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Complaints & Reviews

a very disastrous and heart-breaking experience from max hospital saket

Most people say that Hospitals in India are into a vicious money making business and have lost the human touch, and that's true. I had a first-hand experience this month of how doctors and the hospitals are only interested in extracting money and taking advantage. Once they gauge that the patient's family can afford the expensive treatments, they start exploiting the patient's and family members' emotions and degrade their health conditions to benefit themselves.

One expects honesty and decency from the doctors, but these so-called life saviors are only interested in making money for the business and pocket their share. These two doctors, Dr. Puneet Aggarwal and Dr. Bipin Swarn Walia are an example of why the public is losing their faith in doctors and their vicious system. These pretentious doctors are like parasites that feed on your emotions and vulnerability and you don't realize until it's too late.

Being admitted into a hospital, the patient expects the treatment to benefit them and improve their health steadily. But it seems that was not happening in this case and walking out of that hospital was the best choice I made even though it could not help me and my family despite the huge amount we spent on the treatment.

There was no transparency and humanity at all, all I could see and understand was the advice-cum-sales pitch being given by doctors. I hope nobody has to go through this ever, it's so wrong ethically.

This whole episode has been an emotionally and financially exhausting for me and my family.

Max Hospital, Saket New Delhi

My wife had C-section delivery of daughter last week here, and I am yet to comment on the post-delivery care for mother.
However about the way entire scenario is handled is commendable. We had elective C-section due to not-optimum positioning of baby in last US scan, I read review of different hospitals in gurgaon and asked around, also backed by the fact that my doctor was also working for Max I chose to do pre-admission (to avoid last minute rush/paperwork) couple of days in advance, which was Rs 5k, which duly got adjusted in final bill.
As advised by our doctor, We visited hospital at 7 in morning, and it took less than 5 minutes to allot the room and within 15 minutes nurses came to prep my wife for operation. (we visited Anesthesist a day prior for any last minute glitches like allergies or physical conditions preventing a smooth operation, which also served well since my wife had minor cough, due to which Anesthesist directed nurses to use nebulizer prior to operation to clear any phelgum since coughing with post-op stitches could be mighty painful)

We have 4 year old daughter already who chose to accompany us in the hospital, though hospital rules are against it (child/old person/preg lady are highly suseptible to get infection), our doctor gave special permission since we are nuclear family and I cannot leave my wife or child alone. And by God’s grace my child didn’t catch any infection since hospital rooms are very clean.

My wife was in and out of OT in 1 hour, little dizzy due to anesthesia (which I must say wasn’t applied properly since my wife complaint to me about anesthesia poking the needle thrice before getting it right, and please don’t take this lightly since epidural is very big needle and can be mightly painful if not don’t properly), other than this the operation, the doctors, baby care, emunization, doctors visit and their attitude towards patient and attendant is super.

I went through insurance (TPA) for which they have very smooth operations and small area designated who co-operate with their billing/discharge area and I never had to worry. infact I got a call in hospital room when final clearance from insurance company came (i was expecting to run behind them to get my Clarence and bill handling)

I wish to edit this post and add more value for other users to read through and take an educated decision for their needs. till then... Best of life

Irresponsible Behavior from Hospital

Dr. Alka Bhasin is a very unprofessional, inhuman doctor. I have a doubt is she really a doctor or shopkeeper or business person, she is really a black spot on name of being a doctor. She only thinks about making money out of patients. My Mother had kidney issues and she having a treatment from Apollo hospital since last couple of years and she don’t have any problem, and she never been on dialysis. She had a breathing problem on 18th march 2013 at night, we take her to AIIMS, but they don’t have any vacant dialysis machine available that time, and we are not in a position to take her to the Apollo hospital, because it is too far from our house, so that we take her Max hospital Saket. At Max they started her treatment for hyperkalemia and hyper acidosis, after we been told she had high creatinine, so that she needs to be dialysis right away, and she started her dialysis, next day Dr. Bhasin told us she going to put my mother on a ventilator, and she put her on ventilator and her condition was deteriorating, in spite of that her vital parameter was coming down but Dr. Alka Bhasin keep on doing dialysis with ventilator and my mother condition going worst day by day. On top of it Dr Alka told us my mother needs a slow dialysis which is 24 hours procedure, I asked her if she give me an assurance, my mother condition going to be normal after this dialysis I will allow this, but she have no assurance and not a positive response. When I asked hospital junior doctors (Dr. Alka Bhasin) assistants, how she is doing, they don’t even know what is going on, we try to reach Dr. Alka on phone, she told my brother she will be there after one hour, but she never came on Friday the 22nd, and my brother waited for her 4 hours, my brother keep calling her on phone finally she hanged up the phone after 9 pm, what a shame. We are so pissed off, then we decided to move my mother to another hospital and we made an arrangement, but Max peoples not interested to send her to another hospital, they purposely delaying the releasing process. My mother look like already dead that time, they keep her on ventilator and try to make more money from us. We asked the ICU duty doctors, to remove her vent tube for a second, but they refused do it, and said that is against the law, they just want to keep her on ventilator, and make more money from us. Finally we have doctors from another hospital they checked all and they pronounced her dead at 7.35pm on dated March 23, 2013.

