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Complaints & Reviews

non attendance by samsung company rep

It is to submit that I had purchased samsung washing machine model no 9201 eg/xtl sr no wo925zcqa01900d wt 7.2 kg on last diwali. It has not been long the connecting wire has completely got burn on 01 sep 2009. The dealer vaid electronics, batala have been approach on numerous occasion but to no awail the poor response on part of dealer has not only put the name of company at stake but trust of customer in doubt. It is requested that company to send its rep at the earliest for repairs at following address.
Sh. Hari dev pathak
112/3 dharampura colony
Near water tank
Batala distt gurdaspur
Contact no [protected]
Mobile [protected]

  • An
    Anupama Nayak Dec 13, 2009

    I have purcsased a washing machine Samsung Karishma in the year 2005 model no. WS 7500A31G/XTL S No. 0007590T800758. The machine is semi-automatic, single drum and top loading one. Unfotunately during an accident the to portion i.e the regulators as well as a portion of the inside got burnt and melted while rest of the body as well as the motor is ok. I want to replace the machine with a new one and willing to pay the difference amount instead getting it repaired.

    I have alreadyfiled a complaint which is registered with your BP on 2nd November 2009 at 18.35 hrs. Complaint No. is 8412401153.

    It is regretted to inform you that till date I have no response from any of your end, neither any service engineer has visited to attend the complaint.I once again request you to kindly arrange to attend the complaint and repale the machine at the earliest with a suitable one.
    with thanks,
    Bishnu Prasad Nayak,
    Street No.24A, Qrs. No. 8A, Chittaranjan, Burdwan Dist(West Bengal), Ph.No.0341-2528325 Mob. No. 09434391232
    e-mail: [email protected]

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priter not working

dear sir

Bulk priters purchesed by corporate kesco Kanpur and printer serial no 9F67BFBQ600109V not working under guarrenty period of one year. Complaint no. [protected] already lodged on dated 09.09.09 in your call center but it was not attended till today i.e. 12-09-09.
kindly arrenged to attended on priority due to suffuring official work.

unit needs multi zone code

Service department

1. Repair no : 125046
2. Repair no : 125497

Donna phillips

The dvd is not broken all it needs a multi zone code.
Every time they say they do not have "sparesparts"
And they are not able to assist.
I will make sure that no one ever buys at hi fi, the service is extremely poor becuse everytime they change their reason for the excuse

warranty replacement

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have purchased a SAMSUNG refrigerator model no-RA23WVPS1/XTL on 16th JAN09 from M/s Baid Electrolight Pvt Ltd ( Samsung Plaza ), New Alipore, Kolkata-53, vide invoice no - 985, dt: 16/01/09.

Since purchase of this fridge we are facing regular problem post defrost and lodged complaint ( no- [protected], dt :06/02/09 ), again & again on 22/6, 30/6, 09/7/, 17/7, 22/7 & latest by 27/08 . Even by repeated visit of the service mechanic the fault could not be rectified.
Despite repeated request Samsung is not replacing the faulty refrigerator but everytime sending a service man and outcome is NIL .

We earnestly request SAMSUNG to arrange to replace the refrigerator on immediate basis as still it is under warranty .

Best regards,
Debkumar Datta
Cell :[protected]

436/1 Sarat Chatterjee Road

  • Bs
    BSRAJU Jan 23, 2010

    I want Samsung to reply on this site on the action they have taken on this complaint.

