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Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau [RMCB] Customer Service


Retrieval Masters Creditors Berueau Inc.

4 Westchester Plaza, Suite 100
New York
United States - 10523

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 844 505 3328(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 800 666 8097(Head Office) 1 1
+1 914 992 8935(Head Office) 1 0
Mon8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Tue8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Wed8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Thu8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Fri8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau [RMCB] Complaints & Reviews

Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau [RMCB] / unethical behavior

Jaze143 on Sep 25, 2018

They sent me a collection bill for EZ Pass for 5 charges of $54.75 each and they say my amount due is $4, 708.50. No one picks up the phone and the website won't allow me to just pay the $274.00 which is the actual amount I owe according to the sub of the fees (which include the surcharge...

Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau [RMCB] / past monies owed

Jwright4 on Sep 16, 2018

The form I received was very official looking. There were a couple of things that read/looked fishy. One was one P.O. box sent it. My money was to be sent to another P.O. box. Monies that were owed were from Montgomery Wards. They went out of business almost 20 years ago. My supposed...

RMCB / heartwarming books (harlequin reader service)

Tinaah88 on Jun 5, 2017

My mother 88 years old has received a letter from this company stating her account has been turned over to this company, in fact they were very rude stating she should be ashamed of herself for not paying this debt??? My mother has early signs of dementia and has always paid her bills, she...

RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau) / I made the payment already

mrzchillz on Jan 26, 2017

I receive several bill from rodale something I never order each month receive a bill for 37.70 so finally I got tired of it that I paid although I never once did order or receive or needed the fit 10 total body transformation remove my name from your agency Account # 0356854067 Order #...

RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau) / Debt collector for medical bills

BellatrixU on Mar 21, 2016

I just received my 14th call from 1(844)505-3328 in the last month alone (.. Harassing, yeah?). I answered one morning before on March 9, 2016 and a woman with a thick Indian accent says she has a bill from Quest Lab for $37.00 due, and I said I didn't have any time, and no bills due form...

RMCB / Bill does not exist


In April I received a bill from AVIS car rental. I called Avis and told them that I never rented to car and the agent was quick to assure me and tell me that the issue would be handled in a timely manner. In Sept of 2010 I received a letter from RMCB stated that Avis had sent my file for...

RMCB / Cooking Club of America

To whom it may concern, I have read several other postings on the website about Cooking Club of America and this Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, INC collection agency and you people are seriously a joke. Here again we NEVER placed an order with Cooking Club of America (CCA) nor have we...

Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / Scam collection agency


They wrote to me that I owed over $200 from 2004 for a phone number I have never owed. They stated that I have had the opportunity to to make payment and had repeatedly neglected to do so. I had a Verizon account in good standing until 2007. Seems like if I had owed them money they would have said something in the intervening four years.

RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc) / Highlights for Children Subscription

I received a letter dated April 4, 2009 from RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc) Collection Agency requesting a payment of $29.64 for merchandise purchased from Highlights for Children on September 30, 2008. I refute this claim as Highlights for Children (HfC) has a...

RMCB & Verizon / Bogus Wireless Phone No. charges


I also rec'd a letter from RMCB (Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau) stating I had a Verizon Wireless Account back in Sept 12, 2006 and owed $83.98. They gave the Verizon wireless phone number as 617 _ _ _ - _ _ _ _. They went on to say that Verizon sold them my account. I called...

RMCB Retreival Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. / Collection notice for magazine never ordered

I have started receiving collection notices for Highlights for Children which I never ordered! I see other people have also received collection notices on this website from this same collections firm for items that they didn't order as well. I am going to contact the BBB to see if I...

RMCB / Scam mail


I just received a letter stating that I owe $19.94 for a product that I have never ordered or received. The letter states that I owe $19.94 to their client HCI Direct, Inc. distributor of Silkies Enriche products, may seen like a small matter, but it is not. Your account is now being...

RMCB - Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / This so-called collections company is a rip-off

It is a rip-off, I swear that they are run by scam artists. I started recieving their 'bills' AFTER I started making payments to the creditor that I owe. I sent in a letter to the RMCB and stated it was resolved. Now i keep on getting bills, first saying that I was lucky that...

RMCB - Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / Deceptive business practices!

Re: Today (05/21/2007) we received a letter from a collection agency that responds to the name of "RMCB" (retrieval masters creditors bureau, Inc) on this letter, whoever is in charge of the reviewing of any bill and the veracity of their contents, is not doing a good job at all. 1...

RMCB - Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau / Harass and scam money from people!

I was sent to this company for non-payment of books I did not receive by Scholastics, Inc. I mailed a check because I could not prove I did not receive these books, and decided just to pay for them instead. After two weeks when my check had not cleared, I called RICA to inquire why and let...

RMCB Collection Agency For Creative Home Arts Club / Cannot reach them by phone


I just received an invoice in the amount of $286.00 for a life time membership with Creative Home Arts Club, which has a start date of August 9, 2005. I tried to call the RMCB phone number listed, I followed the prompts, and it states your Pin # is not in the system. How convenient! They...