What Max hospital and Dr. Alka Bhasin did was horrendous, inhuman, and unprofessional.


Dr. Alka Bhasin
Designation HOD & Sr. Consultant - Nephrology & Hypertension
Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket, New Delhi
Mobile [protected]
Phone [protected]
Email [protected]

  • Si
    singhs Dec 27, 2013

    she is the worst doctor i have ever seen. She played games with me and family. We trusted her completely but she is mean deaf and worst doctor. My father was under her treatment and when he had a bacteria infection she insisted on TB though all TB results were negative. But she didnt take a no and made him undergo several TB test including dye test because of which he had pneumonia. Eventually he lost conciousness and i moved him to other hospital but it was too late. Guys never approach her...stay away from this doctor ..she only writes notes and tests and nothinn else..Her accomplice Dr.Reddy (neuro) is involved with her.

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  • Ra
    ramji1992 Sep 30, 2016

    i have seen this is th bad hospital. it is only famous for suck money out of THE PATIENT. very lowcoorporation and unprofesional doctors team.

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  • Is
    Ishanm Sep 09, 2018

    People commenting stupid shit here don't know a thing about Medicine and are passing their judgement on a doctor's decision. She is a great doctor . Please check your facts before commenting.

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  • Pr
    Pranav Puri Sep 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dr. Alka Bhasin is the worst doctor ever will never pay attention to CGHS patients will always find ways to pull money out of the patients. This doctor has zero knowledge, will always be keen on putting the patient on life support. Please save your patient/relative from this doctor and consult someone who is more knowledgeable. She only know who to spoil and complicate the cases.

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  • Vi
    vivek borana Feb 08, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Dr has mentioned in prescription to have Thallium test to check viability and Reversible Ischema in LAD.
    At Nuclear medicine where test is performed they named this test as Stress MIBI/TETRAFOSMIN MP SCAN WITH GATED and performed the test on 7th Feb 2019. I devoted 8 hours for this test and at the end of the day I have been told that test is completed and I may collect my complete report on 8th Feb 2019.

    When I reached to collect my report on 8th Feb 2019, I have been told that they only performed Test of Reversible Ischema and they forgotten about the test of checking viability and this test needs to be performed separately again to check viability and patient had to come again for this test.

    Its completely a misguidance approach by hospital to its patients as they never told me about the complete test and when they committed that whole test is done then where is the question of checking viability test separately.

    Moreover I have been told that for this viability test I will be billed again.

    When once I have approached with Dr prescription to Nuclear medicine and the thing which is mentioned in prescription that has been billed then why should I pay separately for a test which is not done by mistake of hospital.

    Moreover if Hospital has forgotten this test to be performed on 7th Jan 2019 then why I has not been communicated this thing on day itself and also the same has not been communicated to me next day also.
    Only when I approached to collect reports then I got to know about this.

    I need an strict action for the staff who is handling this case.

    Dr Pankaj Dougall is HOD of Nuclear medicine and necessary action must be taken for staff who reads prescription carelessly.

    This type of careless and reckless behaviour can take the life of a person.

    It's a life threatening call from Max hospital staff for their patients.

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Heart surgery in Max hospital,saket

My father had a heart surgery in Max hospital, saket. I am very thankful to the team there as they were very supportive. The food my father was getting their and the cleanliness at the hospital were awesum. I don't know what more should i say to thank the hospital team for helping me and my family in our tough time.My father is better know and now we are taking him to max healthcare every month for regular checkup.

Worst Medical Hospitals in India

Hello Everyone,

I have a very bad experience in hospitals in India . I would like to share my bad experience and need suggestions from everybody. My Father Kailsh Nath Verma met an accident on 14 dec 2009 while traveling in train . He was admitted in Anand Hospital Allahabad . He was admitted for a very long time under doctor Kartikeyen Sharma and doctor Ashish Tandon . He was suffering from head injury and chest infection . These doctors and this hospital is one of the worst in the country like all small town hospitals these hospital don't have any kind of facities and the doctors were treating like Gods they don't want to inform anything to patients relative till the worst condition . Samething happen to us these two doctors made the conditions so worst that he was on ventilator and his chest was full with 1.5 liters of water. Finally I decided to come to Delhi via air ambulance . I admitted him under doctor ajai lal in max saket. He was admitted there on 10 feb to 12 march and most of the time in ICU . These corporate hospitals are worst of their own kind . They charged more than 9 lakhs of rupees and while discharging they informed me that his backbone was fractured and due to spine problems if he can not walk although in one month hospitalization period a physiotherpist regularly came .

