SABC / TV Licencespayments

I Aug 02, 2018

Hi.i am being harassed by a debt collecting company on behalf of tv licence SABC.
I have paid my licence already last year in december.

I have mailed the harassment company 13 times already and mail the tv licence board wit h now positive reaction. I have phoned to debt collectors and tv lines numbers in Johannesburg to only get a arrogance from a telephone person.

Please I have paid my licence like a law abiding citizen although I do not watch tv. I officially donated my tv to a domestic worker and feel that the level of service and blatant harassment is to the point where I deserve an apology.

Can please someone send me a e-mail address that I can forward all my mails for lic and to debt collectors, where someone is going to read it, note it as paid and solve it.


Highly annoyed
Law abiding, tv licence payer

Ilze Haasbroek (Mostert)
[protected] (cell)
Hello [protected]

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