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poor service

I purchased a 32" samsung tv 0n 23aug with the assurance that samsung will come and do a wall mount install within a week. It has been two weeks and still no service. I have called their service number every day and each time, some one will be give me the assurance that a service engineer will come in 24 hours. Many such 24 hrs have come and gone but no intallation. If you buy a samsung product please get the dealer to coordinate with samsung and do the installation. Other wise get some anti-acid and heart medication ready. Rs

  • Ma
    mahram Nov 18, 2009

    hi there there is so many problem about all firmware ua40b6000 vr or vm or vf .
    and ua40b7000
    all this model must not update to an other model but it can update to each other and make
    big damage for led tv
    dear engineer please correct it. its danger

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white dots... tv is only 2.5 years old

I purchased my Samsung 42" DLP from Best Buy in November 2006; not very old and I only watch the TV at night when I'm lounging in my room. A few weeks ago I noticed a few white dots that appeared on the screen. Then each day the amount of dots progressively became more and more. I got online and googled the problem and found there are MANY people with the same problem. Complaints have been made against Samsung and they won't recall or do anything with this TV to fix the problem. I will NEVER buy a Samsung product again. I spent $800 for this TV and it should last way longer than this. There are some people that have the same problem with a TV only a year old...there is something wrong with these TV's and Samsung should step it up and recall them/replace with new given the amount of dissatisfied customers.

Buyer beware; don't buy least the DLP Tvs.

  • Wo
    wolverine1952 Sep 20, 2009

    I bought my Samsung 42" DLP the first week of January 2007 as a Christmas present to myself for over $900 and it's doing the same thing (this started 3 weeks ago, around 9/1/2009). Samsung tech said the same thing, pretty much 'too bad call a repair service'. Its only 2 years 9 months old and I can barely see it now. I urge all consumers out there not to buy any Samsung products either. People have shelled out their hard earned money on something that should last much longer than that and Samsung should do something about it!!

    Landrum, SC

    -1 Votes
  • En
    Engineer in Maryland Oct 24, 2009

    I purchased the Samstung HL-S5086WX, 50" DLP from Sears in November 2006. I have been pleased w/ it ... UNTIL THIS WEEK. This week we have lost 3 pixels!! The mirrors on the chip (Texas Instruments??) are faulty. Either that or Samstung got the quality shaft from their supplier in the third quarter of 2006. They should stand up and stand behind their product and admit someone screwed up on quality checking and make all of us victims to their thirst for profits whole again by repairing or replacing these sets! Its pretty clear that this problem is clustering around the same time frame. Until then, DO NOT BUY any Samstung product. I will never buy another Samstung product, TV, phone, VCR, you name it. BOYCOTT SAMSKUNK. They stink. Any lawyers out their for a class action?? Panasonic here I come. I better stop now, my vituperative volcano is about to blow. Engineer in Maryland

    -1 Votes
  • Re
    RealityCheckConsumer Oct 24, 2009

    There is a reason most companies offer 1 year warranties. No product is going to last your "expected" lifetime. I had a $1300 LCD Flat Panel that went out completely after 15 months. Three Months after the warranty was over...way under your 2.5 year threshold. If you want a TV to last for 20 years then go back to an old tube style tv and skip out on all the high definition goodness. It is not Samsung who is at fault. It is the ignorant consumers now demanding everything be manufactured to your standards. If the Televisions life spans past the 1 year warranty period without an issue, than the manufacturer has fulfilled its promise.

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  • An
    Another Issue Jan 27, 2010

    Is there anyone that is having problem with their Lamp going out on their tv? I purchased a Samsung DLP TV in Nov 2007 with a 4 year warranty costing an additional $400. The lamp went out in May 2009. Eight months after, it is out again. I called GE who handles the warranty. They claim that they only replace lamps only ONE TIME during the life of the warranty. We were not informed of this when purchasing the product or the warranty, or else we would have gotten a one year warranty and renew it every year. A Technician came out to look at the tv and says it's the lamp, pulled out a work order for $134.93 for the lamp.Then claim he has been getting a lot of complaints on the lamps and the sales people are not informing customers that they only get replaced only one time. He claim it's a good tv, but the lamps wont last very long. So why in heavens name would they sell us a 4 year extended warranty that we can't use. I called Samsung, GE, Kneeland TV who replaced the last bulb to see if it was still under their warranty, and nothing. No one can help. So we I am stuck replacing a bulb every 8 months for $135.00. Just great!

