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Complaints & Reviews

horrible store manager and customer service

The tv that I bought was sold off to someone else My friend and I visited the best buy store located in...

battery life

I bought a samsung B2100 mobile phone on 21st dec 2008, since the battery was draining out very quickly I took it to the service centre"digital waves" in chennai.They said there was something wrong with the circuit and that they would give me a new phone in 10 days.Now it is more than 45 days and everytime i call the service centre they are saying that it will take one week.Most of all the attitude of the guys answering the phone and at the counter is awful.

warranty response by samsung

I have a samsung lcd tv which has failed for the second time. The service agent took the unit away again to their depot. They told us the unit cannot be repaired this time and needs to be replaced by samsung. A request was put through on the 14th of january. No news from samsung for over a month. We contacted samsung several times. The case was finally escalated to a case officer on the 23 of february. They promised a case officer would call within 2 days. We still did not have news or any call back from samsung. Today is the 3rd of march 2010. No response at all from samsung despite several follow up calls and endless hours on hold. This must be the worst customer service as they keep telling us a case officer should contact us withing two days with an outcome, but they never do. Even when we have obtained an email address for the case officer and have sent numerous emails for an answer, they simply do not bother to reply or acknowledge reciept of email.

I strongly advise people not to buy samsung products, unless they wish to deal with an inferior and unreliable product, coupled with the worst customer service division I have ever come across. They simply do not honour their warranty obligations.

disaster within 15 months!!!

This is a complaint for the samsung lcd37a550 which I purchased 16 months ago. Worked perfectly for 15 months and I was very happy with it to be honest.

Suddenly went on the blink 2 weeks ago. After 1 hour of usage the picture goes off while the sound remains. The service guy tells me the panel will have to be replaced at a cost of rs:27, 500 which is exactly 50% of what I paid for the lcd in october 2008 (Rs:54, 000) !!! What he cant explain is how or why a high end product like this one should go down the drain so quickly.

Do they think I am nuts??? Pay 50% of the original cost after just 16 months from the date of purchase???

In spite of my writing to the deputy md, the marketing head and the category head at samsung, no one from samsung has had the courtesy (Forget the guts!) to respond. What a fabulously customer-centric organization!!! Speaks volumes of how once you sell a product, you forget the customer who bought it!!!

I regret the day I purchased this product and hope the same thing doesnt happen to my top end samsung microwave which I purchased for rs:16, 000!!!



  • Su
    Sumitgupto Jul 04, 2011

    I have the same problem after about 24 months...and the problem is the Samsung service tells me that the warranty after replacing the panel is JUST one month!! What di you do? Did you get the panel replaced?

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capacitor/screen shadow

My two year old samsung tv model # lnt4661fx started clicking on and off and a shadow appeared on the screen. I called samsung support who told me there was a problem with that model number. They sent a technician to my house who replaced the component causing the on/off clicking sound. The shadow remained on the screen. The technician called samsung and they told him they (Samsung) would not pay for the screen repair. It is very evident the capacitor caused the screen to shadow. I called samsung executive branck on 17 feb 2010. They told me they would not cover the screen problem. I paid $1800.00 for the tv. The capacitor caused the screen problem. Samsung should stand behind their product. "never again samsung".

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no power

Louged a complaint at service center on dated 5th january 2010. My complain no. Is [protected]. Engineer visited to us and said a spare should be changed. Since I have not received any phone calls regarding this. Everyday I contact to service center they said I arranged the call and nothing happens.

cant send email from message option and damazing phone in the service centre

I was surfing by this phone but couldn’t send email from new message option. though I could send email by opening Yahoo!, I could not open yahoo mail, rediff and Gmail as it stated memory is short. My service provider Airtel told that it has to be updated by the Samsung service centre. The Berhampore (Murshidabad, West Bengal )service centre kept it for 2 days (3.2.10 to 4.2.10) and at the end returned it, deleting all the settings, stored important messages and contacts. Rupees 15 talk time is also spent by them, with GPRS totally stopped. I again got Mobile office and nop settings by phoning aortal executive. They must have damaged the phone's GPRS system. Their behavior is rude as they are overworked and without adequate training. For this I have visited the centre 4 times traveling 50 miles every time. My phone is SGH-J150 EDGE TRIBAND no [protected] bought 5 months ago.

