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RueLaLa Complaints & Reviews

Ruelala / Disappointed

Matroon09 on Oct 26, 2016
Purchased two items from RueLaLa website and received only one. When I contacted customer service they said that they'll check on my order and promised to contact me back later. When they contacted me their rep said that according to their information I was sent two items. I explained...

Ruelala / No way to get your money back

Lindsey on Jun 20, 2016
I have returned several items which I did not like. Before sending every back I contacted RueLaLa customer care service and asked them if it was possible to get a refund and they said yes. When they received the items they said that refund was not possible. They told that everything wa...

RueLaLa.com / Very dishonest company!

Samara on Feb 25, 2016
About a month ago I purchased two pairs of Ugg boots from RueLaLa. I did receive the boots but the quality was way off. After a few wearings the side seam of one of the boots began to split. Clearly this was a manufacturing problem, so I contacted customer service and provided some...

RueLaLa.com / Unprofessional service

Jasmine on Jan 13, 2016
I recently placed an item to a favorites list, but later I received a message from my bank that my credit card was charged. They actually stole $1000 from me! I contacted the customer support and explained that I never ordered anything, but I was told that the watch is already packaged and...

RueLaLa.com / Selling false merchandise!

Coco33 on Dec 29, 2015
Several months ago I purchased a bag from RueLaLa. The bag itself looked great, quality was fantastic and it was in perfect condition. But something was strange about it, so I did a research and it turned out to be fake! It was not the real Prada bag as it was written on their website. I...

rue lalac / dress came to late and it itchy under the arm with sequence bad

barbara perkins on Sep 27, 2013
dress came to late for engagement, i called and said wanted to return item and was told could not i was not able to use the item and very unhappy with the product, i was told they would not give a credit for the product that has not been WORN at all . the service was terrible from...

Ruelala / Terrible Customer Serivce

angry84 on Jan 29, 2013
I booked a ski trip months ago and have been on the lookout for winter sales on RueLaLa to purchase ski equipment. Just within the appropriate timeframe, I find a sale on RueLaLa and purchase a helmet receiving a confirmation email. Two days later, I receive an email saying, "opps...the...

RueLaLa.com / I don't trust their shipping, so doubt I will ever order from them again

Oultane on Jan 18, 2013
I placed an order for 1 decorative plate only to receive Elena's from Miami Beach with 3 fragile items! It came in a giant box. When I called customer service, the woman said she would send a return label. I live in NYC. I am not carrying a huge box with fragile items onto the subway...

RueLaLa.com / There are too many other flash sale sites to be bothered with their nonsense

Ugene on Jan 3, 2013
I am done with Rue La La. I ordered a pair of King size sheets from Cuddledown for a Christmas present. They shipped sheets that were a Full size which wasn't discovered until after they were given at Christmas. Rue La La will not contact Cuddledown to replace the sheets. There are...

RueLaLa.com / Ruelala.com won't refund me my money for a purchase in which they sent me the wrong size

meng delia on Nov 6, 2012
I ordered 2 Long champ " Le Pliage " Medium Nylon Shoulder Bag products on 什么网站, but they delivered me 2 Longchamp " Le Pliage " small Nylon Shoulder Bag, . They refuse to refund and have no active measures for the purchase in which they sent me the wrong size... It has been going on for...

RueLaLa.com / I have received some good items, but the bad experiences outweigh the good

Kissete on Sep 21, 2012
Shipping is very slow, and customer service is non-existent. They just copy and paste a generic answer to whatever question you ask. I ordered an item, shipping was described as 'within 3-5 days', and 3 weeks later, still no shipping notice. When I tried to cancel the order, they...

RueLaLa.com / Rue LaLa's order process is deceptive

Lakanale on Aug 3, 2012
Rue LaLa's order process is deceptive. When I ordered the sofa described below, their order process said it would be delivered by 2 August. I then received a confirmation of this estimated delivery date below. I called today to find out why my sofa did not arrive today. I was told by...

RueLaLa.com / If you can't deliver, don't run shopping website

Lunguste on Jul 31, 2012
They suck! One of my orders got canceled for "technical problems", two of my orders failed delivery after one month of my payment. I was looking forward for that package and was so disappointed. After I complaint these to the staff. They did nothing but saying "I am so sorry to hear that...

RueLaLa.com / Avoid this fraudsters at all costs

Rumka on Jul 9, 2012
I ordered ruelalavegas card travel from them and suppose to get 250$ value when booking vegas hotel while i only have to pay 150. Ended up being scammed b/c i ended up paying the 150$ for the card, plus full amount for the hotel. They tell you they will refund you the 250 within 3 week...

RueLaLa.com / Order placed almost 2 months ago, still &processing&

jbrvt on Jun 11, 2012
I have been a loyal shopper of RueLaLa.com for about a year now, and overall it's been a pleasant experience except for this ONE order. I ordered a pair of New Balance running tights on 4/20/12. It is now 6/11/12 and, after contacting their CS twice (5/16 and 6/6), I have not received...

RueLaLa.com / Ordered two items more than a month ago that still have not shipped

Algonre on May 15, 2012
Ordered two items more than a month ago that still have not shipped. Reached out to their customer service and was told that they were having issues with a new system. They had evidence of my order, but couldn't tell me anything about when they'd be shipping it. When told I...

RueLaLa.com / Thanks for messing up the biggest dance in my daughters life

Ilome on May 15, 2012
I have used this website numerous times as well am both of my daughters and even spread the word to friends that have used this site. Well I ordered a formal dress for my daughter on May3, 2012. She needed it for a military ball on May19, 2012. So far the dress has been preparing for...

RueLaLa.com / Nightmarish experience would be putting it mildly

Borkue on Mar 21, 2012
Nightmarish experience would be putting it mildly. I ordered a bag and paid by Paypal. Changed my mind and returned the package unopened. That was three weeks ago. I have been trying to get my money back ever since with no luck. I complained on another website and was contacted by a...

RueLaLa.com / Stay Away From Them!

kem1960 on Mar 8, 2012
I ordered for the first time from RueLaLa on February 27. I decided I did not want the item before it arrived and rejected the package at the post office on March 1. It is now March 8 and I have neither a refund nor any indication that my item has been returned to them and they are...

Rue La La / Rip off

deegee on Nov 3, 2011
Folks, save yourself some hard-earned cash and plenty of aggravation. If the size is not as represented on their site, (has happened to me twice) you are stuck with the items, many of which are deemed "non-returnable" for the convenience of Rue La La. Prices are nowhere near as "discount"...

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