  • Re
    REDNIJAR Dec 02, 2013

    I also have very bad experience with max saket. My Uncle admitted in hospital on 18.11.2013 with some chest pain. The doctor suggested angiography. Angiography done by Dr. Viveka of that hospital. After the Angiography the doctor suggested for angioplasty in one of the arteries which was 100% blocked, the other two arteries are ok. We then told doctor is it possible to do angioplasty in the artery which was 100% blocked . The doctors created havoc among us to give consent for angioplasty otherwise the heart will be damaged. Due to pressure we give consent. After about half an hour the doctor was came and said that angioplasty was done successfully, you met your patient in the ICU. when we had gone to ICU my uncle was unconscious at that time. we immediately call the doctor, the doctors team came and after checking told us that there was bleeding in the brain and the patient was put on ventilator, suggested for CT scan and for neurological advice we given the consent After CT scan the doctor of neurological department suggested for brain surgery, in the mean time Dr. Viveka gone out of the picture. After the brain surgery the doctors told that surgey was successful and in the morning of 20.11.2013 they call us and told us that patient was serious and after half an hour they have given the news that patient was dead. YOU SEE THAT HOW MUCH CARELESSNESS WAS SHOWN TO OUR PATIENT AND HOW MUCH DOCTORS ARE RESPONSIBLE. SO PLEASE AVOID MAX HOSPITAL

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Poor customer service

I believe the standards of quality customer service have been descending over the last few months especially over the last one year.
There have been various instances which may have gone unreported but here is the latest which I cannot but pen down.
When I got in touch with the appointments section at about 2 am on Monday 5th October I was shocked when I was spoken to in a rude manner. Upon enquiring for an appointment for “Gastroenterology docs” I was asked where I am calling from; though I did reply politely “Gurgaon” – one wonders if the doctor’s treatment is going to be any different for patients from various parts of the city.
Further I was corrected and told that they hospitals do not have “Docs” but have “doctors”. The gentlemen on the other end (Rishi) I would like to believe was never trained on empathy – if a patient like me was calling at 2 am was it more important to correct patients on their vocabulary rather than attend to them.
The final straw which made me right this was when my personal details wre being asked to book the appointment. As users of Max Hospitals over last 5+ years we as patients do know of the systems that you use. I was repeatedly asked for my name – I do know that the appointments are booked using our contact numbers which I shared with the gentlemen. However, even my first name was not enough and he kept asking for my complete name – this happened about 3 times, until writhing in pain, I decided to give-up and get an appointment rather than argue.
The question that want people to think about is do large hospitals like Max Hospitals, provide quality customer service? How are these better in terms of empathy and customer understanding which is expected. Aren’t the local family clinics run by individuals much better.
I have tweeted here to share my bad experience.

Medicine cost cheating

On 20th July 2009 I visited Max Balaji Hospital, Patpargunj New Delhi for vaccination of my daughter. After vaccination I was given the doctor’s slip and asked to pay Rs. 2100 as per the given bill. When I checked the pack MRPs, printed vaccine prices were Rs. 1468 (Okavax) and Rs. 96.25 (MMR Tresivac). However bill was showing 1500 and Rs. 600 respectively.

When I questioned the billing clerk she told that in Okavax vaccine administering charges have been added. I was shocked! Chemists offer discounts on MRPs I know, hospital charging for storing and handling medicines I heard for the first time in my life. Regarding the other (MMR Tresivac vaccine) price clerk told hospital has billed for a different brand (exorbitantly priced brand, Rs. 95 vs Rs. 600).

Excuses were ridiculous, without prior intimation or showing segregated amount/mention in bill no hospital can charge administering charges within medicine cost. And in MMR vaccine without even consulting me on brands they have injecting a regular/cheap MMR brand (Rs. 96.25) and very smartly billed for the most expensive MMR brand. Max Balaji chemists also don’t keep that expensive MMR brand (some Priorix MMR).

I found both offences very serious. So I wrote to Max Balaji hospital superintendent and Max Healthcare chairman. Only hospital superintendent replied, Max chairman Mr. Analjit Singh and his office did not even bothered to reply or enquire about this matter. Hospital superintendent Dr. Shaloo replied that as a policy administering charges are inbuilt (meaning hidden) in vaccine MRPs and wrong brand billing is a clerical error (in spite a doctor’s slip).