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  • Fr
    Frustrated Samsung customer Aug 03, 2010

    I bought a Samsung 56" DLP TV in 6-07. In 11-08 the lamp burned out. Was replaced free. I also bought a 5 year warranty but it only is good for one lamp replacement. In 7-09 the lamp burned out again. I had to replace ($143.00) In 2-10, lamp burned out again, I replaced. Now in 8-10 lamp burned out again. I contacted Samsun but receive no help with lamp replacement. This is getting old. I still have 2 years left on my warranty but not for the part that keeps burning out. I do believe I have a lemon TV and Samsung needs to step up and make good. What happened to customer service and standing behind your product?

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very bad product

I bought a Samsung tv model HLT 5075 SX in april 2008, now in july 2009 a lot of white dots appeared in my screen. And more and more every day. I search in internet and found out that a lot of people have the same problem with the same tv and brand. I wrote to samsung and then called them to know If there something to do, If they will recall that product. They told me no recall and now that the warranty is over, the only solution is to call a technician and pay for the repair. I read in internet that can cost about $300 to $400 to repair that problem. That's why I want to submit a complaint against Samsung and more to help other people telling them not to buy samsung product.

  • Wi
    wideman Mar 29, 2010

    I also purchased a Samsung HLT5075sx model and it goes on and off every couple of minutes and it also freezes up

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  • Sc
    scott m. Nov 11, 2010

    My wife and have the same 50" T.V. and also had that same our T.V. shuts off after 5 minutes and freezes up!! Samsung is sted fast on not helping with fixing it!!! Less than 3 years old $1200.00, plus another $500.00 to repair it!!! so now we own a [50" Paper Weight!!! Made by SAMSUNG!! ] Just what weve always wanted. MY WIFE and I WILL "NEVER" PURCHASE ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AS WE LIVE!!! PERIOD!!! THIS COMPANY [Chaired and C.E.O. ed by "Kun-Hee Lee"] IS A DISGRACE!!! Thanks for the medium to voice our words!! Scott and Muniba

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left out to dry

I recently purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Kitchen Tradition. I noticed that it had the BBB symbol...

rebooting problem

Dear sir/madam

Samsung services is very horrible & terrible. I brought SAMSUNG SGH-M200 on 19-01-2009. Near about 1 & half month later, I faced a problem of rebooting. Then i went to Samsung service center his address is ASC H.D. ASSOCIATE B-104/1 Nirala nager Lucknow
(U.P.), INDIA . I submited my hand set at service centre after near 2 month i got my hand set when i asked What is problem, they told me that BOARD had been damaged. now i have same problem again.its services are miserable . pls make a proper action against them.

they shouldn't make appliances

Samsung appliances SUCK. The French Door refrigerator as beautiful as it is, we should have bought an LG. Since at the time they didn't make a matching dishwasher, so thankful they didn't, we purchased an LG. No problems with the LG. Now, for the 3 other Samsung appliances; let's start with the Microwave, I went to open it about a month after purchase and the entire handle can off and hit me in the face. They fixed it no charge. The Fridge's pantry drawer top snapped off about 8 months after purchase by just pulling the drawer out, what it was designed to do. They fixed it but said there would be a charge because Samsung did not warranty plastic. Finally there was no charge. The Freezer's ice machine has to be my far the most annoying thing that I'm stuck with until we move or the whole fridge breaks. I'm guessing the latter will happen first. If I forget to shut the ice maker off before bed the thing wakes us up with no fail every night when the ice gets jammed and it makes this loud knocking sound. The convection oven, works great except for the cleaning cycle. It out of warranty so I just clean it the old fashion way. So after spending over 4k I'm not happy. Advice to anyone who is in the market for new appliances, stay clear or Samsung.