I did surfing by my previous Samsung phone, but seeing this phone's email option from message menu, I bought it. But the service center boys are telling that emailing is not possible from message menu. Then why the company advertised that false option to make me buy that phone and lose my money. Is it not cheating? Please do something to safeguard the good name of the company. I am
yours faithfully,
Stephen goswami, bible centre, po-Islampur, pin-742304 Dt. Murshidabad, W.B. phone-[protected]

email- [protected]

overheating fan on television

To whom it may concern,

Compliant: regarding Samsung LE40A756 LCD

The above television was purchased on 15th of November 2008 along with product support for 3 years. The above LCD started showing I quote “(check fan 1)” and then switches off 3 minutes later. The television has just been collected from my home for repair which will take 28 days. I was also told by the tech guys that the fan has been overheating.

I am thus making this compliant because I never once expected my television of just over one year old to be having such problems. This has thus proven that the above television is faulty and that’s the reason why it’s been discontinued. And because I do not want to keep experiencing this problem again I therefore want Samsung to send me a guarantee letter stating that the problem will not occur again or refund my purchase money. I would also like to know what Samsung expects me to watch while mine is been repaired for the next 28 days.

When I bought the product support, I did not buy it for faulty fan. I am extremely unhappy with the above product, I am highly disappointed with Samsung LCD television and I want Samsung to know this as soon as possible.

I strongly advise that Samsung should refund my money because I do not trust Samsung LCD product anymore. I am now on maternity leave with a new born baby at home with no television to watch.


Osato Ivbarenikaro

Defective device

Unit powers up, appears to start normally, but signal through the hdmi cable skips out and blanks out on tv at various points during play of dvd, whether blu ray or regular dvd discs. Have changed hdmi cables, tried other sources and have new samsung led tv hooked to it and tv works with all other devices fine. Appears there is a circuit board weak spot in player, it is intermittent. You can bang on the player and it will start working for a while...

refrigerator keeps breaking

I have a refrigerator purchased in September, 2007, model # RS2530BSH. First last Feb, 2009 the control panel goes out and surprise that's not covered and since it was the electronics, OK I guess. However, less than a year later, it starts making this buzzing noise that gets louder and louder so I'm thinking compressor. Talk to Samsung, that would be covered as part of the "sealed system", however after a $75 diagnostic call, turns out it's the FAN which isn't covered and another $200+ repair. So that's almost $500 in repairs on a $900 refrigerator that's less than 2 1/2 years old. They refuse to do anything, say it's too far out of warranty, excuse me? Refrigerators are supposed to last decades and this piece of garbage can't go a year without something breaking and miraculously none of it is ever covered by the warranty. The best they can do is for me to send a letter to the office of the president which I'm doing while I spread this story everywhere!

continous problem in handset during warranty period

within the week of purchase of samsung J-600, the handset showed some problem. it was send to the samsung repair center.
then again in July-august the handset started creating problems. it was send to the service center in connaught place.
presently on 19th of December the problem cropped up again.
when sent to the service center they refused to do saying that the IMEI no. written on the bill does not match the no.written on the back of the handset as per the bill the IMEI no. is [protected]
where as in the phone the IMEI no. is358560010414639 i.e just the one digit is creating problem ie 8 is written as 3
after getting services done earlier also... the connaught place service center refused to do so.
moreover for repairing they demanded rs.800 even when the handset is still in warranty period.
after my continuous effort to get the handset repaired, i went to an outsider shop and get that done on 22nd of January
the shop from which the handset was purchased (one mobile shop in rajouri garden) has been closed.

