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I am planning my wedding at this resort in October of this year. I have 27 guest booked my wedding on off season. With that said I can not express how terrible the service has been with planning my wedding. Sophia is the ONLY wedding planner for this resort(which is not something they tell you when you are inquiring about having your wedding there). The wedding planner is extremely rude and unhelpful. Every question that I ask her, (food, flowers, wedding services, etc) she tells me we will discuss this when my groom and I arrive at the resort!!! She has called and yelled at me stating that she is the only wedding planner at the resort and she is going through personal problems. I understand that things happen but when I am about to spend 10-15 thousand dollars on my wedding at this resort I expect better service. They do not give the bride and groom anything for choosing to have their wedding at there resort. I don't know what to do at this point because I have so many guest already booked. Please help!


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    Laurierenee Mar 29, 2013

    This hotel's staff was the worst I've ever experienced. They were rude, did not speak, were not timely. When they did speak they mumbled. No smiling. THey made everything extremely difficult to do, very unpleasant experience. All the bartenders did not speak to us, they merely gave us dirty looks and handed us our drinks. Front desk staff was terrible, when we complained they didn't seem to care. A friend of mine was kicked out of the lobby bar because he had only swim trunks on. All the while they are serving other men in just swim trunks, but he was forced to leave. There was a terrible sewage smell in our rooms that could not be located. The TV in the room didn't work. The room was full of tiny red ants, one night we saw a cockroach outside one of the restaurants. One night myself and another friend were laughing about something, and a waiter came up to us and said "Hey American, what's so funny?" wow, really? manners? When you said thank you they didn't respond. When we gave tips (rarely) they didn't say thank you. Sometimes waiters avoided us, and they took forever to bring our food or drinks. We would never return to this hotel, or Jamaica in general.

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  • Why The Long Faces Mar 29, 2013

    Never heard anything bad about Riu and I have friends who stay there every year. Some of the staff do not speak English, so that is probably your mumbling. I think you are a nightmare vacationer and they were probably glad you left.

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  • Sq
    Squadfather1 Mar 12, 2014

    Only 27 guests?? Oh, must be a real shrew, "Cassandra chc."

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