  • Bo
    bobneel Jan 03, 2011

    We bought 4 major Samsung Appliances, and all 4 have gone bad. The ice maker sounds like a turbojet taking off, the microwave gives error codes for no reason, the dishwasher just quit with no power or anything, and the range is giving us an e-28 oven sensor shorted code and won't work. These units are just 2 years old, and are already not worth keeping. DON"T BUY Samsung APPLIANCES, or anything else they make for that matter if they won't stand behind their products any better than that.

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  • Di
    Disgusted in Katy Texas Dec 18, 2012

    I agree. Never will I purchase a Samsung Appliance again. When turning on the light in the over the stove microwave, the light blew and the two month old microwave would not come on. A technician had to be called. Now a little over a year later, the microwave will come on sometimes when you open the door and the panel where all the controls are located is about to fall off. Of course the microwave in now out of warranty.

    Bought one of their French Door Refrigerator. After about 6 months it wouldn't get cold enough. After a couple of service calls, the replaced the refrigerator. In a couple of months, the lower ice maker quit. After a hassle, they fixed the ice maker for free. I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong with it.

    The should stick to TVs and DVD players.

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terrible company

In the month of may i bought a 32-inch hi-definition samsung lcd t. v. i bought this t. v. because it had superior picture quality and a lower price tag than the other televisions in the showroom. my t. v. malfunctioned in the month of november. the screen blacked out. the same day this happened i called the samsung warranty office and set up an appointment for a samsung representative to come out and check the t. v. the representative arrived a week later and said the t. v. was defective. he then wrote up a report and told me to call the store i purchased from, to discuss getting the t. v. replaced. when i contacted the store, they said they had no record of the report from the samsung representative and to call back in a week. i called back and they still had no record of the report but they did show that the representative had come out and checked the t. v. since the store had no report from the samsung representative i decided to contact samsung directly. i contacted samsung and since they were a major corporation i believed they would have excellent customer service. unfortunately this was not the case. when i first contacted samsung, a customer service representative said he would contact the store i purchased from, i waited but 15 days passed and still no one contacted the store. i proceeded to call samsung back and they told me it was the stores problem. the store said that it was companies fault and was not their problem i am left with this defective piece no one to help me. i will never trust this samsung company ever in my life. samsung has the worst customer support of any company i have ever dealt with. it is so bad i will never buy any product from samsung and i recommend no one else does.

delay in repair

My name is Thomas Andrew Pereira.I had purchased a Samsung SGH-I450 mobile on 14-11-2008 from a local deler with warranty. Latter on 28-06-2009 i faced a problum with my mobile.It started displaying "White Display". Only white color was displaying on the screen.
So on 01-07-2009 i went to a near by Samsung service center at given address -MASTERCARE SERVICES, B6, Shroff Appartment, Sodawala Lane, Opp. Axis Bank, Borivali(w), Mumbai-400092.Tel:022-[protected] /022-[protected]

When i went there the representive told me that they need to change the display and it will take 1 week time for the job.Also they gave me a jobshit.
After one week i called the service center and asked about my mobile, so they said that the display part which is suppose to come from Delhi have not arrived. So they canot repair my mobile.Fro mthat time onwards i have been calling and personally visiting the service center and inquire about my mobile. But they keep on giving me the same answer. I even called samgsung toll free number [protected]. They have registered my complain and also given me one number [protected]. They are also not able to solve my problem.
I am a Business man and i have to keep contact with my clients. I am facing a major problums because i don't have any other way for the purpose. I am metally tired of calling the service center and i have decided to go to Consumer Forum.
So please look into the matter and please give me some response.
My address is 'Sangeet Sarita', Mother Teresa Shejol, Gass, Post-Sopara, Tal-Vasai, Dis-Thane, Pin-401203, MH.
My email add is- [protected]
My mobile no is [protected]

complaint of product - mobile - samsung dual c5212 imei no - 353350/03/040557/7 353351/03/040557/5 s/n-rw3s648295y

Dear sir,

I, dinanath prasad, purchased a samsung mobile set on 08 august, 2009 from a local mobile shopkeeper with proper receipt in dumka, jharkhand (india). Just one week has gone only, that mobile became inactive and hung. Even it is not taking start. The complete details of that mobile set is as follows-
Samsung dual c5212 imei no - 353350/03/040557/7 353351/03/040557/5 s/n-rw3s648295y
Battery no - ab553446bu, s/n: lc2s513ts/4-b

The shopkeeper is taking no response and telling that this is the manufacturing defects of samsung company which it could not be replaced here..