the problems that the handset shows is
1.the screen gets white.
2.the text starts appearing like a mirror image i, e.just reverse
3. the color changes and shows all the things in blue color
4.the battery looks as if it is 2-3 years old

its my humble request please provide me the service
i am a regular user of samsung.
and this kind of inconvenience is really disappointing.
i hereby request you to replace my handset as soon as possible..
For Contact Mr Pranav Kumar Mahant
Email Id- [protected]

hoping for early response

bad product and bad service

I bought the omnia b7320 on december 23, 2009 and the battery started to show problem on january 12, 2010. It went flat suddently and it became very hot when I charged it. I took it for repair and the samsung customer service centre at plaza singapura on january 15, 2010. Because nobody called me after 5 days, I called again on january 21, 2010 and enquired the situation, the customer service officer said it is not done yet but he did not know why. Today is 1 week after I sent in for repiar january 22, 2010. Nobody called me at all to tell me what's wrong with my phone!!!

  • Al
    Alberdeni Aug 16, 2010

    I live in Panama city, moved here after retiring, and originally from here, bought all my products at samsung, and, 50hd tv was so bad that after 4 attempts to fix a one month old tv, i forced them to replace it for a new one. bought a 18 btu air condition, and had to be fixed twice due to defective compressor, bought a dvd recorder and after a week needed to take it to be fixed (has not use it since too complicated) and now my replaced 50 hd tv ( wich is now 5 years old and only has 700 hrs (supposed to be good for 6000hrs) needs repair at a cost of $300 and they will only warranty it for one guess what... I am buying a panasonic and say good bye to Samsung, never again will buy one of their products.

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very lazy service...

Very lazy service centers
I'm from bikaner, rajasthan.. I had a samsung s5233s star phone. On 26 dec. 09. It had some problem.
27 dec I go to service center of samsung, they say pls submit ur set on 4 jan. 2010 for some network problem.
I submit set on 4 jan.
They say that leave ur set for 2 day till we update it.
After 2 days they say ur set pcb (Inner curcuit) must be changed & no other way to repair it. I said yes. After 5 day lated they change pcb & said that ur set must transfer to jaipur for process the imei no. On pcb & now say that ur set sent to delhi...
Now pls help me & take me my set & 20 lated day extended warrenty...
My mobile imei no. Is [protected] & work order no. Is 417..

Ur truly
Amit kumar jangid..

lost mobile complaint.

Lost mobile details.

Name : sandeep murari surve.
Address : 202, tirthraj, sakharambaba complex,
Bolinj, virar, tal. vasai, dist. thane.
Phone model : samsung gt-b3313
Make : samsung.
Last used number : [protected] diled and talked. (after that
have called up from [protected] (pco) but not picking up
Only. )
Email : sndp. [protected]
Missed date : 20-01-2010
Imei no. [protected]

Purchase date 03-12-2009.

  • Ss
    s.sheikmohideen Jan 21, 2010

    i have receive the following message on19.01.2010 on my mobile no.9976817403 that i won (700, 000)from yahoo/msn lottery held in UK, to claim my prize contact Dr.chris owen, email([email protected])if it is true then please send details to my email id. i m waiting mail from Dr.chris owen, my email id [email protected]" and contact no:9976817403

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  • De
    Deepak d.g Feb 24, 2010

    Lost Mobile details.

    Name : Deepak D.G

    Address : 529, 7th main, 9th cross, coffee board layout
    hebbal kempapura bangalore-24.

    Phone Model : Samsung GT-B3313.

    Make : Samsung.

    Last used Number : 9844103634 Diled and talked.

    Email : [email protected]

    Missed date : 20-02-2010

    IMEI NO:- 357492030467540

    Purchase Date 12-12-2009.

    please help me tracking my mobile, if u are in need of further detail from my side please let me know...

    Thank u.

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  • As
    Astron Mar 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have lost my mobile today in Bangalore, Right in front of DELL office, near Domlur when I was getting down from a BMTC bus. Please try to help me. Here are the details you have asked for.

