RockAutohelp! order placed was not ours!!

B Nov 25, 2018

Someone gained access to one of our bank card numbers (mine or my husbands) and placed an order in a large sum. One that DEPLETED our whole bank account!

I was unable to use my card on Saturday for a small purchase, so when I went home to check why, I noticed a deduction on my online bank statement to YOUR business.

The purchased was made sometime on Friday November 23...I don't know which of our card numbers was used as that doesn't show on my online statement yet.

The purchase total deducted was $561.58!!! (That is $30 more that what we had in the account and will now also have to pay an overdraft fee!)

We don't know what was ordered, or where it's being shipped to...but its NOT OURS!! Please please please do not send the order and give us back our money.

My husband is on disability and I assist him. We are on a fixed income and that was all we had left to get us through till mid December (next check) There are also three more bills that are supposed to be taken out automatically and the funds are not there.

I understand and feel bad that you felt you had a sale...but please...we did not order anything from you. We don't have an account with your company, so I couldn't even check to see what was ordered or where it was going...on OUR money!!!

I will be going to our bank first thing tomorrow (Monday) to let them know about fraud on our account. But being a weekend, this has been horrible trying to get ahold of anyone and stop the process.

Please get back to us... please.

Beth Edwards

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