In this connection I want to draw your personal attention towards the fact that since the mobile has been purchased only one week earlier, please manage to replace it with another new set otherwise I would be bound to take legal actions against samsung company and take the matter to consumer court also-

Yours faithfully,

Dinanath prasad
At - hans niwas
Kali manda, harna kundi road,
Post - parana dumka
Disst - dumka (Jharkhand) - 814101

My mobile no - [protected]
And [protected]

brand new out of the box doesn't work

I bought the refrigerator brand new. It looks nice but it doesn't cool. The refrigerator temp doesn't get lower than 40 degrees and the freezer stays around 68!.
Called Samsung on 8/16/2009, 24 hrs. after I plugged the unit in for the first time. They created a ticket but now they are dragging their feet in "finding" a service center.

As of now I can only recommend to stay away from this Samsung refrigerators. I read several other post claiming a DOA unit but I hoped it wouldn't happen to me.

Spare yourself the agony and don't buy Samsung. If they ever come out and repair/exchange the unit I will update this post.

  • Ac
    Achim W. Aug 27, 2009

    This is getting worse and worse!
    A repair technician was out now 4 times. Replacing the main circuit board and several boards that make up the inverter unit.
    The refrigeratot still does NOT work. This is after two weeks now. I called Samsung every time! Each time I call, and give them the assigned ticket number, it is like I never called before and I have to tell them the entire case history over and over again.
    Just now I got off the phone with "Executive Customer Service" and I asked them to replace this unit, which I bought brand new, with another brand new, but working, unit or refund my money (over $1, 800). The excuse this time was that they can't process the exchange because their system is down until 9/1/2009. They promised to call back no later than 9/2/2009. I'll keep this comedy act alive by sharing the next excuse with you.

    Now just imagine that: A company the size of Samsung can not process and exchange of a crappy refrigerator for over a week becuase their system is down! I asked them to call the department that processes the exchange but they won't do it. They simply refuse to service their product.

    They will not do anything! I bought the new refrigerator end of July, plugged it in the first time on August 15, found out it didn't work and the nightmare began.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from Samsung appliances. B.t.w. the service technician told me that before he came today he visited a customer who had a 9 month old Samsung refrigerator which showed the same problems!

    If there is any contingency lawyer reading this with interest please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ha
    Hadenough923 Mar 01, 2011

    We purchased a Samsung refrigerator (french door style with freezer on the bottom) this past week. It has been only 3 days and it doesn't work ! The ice maker Never worked and today the freezer is getting warmer by the hour. Contacted Lowes where we purchased it and they said they will replace it with another one, but at this point I don't think I want another Samsung ! Any ideas?

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misguidance and incompetancy at service center

This is regarding one of Samsung service center's non-professionalism and incompetency.

I had been to this service center in Sect 14, Gurgaon and had submitted my phone beat 450 for the problem of phone hanging, I went there before my warranty period .The phone was kept for 3 days saying that if they will resolve the issue they will return it in 3 days else they might need to send it to Delhi service center .

Finally I got my cell back after 3 days saying that phone is ready, But to my disappointment the phone had the same problem the very next day .That depicts that they could not resolve the problem and didn't even test the cell before giving it to the customer and just master reset it .

I went back and then my cell was kept for 15 days again saying we will send it to Delhi center now and again without any testing cell was given back to me and the cell was suffering with the same problem.

Now my cell is out of warranty period due to their negligence and I have lost my trust on this service center and because my cell is out of warranty period I can't go to any other service center as they might charge money.

