Rogers StoreRude Customer Service


On June 2nd my partner went into the Rogers store at Devonshire Mall and dealt with one of the associates in there. The nature of business was to activate a portable internet service. It was easier to go to an actual store so that the DSL modem could be picked up immediately, instead of having to wait for Rogers to mail one if done over the phone. All in all, the associate (at that time) was professional and he did the job well. Rogers had (and has) the one month no contract fully refundable promotion for this service. This was a very important selling feature since it's hard to know what to expect from an internet provider whose service you have never used before. After setting it all up at home - we discovered that the service was decent. Within a few days, the service become slower and slower, until it got to the point that it became slower than dial-up (really, I'm not exaggerating). We knew it was not a hardware issue, since the cable internet prior was working flawlessly (canceled due to high cost). So, throughout the 29 days of using Rogers Portable Internet, 4 calls were made to them regarding slow/totally dead connection. So, today, July 1st, we returned everything to the same Rogers store for a refund. The same associate was there and he "helped" us. So, my partner explained to him why he was canceling, and the associate very cynically asked "why did you wait exactly 30 days to bring it back?" starts to shake his head in disapproval, and states "you kept it for exactly 30 days before you brought it back!" - he was not concerned about the customer, no, he was being very condescending and he was clearly patronizing in demeanour. I asked him "is there a problem?". He ignored me, and his associate standing behind him said "don't worry they will check how many GB he used - he will be charged". Clearly they assumed that they were being scammed so they were hostile, but firstly, we were not circumventing any rules, and secondly, even if we were, a customer service agent working for one of Canada's largest and well known companies should exhibit a bit of professional decorum, and not treat any of their customers like criminals. We walked out very upset, but we did not cause any issues in the store. As I write this, my partner has already contacted Rogers HQ and has formally launched a complaint.

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