    Your name: Astron Chethan Lobo
    Address: Novellus Systems ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
    Maruthi Info-Tech Center, 2nd Floor, A Block 11/1 & 12/1,
    Amarjyothi Layout,
    Inner Ring Road,
    Bangalore 560071
    Phone model: L700
    Make: Samsung
    Last used No.: +919964141341
    E-mail for communication: [email protected]
    Missed date: 19/03/2010
    IMEI No.: 358224021793991

    Astron Lobo

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delivery and customer service

I bought a 52" Samsung LCD HDTV online at Best They promise free shipping and give you a choice of which day you can have it delivered. I chose the 15th of January. On the 14th, after not receiving any call from Best Buy, I called to confirm delivery. They said they did not have a scheduled date for my TV to be delivered. They asked me to call the warehouse. I called and was told that there was no record of my order. Then called Best Buy again. The lady on the phone said she could not have the TV delivered for the 15th and wanted to schedule me for the 20th. I asked her when I would have gotten the TV if I never took the initiative to call them. and I got no answer.

If that wasn't irritating enough. When the TV was delivered on the 20th, I got the worst delivery service. The guys came in and put the TV together. Then put the TV on my stand. Then asked me to sign the papers so they can leave. I asked them to turn the TV on so that I can see it was working properly. I thought this was a reasonable request. They told me the wire was too short and I needed three prongs (I had three prongs- like an arm away from where the table was.) They said they could not move the furniture. I said, "but its right there." All they had to do was slide the table over. They said they were taking the TV and started to take the wires off and lifted it to go. I said why are you taking the TV? I've been waiting all these days and this is the service you are providing me with? I said let me call Best Buy and asked for the phone number. They said "1-800 - Best Buy. I said "what is the numerical number, I have a blackberry". and they said "so what, you can, its i800 best buy." They were acting like I was stupid or something. Then they called the warehouse and the lady talked to me. She said that they did not move furniture. I said I wasn't asking for the furniture to be moved. All I wanted was the TV to be hooked on and turned on so that I can see that the TV was operational. She then talked to the delivery guy.

So, since they refused to move anything, even slide a table a few inches, I asked them to hold the TV up while I moved the table. They lifted the TV and put it on the floor. So here I am, petite, 5' tall, woman, pushing a table, while two grown men stand and watch. Then they put the TV on the table and handed me the paper to sign. I said, its still not on. I just want to make sure the TV works. Personally, their refusal to turn it on was making me more suspicious that it was properly not working. Then they turned it on and left with all the wires off and a mess for me to clean up. They had knocked down my frame and plant on the adjacent bookshelf too.

Above all, their "I don't care, none of my business, not my job" - attitude, really irritated me. They were not polite and instead were looking for an arguement. When they decided to take the TV and leave was when I wanted to call the freak'n police on them. So RUUUUUUDE! The worst experience I had of the several bad encounters with Best Buy people.

slow speed

I own a Samsung WA15P9 Washing Machine. I was hoping you could let me know if the wash cycle drum speed is known to be quite slow.

un55b8000 led tv

Let me begin this review by stating that has been very good about helping me with my problem. Their return policy and customer service are among the best in the industry.

Now: samsung is a different story.

I bought their un55b8000 television based on the specs, the online reviews and samsung's own website. The screen size and the price point seemed great for us. When it arrived, it was even more beautiful in person. Sadly, the picture quality was awful. I know that electronic devices can be perfect out of the box or doa out of the box, so I was a bit disappointed when I installed the tv and found out that it wasn't working properly. The backlight was horribly uneven (More than just the typical "edge lit led screens are uneven" stuff... This was very noticeable on all inputs). Any all-black screen was marred by clouds of white light. Worse, there were digital artifacts around all edges and contrasty spots. It looked like a b&w checkerboard surrounded everything, and it was also visible on all hdmi inputs (Dish dvr and xbox) and on our samsung bluray player. The sound occasionally dropped out, and there were weird all-magenta screen flashes randomly happening. You get the point. This was a defective tv.

