Republic Servicesmissed pick up, poor unprofessional customer service, liars

T Jul 13, 2019

My trash was missed on 7/4 making it the 8 or 9 time this year. I called to report the issue and was told that someone would be out on Monday but they never showed. I called again on Monday to inform that no one showed and was told that they would be out on Tuesday. I then called the county Solid Waste Dept who asked if I had contacted the contractor (RS). I advised that I had, but mysteriously the county could not see any of the complaints. The Rep then told me to place trash on the curbside and it would be picked up on normal pick up day which is Thursday. I called RS back and was advised the same thing. Thursday finally rolls around and the lazy SOB's only pick up the blue container and just leaves the rest of the trash. I called them back and they tell me that someone would be out today and pick up missed trash, but as you already know, no one showed up. I later saw truck #2004 and 2011 in my neighborhood picking up trash. I flagged the drivers down and advised that my trash had been missed. The driver of #2004 told me I should have had the trash out earlier and that if I wanted to complain I should call the customer service number on the back of his truck. 9 days, 21 phone calls, and a lot of lies I still have trash outside my house.

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