Ruby TuesdayI am complaining about poor food quality

T Jun 16, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Thomas Brendle
6228 White Oak Dr
Frederick, Md 21701

My wife and I had dinner on june 6, 2019. We havnt been to this rest. recently, but have been many times in past.
My half rack of ribs were dry and not tender like I expect ribs to be.
The meat did not fall off the bones. So I used my knife to cut the ribs apart. This was not easy. When I asked my wife about her dinner, she said her shrimp were fine, but
the baked potatoe was not hot, only luke warm. Our total check was over $45.00,
I expect better than this From Ruby Tuesday. Our rcpt does not have a client no.
so I cant give to you. I dont expect we will returning any time soon. Too many other
choices. TLB


  • SubSquirrel Jun 16, 2019

    And when your server asked how everything was, did you tell them that the ribs and potato (no “e” Dan Quayle) were not right? Did you pay and then run home to write a complaint here?

    Most people tell their server right away so the food can be replaced

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