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Called to have a replacement card sent out and was told had to answer 4 security questions, since I just changed my address, tried to answer couldn't answer, couldn't understand Customer service agent, asked to speak to a supervisor cause I didn't wanna fail the questions, agent got mad said I there wasn't a supervisor available and hung up on me, called back they said I failed the questions and needed to send in documentation to verify identity plus proof of address sent in all that and they said my proof of address was invalid, I just moved in with my girlfriend, I have no billing info with my name accept a att bill and ups shipping, I just started a new job they made me a paystub to send in still invalid, no one will tell me what else I can send in, I keep getting the run around or spoken to very rudely by the same agents. I need help it it the beginning of the month I have rent and bills and a diabetic kid, I don't receive state assistance, I need my money my kids life depends on it.
I've been a member since 2012.
Wtf???????? Y'all send me cards without me asking now y'all won't when I really need it.
I need help or answers asap
Please anyone who has information please help me

Oct 05, 2019

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