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Have recurring refill of my CPAP supply and always pay the bill. This time I checked my UHC online account and happened to see my Rotech supply claim and the Copay amount was less on this statement then on the text message from Rotech. Looked for the bill on the Rotech app and saw they had given me credit and even with credit the amount was $28.50 here and $19.80 on UHC. I then discovered that during the 2 years I have used Rotech they have charged 20% instead of the correct 10% Copay. I called and they could not understand why I was complaining, they had billed correct in their opinion. I then called UHC and they confirmed that it should be 10% Copay and not 20%. UHC called Rotech when I was on hold and the UHC representative told me after speaking with Rotech that I was over changed and should only pay $7.00 after they had gone back on the last 3 bills that was overcharged and together with this new the 4th bill recalculated the total was $7.00. Rotech said they had corrected this and I could see my new bill on the app. I checked the app and it still $28.50, called again and was told the bill was correct.
I just wonder how many people have done like I did and just paid the bill and never realized they were billed 20% Copay instead of 10%. It will probably add up good to Rotech profit and chair holder must be proud of the scam.

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