Unaware of amazon's customer-friendly return policy, I called samsung to take advantage of their in-home warranty service. I'm not going to spend pages and pages ranting about how awful the experience was. I'll just say it was awful. They came out three times (Very late, two out of three of them) and could not fix the problems. I thought it would be a no-brainer to have samsung step up and replace the tv with a working model. Nope! They've given me the run-around for almost two months. They finally said that the service tech had not specifically written "deemed unrepairable", so they could not replace it unless he did. Hours of back-and-forth calls later, they finally deemed it unrepairable, and said they'd replace the tv... Except that they apparently do not have any of that model available in any of their warehouses. They told me I should just wait for them to contact me. They do not know when that will happen.

I checked amazon's site, and they said they'd take back the tv right now and replace it with a brand new one. I've owned other samsung products in the past, so i'm not overly worried about getting another lemon. I'm just very, very disappointed in samsung's terrible customer service. It's rare to find a company who is adamant about not caring a bit about customer (Dis) satisfaction. Google "samsung customer service sucks" for many more stories just like mine...

And again, I have to say that amazon is a stellar company. Thanks to them for rescuing me from further dealings with samsung's corporate flunkies!


I am thorougly disgusted with my 3-year old samsung refrigerator model
Number rb215lash. I have had it serviced 5 times in the past 9 months
Due to the coils freezing up! Each time the repairman comes to my home,
It costs me $185.00 to have him defrost my 3 year old frost-free
Refrigerator that cost me over $1000.00!!! I have almost doubled the cost
Of my refrigerator with the 5 service calls at $185.00 each!!! It is a wonder
That this product is no longer available — it should be recalled!!!
Perhaps samsung should consider refunding me for this lemon of a
Refrigerator, since I can no longer afford to pay to have it defrosted. I
Will never purchase another samsung product again, and will advise
Everyone I know to avoid this brand.

  • Cl
    Classymama58 Mar 26, 2010

    I have the same refrigerator and it is doing the same thing. I have mine for four years and now it is freezing up too. I am think about filing a complaint with the FTC and Consumer Affairs Office.

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  • Am
    amalia alvarez May 09, 2015

    we have the same problem and I will not buy Samsung again.

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terrible product/service

This has been the biggest mistake I ever purchased... This dishwasher has never worked in the 3 mos I have owned it, purchased at best buy and the installation was insane - it's worse than the cheapest piece of junk made and cost close to $900... I have a pile of broken glasses that have fallen over in the ridiculous design of the top rack and sediment (Presumably old food?? Yuck!) is glued to the inside of all glasses and dishes on every wash - even on 3+ hour heavy duty cycle... Now, I have a blinking se message... To top it off, samsung has yet to reply to any of our attempts to contact them - wrong time zone I guess... I hate this appliance... My 10 year old maytag was a gem - it's only fault?: it wasn't stainless outside... Had I known what i'd be up against, I would have dealt with the white exterior... I shouldn't have dishpan hands at this price!

