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The employees in the pharmacy department located on Mule Road, Toms River, NJ are the worst. Every single time my physician calls in my refill, I am always told the script wasn't called in. I am so sick and tired of these people. How does Rite Aid employee such ignorant people. Again, on 7/12/18, my doctor called in my refill, I called Rite Aid on 7/15/18 to see if the script was ready to be picked up. I was told yet again my doctor never called the script in. So this morning, 7/16, I called my doctors office and they did call in the script. The doctors office places a call to Rite Aid and are told, "Oh sorry, yes that script is filled". So DAMN STUPID.
HEY RITE AID, you need to check out the people you employ in your Mule Road, Toms River location. They need to get a clue.


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    Rite Aid Sucks Sep 04, 2018

    The reason why they tell you that it isn't ready yet or they have no received it is due to the way they are trained to deal with conflicts between the customer and the insurance company.

    Instead of telling you that it can't be filled at this time is due to the fact that the insurance company did not authorize it, they lie to you and tell you a story and string you along so you get pissed off and go somewhere else..

    Certain insurance companies are worse than others and public assistance is the worst when it comes to paying for stuff before getting pre authorization..

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