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David Heap
17 Harding Street

On arrival on the 29th September the hotel seemed very clean and staff very polite, looked very nice it soon became apparent this resort had been two hotels merged together. This would be fine if these things were addressed properly.
The two hotels had one main restaurant which was far to small to accommodate the number of guests that was present. The staff was under far too much pressure the tables was crammed in it was like you was sat on the persons knee on the table next to you no privacy what so ever.
The food was flash cooked on well to high temperature hotplates causing meats to be dry and very tough the eggs at breakfast was burnt underneath and raw on top very poor.
The people had a very long walk from the far side of the hotel mainly the old and infirmed.
The main entertainment room held 511 people there was far more than this number of guests leaving many people stood at the back watching the show.
The space around the main bar is also far to small leaving many people ever stood up or going to their rooms.
The space around the pool was big but was far to crammed beds being reserved at night and being left until midday. when you have a policy for the guests not to do this and hotel staff would remove any such reserved loungers never happened. Why are these policy's not being adhered to same as the dress code for the evening meal manager stood at the door and allowing people with what I would call beach wear into the restaurant, why have these things in place if they are not carried out?
Now for the smoking area and policy of no smoking in rooms, the smoking area is far to small and needs segregating better this area is surrounded with tables with people smoking and with the shortage of tables and chairs most times within it either smoke blowing all over the people who don't smoke this was not a smoke free area. same with rooms at the side of us below us and above us, as I have a lung disease this was one of the biggest reasons, we chose this hotel I struggled on many occasions, this need addressing soon.
Now for the drinks well some of the drinks are undrinkable I drink whisky and the whisky I was served burnt the back of my throat gave me a nasty chough along with the people smoking around me I have had to attend my medical team on my return home.
That enough about the hotel we were allocated room 166 on the ground floor it was clean and tidy a little smell from the drains which happens. The décor was a little dated, but it was fine. What wasn't fine was I didn't expect to share the room with cockroaches. In my draw on the towels. I reported this the first time nothing was done the second time I feel I was ignored the third time I asked to speak with the manager. Who said I had only reported this once before speaking with him I disagree the point is I shouldn't have to report this once let alone the twice he said I had He moved us to room 206 room the same clean and tidy looked fine that night it became very apparent the balcony door was not closing properly as the wind whistled and howled through the gap in the door. In the morning I reported this. I was told someone would go to it I told them we was going out he said that was fine on our return it was apparent no one had been to this door so my wife went to reception they did send two men who didn't know what to do they asked my opinion took pictures sent them to their manager they then told us it was to late and they would repair it the next day they would get reception to find us another room. I told them we had only just been moved into this room. They said they couldn't fix it until the next day. the next morning, we went out again on returning to the room at approx. 5.30 pm the door had not been repaired I went to reception quite angry 2 nights no sleep I asked to speak to the manager I was told he was not on site he would be back at 6 pm the man asked could he help I explained and shown him a picture he said he would tell the manager I told him tell the manager I'm quite angry and I want to speak with him.
I returned to the room not long after the manger rang me saying he thought I was complaining about the wind on the window keeping us awake, I had the technicians at the room they had told me it would repaired today, how come he didn't know. He said know he had all the information and the technician forgot it was Sunday the next day and they needed to get a outside contractor to replace the window as it was broken. I told him I couldn't understand why this door had not been reported before as the maid had to open this om a daily basis. He also didn't know why.
He then told me he would have to move us again I was not happy, but I went and told my wife who also was not happy to be spending our holiday keep changing rooms. We went to see this other room and as much as we were unhappy, we both needed some sleep. The manager asked if we had a late departure, we told him no we didn't he then asked us did we like prosecco we replied yes he said he would get a bottle delivered to our room he did but this was not prosecco It was the carver we could get from the bar.
we accepted this room and moved the ceiling fan was not working which was repaired. We chose Riu as we had been to some good Riu hotels before, but this will be the last.
We had gone away to get away from things to celebrate our anniversary.
With all of this we have come home more stressed than wen we came to your hotel.
Myself having to attend my medical team with my chest and a nasty cough.
This Hotel has shattered my good opinion of the Riu hotels as it did not come close to our expectations never again.
I have attached two photos one cockroach room 166, the other the gap between the door room 206 . for your attention

Yours sincerely

David Heap

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