked for replacement for 7 day old TV. After a long struggle the local technician came in and told me that there is an internal power distribution problem and he has to order the part and it would take 7 to 10 business days. $2017+ TV works for only 7 days... Please don't buy Samsung TV.

  • Valerie Jul 25, 2008

    On april 19th 2017, I bought a samsung 27'' slimfit tv from best buy, chicago, (Purchase serial number: 0758598057 / reference number: 031306008555). It worked smoothly till july 9th, that means within two months it went blank, no power, no signal nothing... !! I felt like i’m the unluckiest one in the world... Coz tvs are believed to run for years without any problem... I called the samsung call center, for a service, they did say that they are going to repair it for free... But with a ray of hope I asked them if they can replace the tv, the customer agent answered me with a parrable... That she bought a new jeans last week, but the button fell off... Her heart broke, she explained me that all this happens in this consumer world. Ha... !! Well answered babe.. !! You might become the employee of the month for the best call of the month... Anyway... My tv is not yet repaired by them, its 24th of july today... They keeps on rescheduling my home service. God knows when they are going to appear!

    But anyhow, I will never go for samsung appliances, they may be good, but for a prompt service after the purchase, they are not good... You might regret for the level of quality of their customer service.

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  • Valerie Oct 14, 2008

    I purchased a samsung 37" lcd tv on august 2nd 2017 and within a short period of time it started screwing up. I thought it could have been the hdmi cables so I spend time purchasing new cables but that didn't work.

    When you turn it on the picture will show up then a few seconds later will go away. I've tried new hdmi cables and when they are unplugged it says no signal so that’s not the problem. Sometimes when you turn the power on it doesn't have a picture at all. Once you've unplugged the power or wiggled the cables the red light will show back up and you can turn the tv on and maybe get a picture. The problem is not constant but it is very annoying. I've already had to contact samsung and i'm waiting on a repair person to show up.

    What a joke. I was given a service center to work with and they refuse to do any work for samsung because they have an issue with parts or getting paid. I called samsung again this time they gave me another service center. This service center only repairs tv's purchased from them. I called again and was told they would call me in 2 days and try to find me a service center. Needless to say they never called back.

    I ended up calling circuit city where I purchased the tv. The first visit all he did was update the firmware. Well this didn’t work. I called back again and he came out again. This time I left the tv in the failed condition and showed him. He called a location while he was in my house and said the main board was in stock and in los angeles. He also had a small laptop and said he was ordering the part right now. After a couple of days I called and was told it was just ordered and would take 7 to 10 business days. Because the tv is still under factory warranty samsung had to approve the work. He stood in my house and lied to me.

    I was now fed up. I called samsung again and wanted an exchange. I talked to support and was told because they didn't have a authorized service center they would exchange the tv and to call back monday beings how it was friday and late.

    When I called back and was put on hold for almost 30 minutes with executive customer relations I was told an exchange is not an option. She said I was given false information. They have to fix the tv but they don't have a service center where I live that will work on it. So now i'm waiting on a phone call again from them concerning a repair service center.

    I will never in my life purchase anything samsung again. I had heard such wonderful things about this company and they have failed me badly. I'm at my wits end here and pissed off. This tv is brand new and doesn't work.

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customer service

On Aug. 24th 08 I return my less than 6 month old Samsung PC monitor fully expecting them to replace it that...

repair of tv under warranty

I bought a 32 inch samsung tv on april 29 that had a one year warranty.In early june the picture turned a dark color, then black. I took it offline and replaced with an old 20 year old tv while trying to get the original fixed. I called samsung and they said they would try to find a local repairman to repair the set. About a week later I decided to try the tv again. It worked and I called samsung and informed that it had repaired itself. It worked ok until august 22 when it failed again. After a call to samsung they located a local repairman to work on the set. On 29 august a local repairman came out, looked at the tv and ordered a new video board. Did not work. After unsuccessful attempts to get the repairman to fix the tv, samsung finally found another repairman to work on it. On october 4, a repairman came out, same problem and ordered another video board on oct 6. Nine days later on october 15, repairman called and said samsung called that day and stated they needed another number off the tv before they could send the part. Still waiting for my new tv to be fixed. I compained many times to samsung about the tv and lack of service, and requesting that they provide another tv or just return my money. Stated they couldn't do it. The botton line is that after almost two months I still am waiting for my tv to be repaired. Although the representatives at the company were very courteous and seemed serious about providing good service I am extremly upset about the compainies response, and still waiting for the problem with the tv to be fixed.


