RIU Hotels & Resortstreatment at resort

K Oct 11, 2019

to whom it may concern
I feel it necessary to make aware of The treatment I endured from particularly the bar staff as I've been insulated in away I've never been
the story is a bartender by the name of Radica if i remember correctly was already serving one of my workers i brought to resort as I've been many times before to show how amazing it is and sash was finished with him she proceeded to walk off to the side of this being the pool bar(dry side) to chat up another worker and as this happened there was another one tending to another patron so then there was the bar manager who was chatting up another on the other side of me and my husband so now time is passing long enough for me to be hmm what's the [problem here and so then the manager sneezes into her right hand and does nothing but turn hand back and forth to air dry it and then comes over and asks if she can help us i politely said no its ok and then Radical makes her way back and says to me o you still didn't get served that's strange maybe they think your drunk enough!!! i was appauld i said pardon this is the first time I'm even ordering a drink and i don't think its appropriate for you to be making that statement and so from there i went to the lobby bar to get a drink as i am caring my lunch from the jerk chicken and ask for a drink and was told we can't have our plate of food in there and so then i told him why we are here and so then i had to talk to the bar manager who sneezed into hand and no wash what happened and she knew cause she was one who ignored us in the first place so she was defending Radica trying to say she was crying and didn't mean anything well im sorry i was crying and felt like they were judging me and was totally off and that no way to be joking also another guest was there and heard it all and was like did she just say that so not sure where this will get to but i loved going there and was planning on taking a group bake there in December but am open to look elsewhere maybe health and safety class and a who to treat guests class

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