I checked my previous visit bills also. And found none has the vaccine brand, batch no, manufacturer, pack rate or expiry date mentioned on any bill. Some vaccine MRPs were also very vague. This proved Max is recovering additional charges bundled with medicine/vaccine MRPs from all patients.
I never ever dreamt Max Hospital service fee can be hidden in medicine MRPs, charges are more than market prices (under the garb of amount rounding off), bills are incomplete and ambiguous. My trust on Max brand is completely shattered; I am planning to file a suit of cheating against them. Except your eyes and don’t trust anyone! Share your similar experiences at: [protected]

  • Ma
    MAK1984 Jun 17, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Most of the time people blame doctors for their failures but they do not realize that they have to bring the patients before they have fallen in the trap of death. What will the doctors do when you yourself will show negligence? Be responsible first and practice to act in time. They are your life savers not life takers. Even, I have found some of the people blaming doctors time and again without any reason. For example, some of them write unnecessary things about the ‘X’ doctor for lessening their reputation on social networking site or the hospital’s site. Some will morph up their name or their hospitals’ name without any reason. If you guys don’t have reliable reasons then do not post unnecessary things. Let the doctors perform their duty sensibly. Try to be a responsible citizen, act sensibly. If you have any problem regarding the hospital consult the hospital staffs, who are there for your help 24*7. Do not blame unnecessarily.

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  • Na
    Naheedur Oct 13, 2017

    @MAK1984 So you think doctors never make mistakes?
    There are serious service issues with Max. The hospital superintendant and staff brushes things under the carpet so you guys never learn to improve. In Max noida you are forcing two people in a room meant for one. The 2nd patient does not even have access to a call bell much less than a ventilator. Rusted Taps, dirty walls and you have ambitions of Becoming a world class player.! Any company that does not incporporate feedback will ultimately die down. Just wait till some international company sets foot here.

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Treatment of Patient at Hospital

This letter is in regards to treatment received at Max Hospital Setka.

On July 9th, I along with my brother walked my mother in to Max Hospital for a nephrology check-up. I chose to bring her to there because she had been there in 2007 for treatment of kidney stones. Additionally, she had been under the care of Dr. Alka Bhasin since that time.
After her check-up, we were told that she needed to have additional tests performed and we would need to leave her there for a couple of days. She was admitted to the HDU for those tests to be performed. My mother requested that the tests be postponed for a couple of days so she could remain at home with me (her daughter visiting from the US) until I departed on July 12th. Dr. Bhasin insisted that the tests be done immediately.
In just those few days her health was detoriating. Dr. Bhasin assured me that she would be well taken care of so I left to come back to my home in the U.S.
Under Dr. Bhasin’s care, my mother has developed Steven Johnson’s disease and pnuemonia. Additionally, she has had multiple colonoscopies, a sigmoidoscopy, has been put on oxygen, a feeding tube and intubated.
I have been in regular contact with Dr. Bhasin asking her how we should proceed. She has told me multiple times that “the battle is not over yet.” Additionally, as my mother’s condition worsened I asked Dr. Bhasin what she would do if this was her mother. Her response was “that’s a tough question to answer” but then reassured me that the battle was not yet over.

I feel that we have been taken advantage of as a family. To date we have paid the hospital almost $37, 000 U.S. dollars. We had an instance where my mother’s medication was stopped because we had not totally cleared all of amount due. I believe this to have worsened my mother’s condition. While I understand that the hospital is a business I still feel it is completely unethical that her medications be withheld from her because of money. We have paid all monies we were asked to pay and continue to pay per all of the doctor’s ordered tests or procedures.
I believe that she has received sub standard care while in your facility. She walked in your facility 30+ days ago and we are now being told to just take her to some cheap nursing home to live out her days.
My mother has become a science project in Max Hospital while we have paid for it. Our mom will never again be the woman she was and we have to now move on and live with the fact that we may have made a very wrong decision to put her in this hospital.

  • Su
    Subhasini Apr 28, 2013

    I have had a similar experience where my sister had been advised multiple tests and her attitude towards the patient is very care a damn.She does not respond to phone calls and messages.

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Doctor' Negligence

I, Nisha Mangal, visited Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi to consult Dr. Neena Bahl (Obstetrics & gynaecology) during my preegnancy. I was 6 week pregnant when i visited first time to her. Next time I visited her clinic when I was 10 weeks pregnant. I visited her with all the tests done as prescribed by her. She adviced me for an ultra sound between 11 to 14 weeks as per the procedure. She did my check up as she wanted to do. when my baby was already dead in my tommy, i had an missed abortion, then what did she checked in her check up, when even she can not come to know that baby is no more...