Please take a look at this as the customers of Samsung have to keep visiting the center due to this kind of ineffeiciency .If this negligence would continue definitely people will stop referring samsung products due to improper maintenance in servicing centers.

I have all the Samsung products at my home Samsung refrigerator, Samsung Digital TV, Samsung AC and Samsung DVD player. I am lossing the trust from this company as they have misused the time of the customer, misused his money and provided improper guidance.

I need to get my cell phone repaired free of cost taking my guarantee period into consideration.

  • Dr
    dr.shib shankar kuiri Jun 28, 2012

    Name:Dr. Shib Shankar Kuiri, Doctor's Qtr, B.S.Medical College, P.O.-Kenduadih, Dist-Bankura(W.B), PIN-722102
    Phone model:SAMSUNG C3322
    Last used No:09932601801
    E-mail for communication: [email protected]
    Missed date:23/06/2012
    IMEI No:358010042361144

    0 Votes

I need to reuired cdma to gsm

I need to reuired cdma to gsm phone on my same modle samsung max sch f679. And also I need pc studio for operating system vista

tv remote model no.00249a

I had purchased samsung colour tv model cs21t3 chasis no 019632atb04276 ([protected]) on 01-01-03 from sony mony electronics andheri (w) mumbai-400058. I am very happy with the tv performance till date. but recently the remote model no 00249a is not functioning with the result that it is causing hardship with happy viewing. I request u to replace the remote with a new one at the earliest. I am willing to pay for the same. thanks.
Jagat gandhi
167-a shree narain nivas
Flat 9, rd no 24b, sion (w)
Phone no 022 [protected], mob [protected]

mobile phone

I have bought a samsung guru 1100 mobile ( GT-E1100ZRTINU ) today . After buying it i kept it with me and did not open the battery cover again . after coming home when I tried to open the battery cover to insert a proper SIM, i found it is almost impossible to open it up . After giving much pressure it did not get opened. No technique comes into work to open it up. so for me, now this this phone is useless . I am really surprised and shocked how could this model came into the market .
I am not going to use samsung anymore . And I am giving u guarantee that I will not allow anyone close to me to buy any product of samsung.

Thanks a lot
bye forever

call recording write user manual book but not avilable samsung fraud company

I had purchase samsung cdma sch-m569 dated 21/04/2009 in surat, gujarat. From vansh traders-salabatpura-surat. Retail invoice, bill no-113, net amount - 9900/-.
Vansh traders say me this model avilable call recording faclitty available so I trust and purchase this model.
But call recording not in our phone I many many try call customer care but not possible this model call recording. Call recording function in our set error - not support in 4gv call.
I am very busy and big businessman so not immediately going customer care & vansh traders because I am busy.
But you note samsung user manual sch-m-569 book I have it & I read page no 21 clearly write call recording method.
But I going surat customer care samsung-ring road, majura gate not understand this phone call recording faclitty not any proper solution. Also I today call customer care samsung he say this phone some phone avilable and some not avilable this faclitty. Not proper give answer.
Why are you samsung write iin user manual book call recording possible.
Please sir note samsung this model not possible call recording I search in our circle but why are samsung write.
But I need call recording function.
I purchase & select this model because call recording function.
Samsung company very bad & useless mfg. Mobile cdma.
My i. M. E. No - [protected]
My cell no-0 [protected]

  • Go
    govind pareek Oct 05, 2009

    Company information:

    MY I.M.E.NO -268435458008841580
    MY CELL NO-0 9324944564

    0 Votes

non attendance of complaint even after 13 days

The switch of my 29" Samsung TV started giving touble. I registered a complaint with their service center on 17 Jul 09 - complaint No [protected]. Since that day we have been calling them at least thrice a day everyday without any response from them. The only thing their executive mentions each time are the service charges. And then yesterday they had the cheek to call and take a feedback on the promptness of the service. Can you believe that??
Can this be published in the newspapers so that people get to know the real face of a so called consumer electronics big company of the country?

Mrs Gayatri Pathania

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