Stan garoutte

  • Ma
    mariela Mar 12, 2009

    Wow! Your complaint sounds so familiar to mine. My t.v. had the same problem. The repair companies that Samsung has under their warranty attempted to fix the main board 3 times, through a period of 6months and the t.v. is still not working correctly. After the 3rd repair, under warranty, if the t.v. doesn't work, Samsung is suppose to replace it FREE OF CHARGE. Customer Service response: " Under the the warranty, we can only offer you an upgraded t.v., but you must pay the difference, $625.00." Can you believe this!!! These ### have the nerves to pull a scheme such as this one! Misleading and undermining me, as the customer, after I paid over $1, 000 for a malfunctioned Samsung LCD t.v.! This is very frustrating and I will definitely by seeking some advise from my lawyer. IF YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW, DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND DON'T BOTHER BUYING A SAMSUNG TELEVISION!!!


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  • Sm
    SmsngJunk Jun 03, 2009

    I and 100's of others have experienced the same problem. I have a 3 year old 40" Samsung LCD and about two days ago the picture is gone and you can only hear the sound. Of course my warranty ran out 25 days ago. I am not paying any repair fees after paying $3000.00 for this piece of junk. I have paid enough. These Samsung products are defective and we need to organize a class action lawsuit against Samsung. I am contacting other people with a similar problem. Please email me at [email protected] so we can proceed to organize something. We can't let this one slip by. These products are defective.

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  • Kh
    Khanyi Mangna Feb 17, 2011

    Sumsung South Africa
    I bought the 400L at Makro on the 17/07/2010. and on the 10/02/2011 my fridge stop working. I logg the call with Sumsung and the REF is 7111436620. The technician comes out but he didnt have the transfomer, the lady by the name of Caroline (011 984 6164)told me that I have to wait as they are receiving the stock from Korea, how redicolous is that, she refused that i must be given a new fridge because Im black, the service is sucks, if I knew I would go for LG it theis service is excellent. We must boycott buying the Sumsung products

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poor customer service

In the past I made the mistake of purchasing a "brand name" product, assuming that I would receive better services should things go wrong. However, this is a mistake I will not ever do again. I purchased 3 air conditioners, 2 tv sets and everything was fine until I needed customer service. I was told that I would have to pay to have my ac returned to my closest repair place, which happened to be in michigan. Being from wv I found this ridiculous. It was under warranty but the customer service people were rude. Told me there was nothing they could do about it. Fixed the problem myself. Took it out side and beat the crap out of it vowing never to buy nothing else from them. Last mother's day, my children decided to get me a new cellphone. Guess what they picked out? Yes! It's a samsung. Owning it just 70 days it completely died. I contacted them the first time to which I was told that it would cost me $65.00 for them to fix it. My children only paid 68.00 for it. I ask the man if he was on some kind of drugs. Still ticked off after a few days I decided to call back and complain to someone other than the customer service reps. This time I got a nice lady who said that what I was told by this man was incorrect and that I did have a years warranty and it should not cost me nothing. The cell phone has been sent off for several weeks and i'm still waiting patiently. I hope this one gets straightened out.

Word to the wise... Send samsung to bankruptcy. They are more than happy to tell you what you want to hear when something is purchased but then if you have a problem? Forget about it.

Tv's? 1 has already tore up right after warrenty expired and just idlely waiting for the others.

  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    My 45 day old Samsung LCD TV broke in early July. Since it was under warranty, Samsung told me to ship it at my expense($18.39 on 7/11/08)to the service center. The TV came back just as broken as when I sent it. I was advised to send it back a second time at my expense ($18.39 on 7/23/08). The TV came back fixed, but I sent a letter of complaint on 7/23/08 saying that they should reimburse me for having to ship it a second time. I received no response to that letter. I made follow up phone calls on 8/27/08 and 9/22/08. Someone finally called on 9/27/08. When I returned the call on 9/29/08, I was told they do not reimburse for shipping, but that they could extend my warranty by 8 months. While I am glad about that, I still feel they should reimburse me for the second shipping expense, and for my trouble in having to hound them for 3 months. I would be unlikely to purchase a Samsung product again. 10/1/08 - One day after I originally posted this, Samsung called and offered to reimburse me for postage for the second shipping instead of the warranty extension. I took the money, although it would have been nice if they had offered both.

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  • Na
    Natesh Behl Oct 27, 2008

    I am Natesh Behl from india and I have had a worst experience with samsung. I bought a samsung referigerator, mobile phone, microwave, television set and washing machine but of no use. Each and every product is ridiculous.Services provided by Samsung are also very poor and not up to the mark. one can throw his/her money into a savage place than to buy samsung. I have so many problems with samsung. few days ago my samsung microwave started giving problem and when i did call samsung engineer he said there is some thing wrong in IC. we told him to make it right. he did hardly anything to make it right he did cleaned the ic with a brush and charged rupees 1700, and the problem is as it is.Now it is not working .Now when we are calling him time and again he is not picking up the phone.This is the height of sheer negligence.Problem was found in the door switches of microwave and he cleaned the ic. This is the condition of their engineers. They dont know how to examine the fault in their own products.They are just befooling the people and making illicit money. They are doing nothing for their, but they are losing their faith on customers which is not good for anymultinational company. They are bankrupts. They can't value our hard earned money.It is absurd to buy a brand like SAMSUNG.It deserves contempt rather than appreciation.I dont have and shall not have any genre of problems with genuine Brands like PHILIPS, PANASONIC, SONY AND LG EVEN WITH SANSUI.But i have never seen a worst brand like SAMSUNG. I recommend every one not to waste his/her money on this brand. You will surely repent in the future if you ever do this mistake of buying samsung.PLS, PLS, PLS, PLS value your hard earned money and save your precious time.I will never do this foolishness of buying this ridiculous brand in the future. I hope who will read this review will comply on my advise.

