Romans pizza lenasia southService

N Jul 02, 2019

Good Day.

On the 02/07/2019 at 18:05 i called in to Romans Pizza Lenasia South. The cashiers names Fatima took my call, it took me almost 5-10 minutes to complete my order as she kept on making a mistake with my cell no. When i arrived to pick up my pizza and pay my card initially declined, i assume due to the network. She takes the card out and gives it back to me and says declined with an akward silence for a few seconds i asked her to pls try again. She pulls her face and trys again, it goes through and i ask her did she see it went through. She arrogantly says to me SO WHAT HAPPENED THE 1ST TIME THEN AS IF TO SAY I CANT AFFORD TO PAY FOR THIS PIZZA. I told her not to be rude and to have some respect as if it wasnt for the support off the community this branch would not be successful. I will never use Romans pizza Lenasia South for as long as that cashier Fatima is working there she is a liability to this franchise as she even had the nerve to tell me dont come back its fine. I will be sure to tell my friends and community about this lack of service and consideration given by this branch. I love Romans its my pizza brand of choice but i will never support this branch again.Regards Mr N Moodley

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