Riverstone Residential Groupwrongfully charged


I appreciate the time you have taken to read this message. However, it is unfortunate that I am writing this due to such bad circumstances.

I have never received the worst customer service until dealing with Alicia Overstreet. The way she speaks to customers and former tenants is disgusting and unbelievable. If this is how your company conducts business, more people should be aware so they don't get disrespectfully ripped off. Had I known, I would have looked for a great apartment managed by a different company.

My family and I have always been exceptional tenants in the past years with a spotless history of paying rent on time. We enjoyed a year as residents of Estancia, yet we won't recommend it to anyone. The luxury living doesn't match the class-less management company.

We were recently and rudely notified that we had to pay for our carpet to be replaced. This was due to some dark spots throughout different areas of the apartment. A year ago, these spots slowly became visible to us. We did not understand why and assumed it had been old stains reappearing from a previous tenant.

We would have been happy to pay for a carpet cleaning but there was no other option or even an effort in trying. There was no courtesy, negotiation or any attempt to satisfy a previous tenant and that is exactly what we were told. Our concern had no matter because we are no longer a current resident. In fact, she took advantage of her given position and power by immediately threatening to charge interest and send our bill to collections. Out of fear, we paid what was due. It was unjust and we feel "screwed over".

It wasn't till a family member told us of their own very similar situation at Hudson Miramont, that we realized that we were one of many dissatisfied customers that were taken advantage of by Riverstone.

I am sure the company is satisfied with stealing money from their previously good tenants but we will do our friends some good when we tell them not to move into a residence managed by Riverstone. Posting a 'beware' on networking & review sites will spare anyone from making the same dumb mistake that we did by doing business with Riverstone.

Thank You

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