customer service

Last year, 12/29/2008, my wife and I purchased a complete Samsung stainless steel kitchen ( french door refrigerator, dishwasher, electric range and microwave ) and installed the appliances about a week later. From DAY ONE, we had issues with the icemaker not making ice and the microwave making a "clicking" noise while running. After calling the Samsung Customer Service Center, the icemaker issue seems to have been resolved but the microwave noise comes and goes. Almost a year later, before the warranty expired, I decided that I would make Samsung come and figure out what this noise was before the appliance failed out of warranty and on November 12, 2009 I called Samsung to request service and was provided the Service Request number and the name of the Service company -- I was told to expect to be contacted by the company within 24-48 hours to schedule the service appointment. A week later, after not hearing from the service provider, I again called Samsung and was told that they would re-fax the request to the service provider and provided me with their phone number as well. The next day, I called them and advised them that I had been waiting to hear from them to schedule the service -- No answer so I left a message. About a week later, still no response so I called the service provider again and this time got an answer. I explained that I had been waiting and was given some lame excuse that they had not ever received any communications from Samsung ( but said nothing about my voice message a week earlier ) and told me that the "technician" would look over the complaint details and get back to me within 48 hours to schedule the appointment yet, after another week, still nothing and I called Samsung to demand a different service provider. The second service provider ( A-1 Appliance ) contacted me promptly and scheduled the appointment for December 7, 2009 ( I had to take a day off work to be there during THEIR business hours ). By the time the technician arrived, the "clicking" noise in the microwave had gotten noticeably worse, the handle broke off the microwave door, several buttons on the touch pad stopped working and the microwave unpredictably started by itself. On December 7th, the technician arrived and diagnosed the problems ( needs a new turntable motor, the entire door needs to be replaced as well as the touch pad ). Parts would be ordered and I would be contacted when the parts arrived -- I wasn't offered a copy of the service report that I was required to sign but demanded one ( just in case, for proof ). TWO WEEKS later, still nothing. I again contacted Samsung and let them know that my recent order for a new Samsung front loading washer and dryer had been cancelled due to the obvious lack of reliability of the appliances and, more importantly, non-existent service. On the following business day, I was contacted by A-1 Appliance to let me know that they were waiting for parts that were on back-order and would be contacted when the parts arrived -- Another week has passed and it is obvious that the parts are on a "slow boat from China" because I could have driven to anywhere in the country and back to pick up the parts ... TWICE in the time that I have been waiting for Samsung to take care of their junk.

As I said, our order for a new Samsung washer and dryer has been cancelled and we will buy another GE or Maytag -- They cost less that the self-proclaimed "top-quality", over-priced Samsung appliances and, in my past experiences, both GE and Maytag appliances have provided problem-free operation for YEARS ( My previous Maytag refrigerator lasted 14 years ... 8 years after surviving a house fire in 2002 !!! The previous GE range and microwave were in PERFECT working condition after 8 years but replaced to match the refrigerator. Oh ... The washer and dryer we now have are ALSO Maytag ... 14 years old and STILL working flawlessly ( scratched up a bit but still working and didn't cost $3000 either ).

Bottom line ... If you already bought your Samsung appliance, I wish you alot better luck than we have had with ours but, in my opinion, Samsung appliances are over-priced, unreliable junk and I'll never own another at ANY price.

  • Ar
    Arvind kumar Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought samsung microwave model No.C103FL-5/XTL on 28.01.06 from Patna Bihar, due rat bite wiring of my microwave was damaged so I sent this to samsung work shop for repairing in July 2007 at patna after 2 months work shop repaired it by replacing parts worth Rs.4500/ despite replacement of parts my microwave doesn't work properly. When it is started it works for only 8 to 10 minutes then it stops. So I again complained to samsung workshop but they refused to repair by saying it will work in same way. When It was bought it doesn't stops after 8 to 10 minutes of working. I am lodging this complain because there is no proper response is being taken from samsung workshop.

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  • La
    lancy patrick Oct 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i purchased a microoven in saudi arabia and send to my home town in india,unfortunately it was not working so i contacted the service centre in mangalore,karnantaka they are telling me that the warranty is not covered,but i have a one year international warranty,please help in this matter.

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  • Sv
    S.Venkatesan Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am working in the Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli – 23. I have purchased a Samsung Micro Owen (Model MWOSAM GE83H) in your Venus Electronics, Trichy branch on 23.10.2008 to celebrate Diwali festival on 27.10.2008 and I have paid the amount through City Finance. I have visited more than 10 days to your Trichy branch office to collect the above item, finally (06.11.2008) he was supplyed micoroven machine only the addtional vessiles and sumsung gift Hand plender is not supplyed I was faced lot of problems Please kindly help to receive the above items.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,


    Note : Venus Electronics Bill No. TRY-1NV1296 dated 23.10.2008

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  • Ro
    Rod11 Feb 01, 2010

    Bought OTR microwave and the handle broke within a month. Called their customer service and they claim it is physical damage and would not cover. Lousy customer service and lousy product.

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  • Gl
    gladness Jul 25, 2013

    My Samsung microwave worked for 14 months & then quit. The company acknowledges no responsibility for a poor product.

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