I really want to know the answer?

I got very disappointed when I gopt to know abt this after her 2 rounds of check up !!!


  • De
    Deepika Jun 03, 2009

    I have another story to share about Max, Pitam Pura

    lost my sister to negligence and deficiency of services at MAX which they call a complication after C-section leaving behind a 2 day old baby.

    We got hold of Case sheet from the hosptal after the police complaint which clearly shows that she was complaining pain right from 10 pm on 4th and was given different pain killer and sedatives one after the another without diagnosing the problem...

    By morning, she was critical. The killers declared her clinically dead at 12.30 pm. If this is the kind of treatment and diagnosis they do to the in-patients in their custody, they have no right to EXIST.

    To add on, they say " We are as perplexed as you are about the cause of the death" COMLETELY UNACCEPTABLE

    Child birth is not a disease of which a precious life with no medical history or abnormality would be lost.

    Need support and advice for fighting this with MAX.

    I can be contacted at [email protected]

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  • Is
    Ishi Jun 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate MAX, Saket...

    They killed my father (53), in a similar way as they killed Nitika. When papa complained of abdominal pain, they kept on spraying "Volini" spray..After my father's repeated complaints, of the pain not being muscular, no heed was paid, and papa stopped complaining as he said there was'nt a point in doing so. Finally, one 'fine' night after pushing me out of the ICU, I don't know what all did they do, that papa never woke up after that. I was called in the morning and told that they had put him on ventilator, as his BP had suddenly started falling (something for which they neither did they have a reason nor could diagnose it). And when i asked the reason for his unconciousness, they said that as a 'protocol' the person had to be sedated before putting him on ventilator, and he would wake up. after the effect of the sedative wears off. I trusted the doctor, and that cost me the biggest mistake of my life.

    After a 24hr-wait, when I questioned again the reason for his unconciousness, they declared that he has slipped into coma. Then on secretly checking the attending nurse's records I found that the 'killer doctors' had lied to me. Papa had been administered sedatives, even on the previous night (when they had turned me out of the ICU). He had been administerd I.V of morphine. Repeated dosages of sedatives ensured that papa never woke up, and those killers had succeeded in their job. They had justified their 'noble' profession. And one another day, papa gave up on his fight against coma.

    If this is what hospital and its treatment means, then I would perfer to die between my loved ones, and die untreated, rather be killed at the behest of these killers, who come in white collars, white coats, and go back with their hands colored red; a color which makes the lives of so many others colorless (including a life, which had wanted to live longer, enjoying the colors of life, and filling others life with their colors), and lets the bloodied hands of those kilers, unexposed and censored.

    Papa's zest to live life to its fullest was cut short by people who didn'nt have any right to govern the way he wanted to lead his life. For a person who never had any complaint in life, from life, has left behind his loved ones, who have nothing, but only complaints, left in life.

    I now pray (rather curse), that those killers get a bloodied and a brutal life (and not death, as that may ease out their sins); a life which would be worse than the pain of death.

    These 'killers' called doctors have no right to practice; practice taking one life after another.

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  • De
    Deepika Jun 13, 2009

    Ishi, I can completely feel and understand your pain. I am sorry to hear about your loss.

    Just wanted to check if you filed a police complaint for the same. If yes, what is the status. I strongly feel you should diver the anger and pain for a cause. This cause can be to punish the guilty to make sure this doesnot happen with anybody anytime.

    I am fighting Max and will make sure they will have sleepless nights

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  • Is
    Ishi Jun 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Deepika, Firstly, honestly speaking, on a personal front I am so broke by papa's sudden disappearance from our lives that I do not even have enough strength (both mental & physical), to take this up. Can't say when will I be able to gather myself and the bits and pieces of our lives which papa has left us with. Secondly, with papa leaving us, we've been left with no physical support to stand with us, against any such attrocity, even though that involves our lives this time. My mother, who like us, just could'nt help, but be a mute spectator to all that 'drama' we saw in the hospital, says that she has no more courage left to see any more in life, and losing out of any more from our already small close-knit family.

    And finally, coming to the most important of it all, in a historically 'corrupt' country like India, where 'goondaraj' prevails, since time infinity, where some people have got used to bearing all the suffering and the others have eaten out of inflicting that suffering, I am in no hope of getting any justice from any system; be it legal, social or medical.

