Safelink Wirelessphone service


I have been a Safelink customer for 5 years now. after 2 years of being informed that I could update my phone, the old flip/flap phone did not work well so I called Safelink to let them know the problem since it is my only reliable phone to which I ' have my lifeline connected and used for all my medical activities. Little did I know that those people shot my phone. So I called them back and asked to speak to a supervisor to whom I explained my situation. Being alone at home and my lifeline is connected to this phone. She was so rude saying "so what do you want from us?"
So, my phone was disconnected, my medications were not delivered because my pharmacist could not reach me.
My days of non-services were subtracted and instead of a smartphone for an upgrade as promised, I received a very small phone that I can not read the numbers nor the screen. I can not take pictures with this one in relation to the other or with any phones elsewhere.
I can not keep this tiny phone, I have headaches just trying to read a message and if I return it I will be out of touch with the outside world.

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