Rite Aidvery poor customer service "continually"

A Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:


Rite Aid has been my choice of pharmacy for many years now. However, one individual person working there has been the cause of quite a few customers that have decided to go elsewhere because of her rudeness. Now, I too am considering the same option rather than dealing with this individual any longer. Much too unpleasant to deal with. She has a chip on her shoulder that just can't be dislodged no matter how nice you are to her.

This sales associate named "TERESA" works behind the counter at the Rite AID STORE # 10893 at 1200 Pittsburgh St., Cheswick, PA 15024. This woman Is one of if not the most unprofessional pharmacist I have ever encountered.

She is CONTINUALLY rude and acts like she is doing you a favor if you ask a question or have to deal with her in any way.

You can plainly see that she HATES her job just by the way she treats most of the customers. She is a very unhappy person and this shows every time she has to deal with a customer.

Don't really want to believe this information. Ok, all you have to do is to ask any of the ladies she works with and I believe they will tell you the same.

Very rude and I am just getting tired of dealing with her!

And, what is really bad AND irritating is the fact that the rest of the Rite Aid people working there are genuinely friendly and helpful. (Thank God!)

Thank you for hearing me out . Maybe YOU can help before many other customers decide to leave for other pharmacies also.


  • Br
    Brad Hicks Aug 20, 2018

    Rediculous, want to charge a $7 fee for cashing check drawn on Sun Trust unless have your own account with them.

    Believe me, I NEVER will. Should be phohibited by regulations governing banks.

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  • Jo
    Joe Myers Aug 20, 2018

    Twice now I have gone Into my local KFC.
    The five dollar bucket of 1 breast, 1 wing, mashed potatoes, biscuit and drink was over 6 dollars plus tax? What's up with your advertising.

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