    The fire with which I lit my father's pyre, the fire which reduced the existence of papa to ashes, also burns me down to ashes. I know that I will never be at peace with myself, till I sought out justice...But justice from whom?I will not find a single doctor to stand up for me and testify against those 'killers'. There is a whole 'lobby' of such people, who will ensure that we do not get anything out of this. And what can I expect from 'killers' who killed innocent people, while they were making a booty out of them. Will these 'bandits' come out in the open, when I were to challenge them? They have killed us when we were paying and 'worshipping' them, what would they do when we go out to question them? How will we prove that they r guilty and should be "hanged unto death"?

    I, too could've probably found some mental solace to see justice be given, and these killers be "hanged". But do we have a fair judiciary? Our judiciary gives a death penalty to the guilty (that also if found guilty, may be after decades of struggle, after generations come n go) in the 'rarest of the rare' cases. So, this is also something which these 'white-collared killers' will escape, as they have made these 'murders' so rampant and so common that it is now become an everyday day affair for them. This moves them out of the 'rarest of rare' bracket as well.

    The only thing now left would be to strip these people off their degrees and medical practicing licences and label them as "quacks" such that they are not even left able enough to fend for themselves and their families. Let all those 'murderers' and their families suffer and know the real meaning of life, and be forced to live, just the way they have compelled us to do. Let them not make their 'empire' on the graves dead of people and with walls made of their 'loot'.

    So, I thought to choose this medium to vent out my anger against all this, and not file any complaint, coz of the aformentioned reasons. But by saying all this, by no means am I dissuading u againt ur tirade. Someone definitely has to take a first step, but maybe you have people to fallback on. Be rest assured that I am with you in everything that you take up, for this cause. I am even ready to testify against anything and anybody u want to, in this concern. Please do let me know for any help or info that you may want from my end. Be assured, I am always there with you, by u...


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  • De
    Deepika Jun 15, 2009

    I am facing every possible hurdle that you were talking about in your post. That does discourage me at times however thankfully that does not stop me from going further with it. This may not sound good but my objective is to screw the happiness of the ppl who have given us this irreparable loss
    Pls write to me at [email protected] Would talk to you in detail abt my POA

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Poor quality of junior resident doctors

My dad was under treatment at Max Super Speciality Hospital - Saket since Jan, 2007, having been admitted admitted 5-6 times over the past year+ timeframe, with his condition deteriorating every time. He was scheduled for a neuro surgery in February 2008. A day before the surgery a junior resident doctor (at the Neuro Surgery ICU) wished to insert the CVP line at 1:00 am in the morning (CVP line is required to be set up before this operations) - apparently to expedite the operations procedure the next day morning (but no clue why 1:00am in the morning). CVP line is a minor insertative procedure and is a basic one in medical world (does not require much expertise), but needs to be performed in the ICU. But, the hospital goofed up this simple procedure (not expected at a hospital that is of this high stature) and ruptured his left lung (lung cavity), resulting his collapse of his lungs and him getting into a "pneumothorax" condition. As if this goof-up was not enough, the doctors at the ICU took their own sweet time to take appropriate corrective action for reversing the "pneumothorax" situation. In the meantime, while the doctors were still taking their time for corrective action, the oxygen supply to the parts of the body (including brain) was getting lower (as the lung had collapsed) and finally he subsequently slipped into "coma" state. He could never come out of this condition. Finally in the month of March 2008, my father passed away in "coma" condition - this time, after spending more than 2 months at the hospital without any improvement in his condition.

I wonder, that if all this could happen with a patient while he is in an ICU, what can the hospital deliver in the other wards. I definitely hold the hospital somewhat responsible for an untimely death of my father. I lodged complaints with the hospital authorities, but they were not ready to budge on anything. This was one of the severe things that I faced in this hospital, apart from several other incidents of negligence of patient care, while my father was in this hospital.

  • Gs
    gs Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My dad was under treatment at Max Super Speciality Hospital - Saket since Jan, 2007, having been admitted admitted 5-6 times over the past year+ timeframe, with his condition deteriorating every time. He was scheduled for a neuro surgery in February 2008. A day before the surgery a junior resident doctor (at the Neuro Surgery ICU) wished to insert the CVP line at 1:00 am in the morning (CVP line is required to be set up before this operations) - apparently to expedite the operations procedure the next day morning (but no clue why 1:00am in the morning). CVP line is a minor insertative procedure and is a basic one in medical world (does not require much expertise), but needs to be performed in the ICU. But, the hospital goofed up this simple procedure (not expected at a hospital that is of this high stature) and ruptured his left lung (lung cavity), resulting his collapse of his lungs and him getting into a "pneumothorax" condition. As if this goof-up was not enough, the doctors at the ICU took their own sweet time to take appropriate corrective action for reversing the "pneumothorax" situation. In the meantime, while the doctors were still taking their time for corrective action, the oxygen supply to the parts of the body (including brain) was getting lower (as the lung had collapsed) and finally he subsequently slipped into "coma" state. He could never come out of this condition. Finally in the month of March 2008, my father passed away in "coma" condition - this time, after spending more than 2 months at the hospital without any improvement in his condition.

