Ryan Homesryan homes is irresponsible. is it legal?

H Aug 05, 2018

Im rather dissappointed with my new home built by ryans home. It has only been a year and a half and ive already have so many problems. My warranty expired but recently i have a rood leaking problem and 2 roofer company came and told me it wasnt the roof problem but the way the structure of the front of the house is built causing rain to force back into the roof causing leak. I called ryans home and they did some work on it and i was told it's a homeowner maintenance issue. The leak is not corrected. This is our third home and first home w ryans home. Considering it is a brand new home, i dont see this as a homeowners maintenance issue. I'm going to seek other action, legal if needed because im paying a malfunction product and suddently it is a homeowners issue, especially when the home is so new. We recently suffered our first rain season since i moved in and that is when the leak occured.
Other issue is they reasonly built the house next door to us. The neighbor's landscape is built in a way where the water piles in our yard causing our grass to die and standing water collected in our yard. I brought it to their attention and their respond is to ask the neighbor to lessen theirrigation in that area. Well what about when it rains? This is very irresponsible on ryan home.

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