RHP Propertiesdishonest, unethical company

K Farmington Hills, MI Review updated:

Rhp properties are the elite # in property management companies! They don't care about the maintenance of their properties and turn their noses up even higher at their tennants. They're making millions but refusing to invest those millions in the care and maintenace of their slum tenement properties!

They refuse to shovel properly or remove ice in the winter, to fix sidewalks and fire drunken landlords who harass tenants and tenants young children! They do not handle or resolve complaints when elderly people are injured due to their property negilgence. They are sued often yet remain apathetic.

They were once required to reside in their slum tenements until their shady lawyer got them out of it. Needless to say they sold the three properties they refused to maintain the upkeep on. Every complaint about them gets mysteriously removed from complaint sites. They only hire total jerks and tyrrants to work in their main office and the only people who get ahead are jerks and brown nosers! They're a heartless disgrace! I pray their company ggoes belly up very soon! Maybe if they all end up eating out of garbage bins, they'll finally wake up!


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      May 04, 2016

    I owned a Mobile Home in an RHP owned park in Belton Missouri for ten years. RECENTLY I had them 'broker' the sale of said Mobile Home...the sale went through quickly which was appreciated. In the final signing of paperwork I was told that I still owed an amount of over $500.00 for various things like 'water' "sewer" "trash" and 'rent' through the date of the signing but that they would apply the DEPOSIT to that balance and all I owed them was $115.22 which sounded great since I almost had a heart attack when they said over $500.00...I paid it without question...My son who had lived in the home prior to the sale was recently sent a BILL for that exact $115.22 to be paid immediately...I told him not to pay it and to send it to me. Upon looking at the bill I realized they had charged me for the FULL MONTH of April ! I refigured the bill whereby it appears that RHP PROPERTIES owes me back $333.70 since I was over charged for April. NOW I am being told by them that I was responsible for the whole month since the sale didn't close until April 8th ! Now...if THAT'S the case...then why did they charge the BUYER for the balance of April???!!! OBVIOUSLY they aren't going to admit their 'mistake' ???? or...was it? These people are CROOKS ...before doing business with them in any way shape or need to look them up first and run a check on them. Not only were they attempting to get my son to pay a bill that had already BEEN paid...down to the exact penny...they are now saying that charging DOUBLE the amount of rent due in the month is correct ! I plan on taking this to my this point it isn't the money due me so much as the principal of the thing...and now I'm finding out online about all of the other PENDING lawsuits against RHP PROPERTIES...this is one unethical company .

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      Sep 22, 2019

    What did you find out?

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