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TD FinancialFalse Checks/Scam

Received a check in the mail with letter pretty much offering to pay for government taxes on a lottery I won. I am grateful I did someonline investigation and found other complaints with exact check amounts and other information the same. The check amount is for 4920.00. Taxes are 3980.00. What a deal huh? On the online complaint board many are saying they are cashing these checks and then later the bank is contacting wanting them to make good on this check because it is a bad check. These items are being turned over to our local police department and states attorney. I am also contacting the radio station to warn others.


During this week, I received a letter with a check for $3, 950 in the mail from a company called TD Financial (addresses: TD Financial, PO Box 284, Grand Jct, CO, 81515 and Sooper Cu, 2454 Hwy 6 &10, Grand Junction, CO 81505). The check was issued to a member of my family. The letter stated that she won a sweepstake lottery for $450, 000. TD Financial referred to a ticket with serial number [protected].

I felt that the people behind this are scammer to capitalize on people’s woes in this economy down turn, so I decide to find out who these people are. I called the number [protected] Brian Smith) and spoke with a woman who called herself Mia. At first she did not know who or what I was taking about, but later she figured it out and told me to deposit the check, get the cash and call he before the deadline of 10/16 to claim the money then call her for she want me to wire the money for taxes on the 450K.

Well, I learned that we were not the only one who got this nice letter; my friend in NY has one also. I realized that this was a con job, so I cautioned her not to draw this check on her account for these people would rip her off and if she gives them money, she will never hear from them again. After I search on the Internet, I saw lots of complaints on the Internet about this company. DO NOT BE A VICTIM of this fraudulent bank scheme.

If you have gotten a similar letter, PLEASE DO NOT CASH THIS FAT CHECK

. Please circulate this message, he can shut this phony company for once and for all!!

  • Ne
    Nedra Washington Oct 09, 2008

    I received a letter stating my son has won the sweepstakes for 450, 000 thousand dollars just like many others. I called the number, spoke with Mia Avery as well and she encouraged me to cash the check because my deadline was October 15. I told her this was to good to be true and she stated she understood because it's life changing. I said to her, I will let my attorney check into this and her entire tone changed. Please do not get caught up into a scam of this magnitude. Many are playing on the emotion and the crisis that our country in today. Be careful, there is alot happening out there. If it feels like a scam, looks like a scam, and speaks like a scam, guess what? It is.

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TD FinancialFake checks

I received a letter in the mail saying that I had won $450, 000.00 along with a check in the amount of $4, 950.00. They have a name on the letter that you are supposed to call before claiming your winnings. Tax agent Kathy Sowder told me to deposit the check but didn't ask for my account number, so unfortunately I deposited the check not knowing the check was a fake, my bank called me and wanted to report me to the police for check fraud, therefore they closed my checking account. The purpose of this check was to pay the Non-Resident Government Service Tax. The promotions manager's name is Sam Garfield. I think that theses people that are trying to create scams ought to be in jail. This kind of crap is ridiculous. They also give you a serial number that you won on. Like for example: the serial number they gave me was [protected]. There is no such number, also the same for the address that they give you. Something needs to be done about these scams.

  • Ch
    Chris Aug 09, 2008

    "This kind of crap is ridiculous."
    No, what's ridiculous is that you thought that corporations simply handed out free money. Do you live in the 21st century or not?

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  • Jo
    Joe Garcia Aug 12, 2008

    I just received a check for 3, 700 and they are asking me to deposit it so i can pay for the non resident taxes on 450, 000.000 so they want me to deposit the check mean while ill write them a check for 2, 700 and my bank will put a hold on there check, an when i find out there check is no good they just screwed me out of 2, 700 be careful of this scam,

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  • Ro
    Roberta Sep 19, 2008

    I have just recieved a letter today saying that I have won 250, 000.00 and that I needed to cash the 3, 900.00 check that was enclosed in the envelope addressed from the same scamers that all of you guys have mentioned. After reading, I did notice that they want you to deposit and then send them 95% of your deposit. I did not fall for the crap because ANY LOTTERY THAT ASKS YOU TO PAY THE TAXES IS A SCAM!!!If you do win, the taxes are taken out of your winnings from the state. So I say better luck next time silly rabbits, tricks are for kids!

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  • Mi
    MISSY Sep 23, 2008


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  • Mi
    mikeob Sep 24, 2008

    Who can help me ?

    I did receive such a letter and I fell for it .
    The received check was deposited, however the bank did not want to take any risks and put a 12 day hold on the check.The lady said I have 4 days to pay the taxes otherwise i forfeight the prize.I paid out of my pocket the taxes and the insurence for the money to be covered by ups. Its been 20 days since i made the payment, no one called, no letters . Its hard to catch anyone to give you an honost answer when you call -either the phone answer machine is full or the associate .can not acess your file to tell you-------.Hey stupid we got you or no its a clerical error.
    Can anything be done under the law...will 20/20 get involved if more people come forward or is it a last cause along with the money?

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  • Be
    bev Sep 30, 2008

    This is the second check I recieved in one month. Is there anyway this can be stopped? Do we contact our local police department or the News Companies or what?

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  • Al
    alyce Nov 16, 2008

    I have gotten two of these checks, didn't fall for it, put it through the shredder! No one is going to just send you a check out of the blue, everyone should be smart enough to realize that!

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TD Financial — Lottery scam

I received a letter in the mail today from TD Financial stating that I won a sweepstake lottery drawing that...