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K Aug 07, 2018

Booking reference- 4673837
Sunday 22nd July - London Gatwick to Mauritius 2.45pm
flight TOM58, we paid for the premium service enabling us to travel in a little more comfort. The dedicated check in was extremely good and certainly meant we did not to cue for long periods of time ( Karen Jackson - has MS thus finds standing up for long periods extremely difficult).
Whilst on the flight we were certainly not as impressed as we thought we would be. We sat in 1A and 1C. The presentation caused some concern as the area of our seats was not entirely clean. There were no menus on board for us to select our food preference. The wine was served in plastic glasses. The cabin crew, talked consistently about the week they would be having in Mauritius, one member stated this would be her fist time in Mauritius, they even said they were booked into the Hilton Hotel with a food only package and as no alcohol was included they purchased bottles of vodka to take with them. We certainly do not have an issue with cabin crew holding their own conversation, but this should not be at the expense of TUI customers.
When we arrived in Mauritius, the cabin crew failed to inform us there was a premium desk at immigration. Therefore as we didn't know we joined the long line of others waiting to be seen. This standing time caused a great deal of distress to Karen Jackson. It was only another passenger asked an official at the airport, we were pointed in the right direction.
The transfer from the airport to the Rui Le Morne, consisted of a mini bus, the driver took us to the wrong hotel, albeit it was only next door, the driver failed to apologise for the mix up.
Whilst at the Rui Le Morne, we feel we need to point out the following:
After a night of sickness, Mr De Gaunza telephoned the hotel reception and asked for a Doctor to be called to the room. The Doctor arrived shortly after, and after his initial consultation/examination, he informed us he would be calling for an ambulance. After about 30 minutes an ambulance arrived, to take us to a clinic in Flcik en Flack. We left the hotel and got into the ambulance and as you can imagine we were prettified, not only because we were in a country where we didn't speak the language and had no knowledge of the medical system in place. NO ONE from the hotel reception or management came to speak to us, not even to ask if were ok or offered any support.
At the clinic in Flick en Flack they did not have the facilities needed, therefore another ambulance was called and were transferred to clinic Nord in Port Louis. Mr De Gaunza took the opportunity to telephone our insurance company, and telephoned TUI in the UK to ask that our rep in resort be notified of the situation (phone bill £122.45) After an hour or so Sindy our rep at the Rui Le Morne telephoned, she found out we were at the hospital as the uk agent emailed her.
After 24 hours at the hospital, we were discharged and had to spend 2700 rupee's (£57) to get back to the hotel. After a further few days, no one from the hotel management team could be bothered to ask if all was ok. We went to see Sindy and asked for assistance at the airport for the return journey, having MS can cause mobility issues and to add sickness on top can cause issues. Sindy said she would organise this for us.
On our last night at resort, we asked to hotel reception for a contact email address, as we wished to complain about the treatment we received from the management team. The receptionist said he could not give us this, and asked if we would like to see the manager, we agreed. The manager came over to where we were sitting in the reception /bar area. He did not sit down nor ask if we wanted to join him in his office. Instead he stood looking down on us, he said he didn't know why we were not happy, he was extremely rude!!! I calmly and quietly we explained why we felt let down by the management, and asked why they hadn't informed the rep what had happened. The manager spoke to us whilst looking over our heads, he was more interested in other guests. In fact he was so rude, Karen Jackson ended up in tears. The manager told us to complain if we weren't happy but he didn't know why!! The manager could have just apologised and asked how I was, and would definitely suggest the RUI group organise some customer service training staf[censored]
We visited the Doctors surgery on Sunday 5th August to get a fit to fly certificate. We waited for 2 hours to see the Doctor, when he saw us he said we didn't need to wait to see him as an appointment had been made for him to call around to our room, no one told us this!
On Monday 6th August, we travelled to the airport, no assistance had been organised and I wasn't even asked for my fit to fly letter.
You will note we have used TUI for our annual holiday every year, and definitely have never been treated so badly by hotel staff.

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