RentalCars.comtrying to cancel a booking [protected] garth coates

G Dec 28, 2018


I booked on 24th from the UK a 4x4 to pick with from Muscat airport on 1st Jan with Avis. I arrived into Muscat airport on 27th and went to the Avis desk as I had had no emails from Rentalcars between 24th and 27th. They laughed and said there would be no cars free let alone a 4x4 as they were very busy. Given this info I booked elsewhere. I have tried several times online to cancel - the online system simple does not work- any access to Manage Booking just rotates to back to the same menu asking for ref and email. I then called from Oman and but gave up after 6 minutes- no doubt on a premium line- as it kept saying " one minute to wait", then this would go to " two minutes " etc. It seems also impossible to email anyone as well. I have given up and am getting on with my holiday. I am sure no car with come up with Avis and even today I got another email from rental cars saying no news from Avis- I know as they have told me to my face thre will be no 4x4 BUT I CANNOT CANCEL THE BOOKING!

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