    I wonder, that if all this could happen with a patient while he is in an ICU, what can the hospital deliver in the other wards. I definitely hold the hospital somewhat responsible for an untimely death of my father. I lodged complaints with the hospital authorities, but they were not ready to budge on anything. This was one of the severe things that I faced in this hospital, apart from several other incidents of negligence of patient care, while my father was in this hospital.

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  • Na
    Naresh mahawar Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Govt must take action on Max Hospital, also tht is very expensive.

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I had a relative operated at Max Hospital, Saket. A very big hospital with very high room tariffs.. but on the name of service--- Just worst!

The patient was been accomodated on a first class bed with a WET bed sheet. The patient would obviously move towards new diseases and increase the hospital bills. The towels too were wet and were smelling like anything. On enquiring, I heard that the laundry is done thrugh big machines, , which i have doubts about.

I would request the max administration to look after this and find where the hell these big machines are and what are they worth about!

  • Am
    Aman Shrivastava May 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even I had the same experience last month in april 2009. its just pathetic!

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  • Ma
    M.A.khan Apr 05, 2013

    This complaint is couple of year old But as of now the situation is totally change all the things in this hospital are well managed.

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Callous Administration at Max Hospital

I am writing to inform you about the sad state of affairs at the Max Balaji Hospitial in IP Extension (East Delhi). We had to

get one of my relatives operated for a medical condition. We were asked by the doctor who was consulting her to be at the

hospital by 7:30 pm to get her admitted into the ward as the operation was scheduled for the next day morning around 8:00 am.
As advised by the doctor we reached the hospital on time where we were asked to get in touch with the reception to get the

admission formalities completed. Upon reaching the reception we were told that there were no rooms available for atleast 3

hours and that too was dependent on one of the patients being discharged. This was a very unpleasant surprise as the

operation had been planned 2 weeks in advance along with the ward room request. The doctors could offer no more help other

than telling us to wait near the reception and hope that we get the ward quickly. It was also suggested that we keep

reminding the Reception to process our request lest they should forget.

At the reception we were asked to start the admission formalities while we were waiting for one of the rooms to be vacated.

What surprised me the most was that the Billing / Registration Department was very quick in charging the entire expected

amount of the expenses without even bothering to check whether a room was available for the patient to get admitted. When we

asked them to inform us as soon as the room would be vacated we were told that this information will not be available to them

and it is best that we go to the ward itself and find out from the nurse when the room would be vacated. It took repeated

visits to the ward to determine that the room alloted to us had been finally vacated by the previous patient. When we

informed the Registration Department around 10:15 pm that the room had been vacated we were told that it will take about half

an hour to clean the room.

We patiently waited near the Reception area till the room was cleaned. After waiting for an hour when we asked the

Registration officer whether we could shift the patient we were told to check the room to determine whether it had been

cleaned. When we went to the ward we were appalled to find that nothing had been done after the previous patient had left. We

got hold of the cleaner and paid him some money and got the room cleaned in our presence. By the time we shifted the patient

it was around 12:00 am only to find that the attached bathroom had still not been cleaned. It was around 1:00 am that the

room was finally in some state of decency for occupation.

Throughout our ordeal we were offered little assistance from any of the hospital staff. We were told that each department has

its own incharge and its difficult to coordinate between the departments. Also there was no duty manager available to whom we

could voice our grievance.

The irony of the entire episode is that each wall had a caption in bold stating "The patient comes first... Always". The

only way I would complete the statement is "The patient comes first and the services come last. Always".

  • Ra
    rakshit_arora Oct 11, 2010

    doctor rajat ahluwalia :i want to share my experience at max hospital, saket. my wife got admitted for removal of gall stone by laparoscopic surgery. on the first post operative day at 9 in night she developed acute pain, and inspite of calling repeatedly the doctor no one came for two hours and my wife was listless at that time due to pain. doctor rajat ahluwalia came and started shouting that i am creating a scene. i told him that for 2 hours no one came to attend the patient and now he turns up and without even examing my wife or touching her, he just barged out of the room without telling me anything. she was in pain the whole night and dr rajat never came to examine her even once and was sleeping in his room whole night. i paid a bill of 1, 25000 and never expected behaviour like this. the nurses on duty were also rude and never addressed our concerned and repeatedly told my wife to walk though she could barely move in bed. next day she was diagnosed to have pancreatitis and was told bed rest to the contrary.
    finally she was given some medication after 6 hours and she was sitting in her bed the whole night.
    i could have gone to any govt hospital and expected a similar behaviour due to patient overload but not in max. inspite of complining to max i never got a feed back on dr rajat ahluwalia.

    i really felt like slapping and abusing him but for my sick wife. i am planning to move to consumer court for mental harrasment against dr rajat ahluwalia.
    later i came to know that he had studied from a [censor] college in pune with donation fees under management quota. i will never ever go to max laparoscopic department due to their lack of sympathy and empathy.
    i hope some sense prevails in max.