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  • Na
    Natesh Behl Oct 27, 2008


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  • Dm
    dmkamenski Apr 22, 2009

    i've had my ht-wx70t repaired twice and it still doesn't work. do you sell rhe main unit with out remote, speakers, wireless speaker set up? If so don't send me something that does work.
    send info to [email protected]

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  • Ka
    KaylaMccloy Jun 26, 2009

    Think your safe with purchasing brand name products? Not with Samsung!

    Most people will purchase big name products for the security of knowing they care about there costumers enough to help them they are at fault, well think again.

    I called Samsung June 23 09 to find out how to get a new battery for my digital camera, the lady on the phone gave me the "product code" and a few places I would be able to find it, most of the places didn't have it but I managed to find it at The Source. They said they didn't actually have the battery but could order it in but it would cost $15 on top of the cost of the battery, I agreed and paid upfront. A few days later I went back to pick up my battery and realized it was not the correct one! I looked at the "product code" on there box and it was indeed the same one I gave them. They refunded my money for the battery but did not refund the $15 delivery fee because, of course, they gave me exactly what I had ordered.

    The next day I called Samsung back to tell what had happened, the lady on the phone was extremely rude and told me I must have wrote down the wrong code, it's not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked her if she would give me the code again and this time it was 3 digits shorter! So she is basically telling me I somehow added on 3 digits to my code? I talked to my boyfriend who previously worked at a future shop and he told me that even if I did somehow add on 3 digits, the chance of it being another product code is slim to none.

    I decided to take it higher, I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone above her and she gave me ever excuse in the book as to why that wouldn’t be possible. Primarily it was that there was no supervisor, then the phones where unable to transfer, and eventually I pushed and she said that there would be someone above her who could call me back in 48 hrs! If your supervisors are that busy that they will be on the phone for 48hrs before they can contact me, obviously you guys are doing something wrong. When the supervisor did call me she was already angry she told me the only option was to order another battery from a store called global electronic supplies, and it will take 10 business days to arrive and I would have to pay another shipping fee! They also said that they can’t remove any shipping fees because it was not there company. I tried to find someone higher then the supervisor but they dragged there feet in the mud the whole way and said they couldn't give me any information on contacting anyone higher.

    After spending almost a week giving them shot after shot to redeem themselves, I surrendered. I decided to just buy another digital camera that was not, and that no product ever will be again, anything from the Samsung brand. So let this be a lesson I learned for you, think going with big name products like Samsung will mean better service? Think again!

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  • Th
    Thomas Jones Dec 12, 2011

    I purchased a 46" Samsung television in 2008. It is now December of 2011 and the television no longer works. I paid close to $2000.00 for the television and this is way too soon for an sophisticated electronic device to have become useless. The worst part is that I contacted Samsung and they admitted that this model had problems with its capicators and offerred to repair them for free. It turns out that the capicitors were not the complete problem and the mother board was malfunctioning. The repair person intimated that the defective capicitors could have caused the mother board to fail. When I contacted Samsung and explained the issue they refused to do anything even after I talked to a supervisor. I do not believe that this is proper and will not buy any other Samsung products. I would recommend looking at other manufacturers before purchasing a Samsung.

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service quality - parts supply

Is it a must for samsung to supply parts not before 3-4 weeks!!

I live in turkey.

I am very disappointed that 2 samsung products both became non operational within 6 months after I bought.

However the reason I buy samsung was eliminate these happens! I can understand things can broken.

Unfortunately, it is important samsung to fix them asap not within 3-4 weeks!

What a shame for samsung turkey, that they can not keep or supply parts immediately.

  • Ja
    james Oct 07, 2008

    I purchased a samsung tv(32" LCD) in april of 2007, after a few months the sound started going out. I called customer service who sent me an upgrade, that didn't fix it. After complaining to samsung and coping with their attitudes they sent me a new TV. After a while this TV started developing pixel problems. Again I called Samsung who sent out a service tech and put in a new screen. NOW I am having sound problems with this one. I called Samsung and they won't honor fixing it because it is out of warranty, I asked for my money back and they told me it was not an option. Their customer service representatives have attitudes and don't care about the consumer. I will never purchase or recommend a Samsung product again.

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