Rochester Furnitureafter sales

L Sep 11, 2018

I purchased 3 beds from the branch at mall @ carnival about a month ago and I was told to collect it at their warehouse last week Saturday. I made the remaining payments and was told that it would be ready for collection the next day. After hiring a vehicle to collect the warehouse says no payment from the branch has reflected. I then called the salesman and he stated that they where having technical difficulties but it will be released. After a 2 hour wait at the warehouse he gets back to me stating that they are still having difficulty and the warehouse closes at 11:30 . I then had to leave the premises without my merchandise and pay the driver as well. I was then told by the salesman that they would deliver it on monday. We have been running up and down signing document after document and still nothing gets done. I then called the store and was told by the salesman I am not the only customer and I must wait. The nerve and attitude is appalling. Now that everything is paid for this is the type of after service you get. I have also read the reviews and it is just as pathetic as the service however no one from Rochester responds. You call the call centre and they give you the store number. You ask to speak to a manger the manager is on leave, ask for an assistant manager they are also not in. It makes it impossible for this to happen.

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