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  • Ra
    rakshit_arora Oct 11, 2010

    i wish that indian consumers move to court as frequently as they do in west, then only the doctors in india will strighten up, though not all are bad, and addresss patients concerns properly.

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Money minded greedy hospital


Thank you all for your concerns.
Sorry for takin time to let you all know what is with Kevis case.
The parents are also informed about you all and they send their greetings and wishes to you all who makes their burden lighter. The inhuman people around like those in Max "super speciality" hospital who are just the antithesis of what it claims "caring for you… caring for life"; the slogan they use that betrays many there are also people like you all who cares. We don't know who Kevi Angami is but humanity comes calling in the yet another form and this time in the face of kevi and for those of us who cannot tolerate atrocities and injustice kevi is seen in the faces of many; faces whose voices are silenced, faces who have been betrayed by systems they cannot fight against(corporates in this case!) May we never fail when such faces appears.

kevi is out of Max hospital but not without great humiliation. Some friends who happened to know the owner intervened. They did not charge the remaining amount other than the money that was paid(1,35000) . The fact that these friends are lawyers helped immensely and my assumption is that one strong point that speaks of the grave injustice meted to kevi which is legally and ethically wrong was the fact that max hospital stopped her medication for 2 weeks yet did not let her go. They were not treating her but just adding on to her pain and the medical bills. A hello in Max and the likes cost 500 and euphemistically they call it 'consultation fee'. Consultation when the patient nor the parents were informed about what all is happening. I am not able to put what all they went through. It just drives ones mad just listening to their story. The soft spoken and tired father narrates what the admin head said 'if you are poor why did you come to such a place'. The father said he was so hurt and it only goes on to say nothing can put some sense into such people but I am happy that the father said ' some people love money, some people love life'….. May the woman and the band of criminals learn that life is not just about money and making money.

The endless hours of paperwork went on till sunday morning. We were told that AIIMs would not admit the case so the option was to go to some private hospital after making some rounds mahinder in green park said they will admit her. kevi was taken around 3am there but after they saw her condition they refused to take her in. This is despite the fact that they were told about the case beforehand.

At that wee hour options were running out..but but even if the door is closed the window is wide open..wider than the door.

We woke a doctor friend who works in safdarjung hospital. kevi was admitted in the same hospital Sunday morning at around 5.00. She had a colostomy the following evening. It is not a beautiful sight and she is in pain but

Medically it is a 'hopeless' case but she has not given up hope. Every ounce left in her is defying and fighting against medical proclamation.

While she was kept waiting in the hospi she called her fren to tell her that she is now in safdarjung and that she hands over 'the money' to her mother the next day because they have no money. She added how the doctors are still contemplating her case because they are 'afraid' to operate on her "they are scared that I will not survive" and she laughs!

She is the 25 year old Kevi Angami who is too strong for wimps in max hospital to handle.

PS:YOu can write to her as well and I can take a print out and pass it on to her. May she be comforted knowing that all of you are with her

  • Ka
    Karan Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Would like to inform you that had met with an accident on 21st Aug’2008 at Gurgaon so had taken emergency treatment from Max Gurgaon where as per the junior Doctor on duty my collarbone was fractured and they had given me the necessary support at that time and also advised to consult them after a week time.
    After a week today I visited Max Pitampura for further treatment and consulted Dr. Rajesh Garg there.

    The Doctor on duty asked me what had happened and I told him that had met with an accident. then he asked me where had consulted earlier and told him that had seen a doctor at Max, Gurgaon.on seeing my X-rays he advised me to either get surgery done or continue to use support for more than a month. But he insisted on surgery only when I asked for his advice. I told him that would prefer the support rather than getting the surgery done. On hearing this he asked me to come after a month and simply left the room when I asked him to tighten my support he bluntly answered that I can do that on my own also.

    This kind of behavior and treatment is never expected from such a big chain of hospitals.

    Would never recommend Max. Hospitals to my relatives and friends.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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  • Fa
    fazilka1986 Oct 11, 2010

    in max hospital vry poor service in which all nurse are lazy £ don, t care the patients.and caridology departmant doctor not check the patient after surgery .in which hod of caridology mr mohan nair can't see the the patient.and not handle the emergency case.

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