Sally Beauty Supplyemployee tye

N Jul 01, 2019

We live in Chula Vista, CA. My wife shops at your story located in the Eastlake area. There is an employee by the name of Tye. Every time we go to the store she is very unprofessional. She never greets us, and on the last time we went to the store she was very rude towards my wife. We have noticed that she greets other customers yet she is very cold and rude towards Hispanics. My wife chose what she needed to purchase and she was going to pay with a $100 bill. Tye told my wife that she had no change and she asked her to walk over to the Vons store in the same strip mall in order to get change. By this comment, my wife was upset and asked to speak with the manager. The manager was able to open a cashier and gave my wife change for the $100 bill. Tye has always shown a distant, disconnected, cold and uncaring attitude during all the times that we have walked into the store. She should realize that we are not there to socialize nor to make new friends with her because we are only there to purchase the beauty product that my wife requires. Your employee should realize that it is the name of the company that she represents and by not giving us the professional assistance, it is your whole company that is looking bad. Your employee is receiving a salary from your company and it's not doing community service hours. We know that she must have been properly trained in the customer service field yet she is lagging friendliness customer care and basically the inability to properly greet and treat those who are shopping in the store. Her facial demeanor is of a person who is not happy working there who perhaps does not feel satisfied by what she is doing in her role and clearly she makes us customers feel asked if we were bothering her or upsetting her by our presence in the store. Maybe she should not be placed in the front of the store where there is customer interaction. Maybe she should be working in another area of the store like in the back where she only opens boxes and has no interaction with other human beings. The sad part is that she has treated us this way for the last 5 years now, as with other former employees there. My wife and I and other neighbors who are Hispanic has stopped shopping at that particular store due to the poor service that we receive. My wife and I have begun shopping at another store. Please have this employee take training regarding Hispanic and other ethnic group customers. It is sad that she is unable to treat us with dignity and respect. We were her clients and we never asked for anything free. All the time we paid cash for the products purchased. I hope that you realize that many companies go broke when inefficient and unprofessional employees stop treating customers with respect. Once the customer feels that she is not treated with respect, the customer stops shopping at that particular store. Then the store begins to lose revenue and eventually that specific store will close. And if one store closes and another store closes then your company is basically in bankruptcy and disappears. do not allow this to happen because you carry very good beauty supply things in your store and you are losing clients do to your bad employees. My wife and I prefer to drive 10 miles to the other store than to go back to this specific store in our neighborhood. Thank you very much and I hope that things will change for the better. Nicolas and Veronica Maldonado.

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